Thursday, February 2, 2017

New OMS performance report per franchise groups

We've added a 'All listing breakdown by office (My Group)' performance report for franchise groups. This compliments the existing list of performance reports available to agents, offices and franchise groups.

It provides a breakdown of mandate stats per office, so you can easily monitor for instance, the number of sole mandates per office and average listing commissions. You can use the filter to narrow your selection or expert to CSV/Excel.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Entegral featuring real estate on ImmoAfrica

Entegral is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive sponsors of the top three featured listings on ImmoAfrica’s property search results.

This will allow for the top three most expensive South African homes in a particular area and price range a user has searched on to be featured.

Here is an example of a property search in Nelspruit - see the results for yourself

We are also running banners for on their German website,

Latest Flex updates allows for even more ways to showcase your stock

The latest updates to our Flex responsive real estate website product will allow you more control over what stock displays on your website.

Now you will be able to have a website dedicated to just one type of status or property type.   This means that you could have a responsive Flex themed website with just your rental stock, auctions or farms for sale for example.  Data that's displayed on your flex website that's filtered by type or status can be sent either from the OMS system or by means of Entegral's Sync Portal Syndication.

For Example, Hans Senior, a real estate agent from Namibia, trades with Residential, Commercial and Agricultural real estate - either rental or for sale. The bulk of his property listings is all available on his Flex Office website:  An additional website has been created for his rental stock only on, thus you will be able to filter any status or type of listing and create a website for that particular stock type on its own.

Contact us today to find out more and how you can use this in your own business and create additional footprints online.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

New OMS Integrations: Mitula and Custom RSS feeds

We've released OMS Integrations this month, allowing automated integrations with 3rd party apps with the OMS. TPN Rentbay, Showday and Trovit was introduced with the initial release, allowing you to integrate your listings with these portals and apps for free if you use the OMS.

Now we have two more integrations available:

If you have an OMS account, This allows you to integrate your OMS listings with the international Mitula search portal. When visitors click on the properties they are routed to your property listing on MyProperty South Africa.

Various web applications or service providers can use RSS feeds to integrate external data into their systems. We have developed a Custom RSS Feed service that allows you to setup a custom RSS feed based on location, agent, price range, minimum photos and property type. Once set up, it provides you with a unique URL containing the data, that can then be integrated with systems that support this.

Read more about the OMS real estate integrations here.

To enable a specific OMS integration simply email our team. You will soon be able to configure these integrations in the OMS Setup. Look out for more integrations launching soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Send more photos to Property24, Private Property and ImmoAfrica through our Sync Interface

Sometimes you get that one listing where loading 20 photos is just not enough to tell the full story of the property.

Because we'd like to help our clients create high quality listings we've increased the number of images that can be sent to partner portals Property24 and Private Property.  Estate agents will now be able to send their first 30 photos uploaded on to the OMS to the above mentioned portals.  For ImmoAfrica, you will now be able to send up to 20 photos per listing.

An unlimited number of property photos can be uploaded per listing on the OMS and all images will display on your Flex Real estate website and MyProperty South Africa or MyProperty Namibia.

Should you have any property listing with more than 30 images listed on the OMS and you would like to send these images to our partner portals, simply open the property listing in the OMS and resend the listing to the selected portals at the Marketing and Content section in the OMS.

For any further assistance, please send our support team an email at

Friday, December 2, 2016

New OMS Integrations: link to 3rd party apps/services including Showday, Rentbay and Trovit

Our new Sync and OMS API Platforms launched makes it possible to build customized real estate solutions by providing an interface to our OMS management system and Sync portal syndication platforms.

Following the release of the OMS API, a number of companies have already completed or started integrations to the OMS and we are now publishing an OMS Integrations page, where these systems that seamlessly integrate with the OMS, are featured.

We are launching with 3 integrations from Showday, Trovit and TPN Rentbay. Visit for more information and check back soon for more integrations to popular apps. We welcome any external companies/developers to start integration with us using our open OMS API RESTful web service.

The OMS Integrations compliments our Sync Portal Syndication platform and provides the most comprehensive marketing tools for South African and Namibian estate agents.
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Monday, November 28, 2016

New API platforms for OMS and Sync launched

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Entegral's OMS and Sync API (Application Programming Interface) real estate platforms for software developers.

Every business is unique, and chances are there is no single solution out there that will do everything you want. To solve this, Entegral is opening up its platforms to allow for the easy update or extraction of real estate data, including listings and contacts. It even allows to interface with major property portals or Entegral's Flex real estate websites. The API's are exposed under the industry standard RESTful software architecture for distributed systems, and also exposes sandbox test environments.

We are releasing two API's:, here is an overview:


This is perfect if you have your own listing management system, and want to publish your listings to all the major property portals. The Sync API simplifies this by allowing one input listing record that is automatically mapped and sent to all the property portals. It provides lightning fast updates, returns status codes and external reference numbers from portals. The Sync API can also be used to push data to our responsive real estate website product, called Flex.  The Sync API has already been integrated into a number of external management systems, while Entegral's own OMS, also uses the same platform for listing syndication.


Entegral's OMS (Office Management System) provides online listing and contacts management for estate agencies, that is further complimented by a document library, calendars, reports and referral system. The OMS API allows data entry or export from the OMS to external systems. This is also a perfect solution if you want to develop your own custom website with your own developers:

Both API's in a continuous development cycle, and will be extended based on user requirements, so please be sure to talk to us, should you have any specific requirements.