Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneak peak into new MyProperty property alerts feature to be launched soon

Here is a sneak preview of the new Property Alerts feature to be launched soon on MyProperty. Visitors search for property will be able to create an email alert for the search they’ve done simply by clicking on a link in the property search results:


After entering some details they are added to our Property Alert Engine. This is one powerful system that can for instance alert the subscriber on new properties matching their criteria as soon as it is loaded in the OMS (or imported through our GRID system).

Here is a sample of the email received, including photo and links to the property and agency contact info. We are testing it in all the major email clients, checking that we comply with spam checks on servers and even track delivery statistics such as bounced messages, messages landing in spam boxes etc.


We are still doing some stress testing, but you can expect a launch in the next 2 months. Soon after this, this powerful new feature will be made available to clients at very affordable rates.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Agency Websites – improved search results

We’ve improved the property search results on agency websites to a more cleaner look-and-feel:


Note that if you have a national/group website or search results specifically customised for your website this change won’t be applicable to you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OMS Property Status name changes

We changed the descriptions of property statuses in the OMS as follows:

“Pending Sale” changed to "Sold (Pending)"
”Final Sale” changed to "Sold (Registered)"
”Rental Long Term Available” changed to "Rental - Monthly (Available)"
”Rental Short Term Available” changed to "Rental - Daily (Available)"


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FREE agent and office profile websites now available.

Entegral has just launched yet another innovative product to make the life of SA's estate agents and agencies a whole lot easier. New profile websites for any agent or estate agency can now be setup within 24 hours free of charge. All that we require you to pay is the domain registration fee - hosting and setup are on us!

What's great about these profile websites?

  • This is an industry first, FREE websites for estate agents and agencies only pay yearly domain renewal fees starting from as little as R150/year for domains. No monthly hosting fees!
  • We'll set you up within 24 hours
  • Your branding including name, logo, featured properties and area links.
  • Highly optimised SEO website that is continuously tweaked to increase your exposure and rankings on search engines like Google!
  • Choose your own, .com, .net or .co domain name e.g.
  • Google Maps and Streetview included
  • Displays all your active listings loaded in the OMS or imported from our GRID interface
  • Backlinks are incluided to your main website which optimizes your main website SEO
  • You can register as many domais as you want and link it to the SEO profile website
  • Even if you have a website, you can setup SEO profile websites to increase your exposure


Visit RealNet Midrand's Office Profile site:

Costs for domain registration: (all prices are exclusive of VAT)

Standard domains :

  • Choose any available domain, you can search on for available domains.
  • Or choose a .com, .net or .co domain, you can search on for available domains.
  •, .net and .com domains : R150/year per domain
  • .co domains: R350/year per domain

Premium or domains:

To register a domain with us please click here to complete the order form to submit

Terms and Conditions:

  • You need one of our OMS accounts to load your property listings OR your properties need to be imported automatically through our GRID system
  • Entegral needs to host and renew the domain
  • Domain renewal fees are payable 1-3 months in advance before they expire. Entegral will notify clients via email on domains that needs to be renewed
  • Domain transfer fees are applicable for .com,.net and .co domains if hosted by another company
  • Ownership:, .com, .net and .co domains are registered in the name of the client and remains the property of the client. Entegral is the service provider and hosts the website.
  • Ownership: subdomains. Entegral owns all subdomains and it is leased to the client on 12 month periods. The client will have first option to renew a subdomain.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Self Service HD Virtual Tours – help files updated

On the 12th of October we’ve announced our upgraded HD Virtual Tour solution (click for sample). The updated help files are now available through the OMS (after you’ve logged in, click on Help / Virtual Tours in the menu).

The upgraded solution allows you to still do your own virtual tours on properties, but with the difference of an upgraded virtual tour viewer than can go full screen plus provides viewers with a ‘HD (high definition)’ experience.

The unlimited self service HD tours is another first for the Southern African real estate industry with Entegral taken the first step a couple of years ago by providing agents with a basic self service virtual tour solution.

The beauty of the solution is that it is fully integrated with the OMS (Office Management System) so it makes managing your virtual tours on properties so much easier too:


Agents can upload an unlimited number of virtual tours per property (and on all properties) through the OMS. All virtual tours are backed up daily.

Virtual tours done on properties provide agent wit plenty of benefits including:

- higher view ratio (and subsequently lead conversion rate) on portals when a property has a virtual tour (at least x2 higher);

- the ability to market it as a key differentiator in your marketing efforts and win sole mandates;

- low cost when compared to traditional virtual tours – save thousands. You can literally do a virtual tour on each of your properties.

Virtual tours are exported to Entegral powered property portals including and on client agency websites.

With it being a free service offered to clients, only email support is provided to minimize the associated operational cost covered. We are willing to look at virtual tour training days if there is enough interest.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HD (High Definition) Self Service Virtual Tours in the OMS

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our OMS self service virtual tour solution.

You now have the ability to upload HD quality (High Definition) virtual tours on property listings.  Here is a preview of what it looks like – we’ve created this tour with a standard digital camera and tripod. Click on the full screen button to see the high resolution virtual tour in action.

We will update our help files in the next 48 hours with new virtual tour software and step by step instructions on how to compile these and upload it to properties.

The virtual tours are available on plus your own website if hosted through Entegral. There are no license fees, there are no setup costs, plus you can load as many HD quality virtual tours as you want.

This is the perfect solution if you are looking to secure sole mandates.

Watch this blog for more updates on the HD self service virtual tours including some real property examples.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mozambiquean listings now listed in US$

Over the past few months we've had numerous requests to change the currency in which Mozambiquean listings are currently listed. All listings were listed in Meticais but will now, due to the constant currency change, be listed in US$.

Friday, October 8, 2010

More exposure for your show houses & give buyers directions to your on show properties

When you mark a property as ‘on show’ in the OMS, it will show on your own website (if developed by Entegral) plus the MyProperty website:


We normally see a surge in traffic to the MyProperty on show section on Fridays, so make sure you have your on show properties listed early in the morning or ideally beginning of the week.

If you geocode your properties in the OMS, and mark the map location/address to show on websites, visitors to MyProperty will automatically get a driving directions feature on the property as per sample below. They simply enter their address and the system will work out the route.

driving directions

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MyProperty quality checks – improve your rankings in property search results

With the new MyProperty property search results, we exclude property listings without photos and descriptions by default. If visitors do a search they will see the count of excluded properties next to the checkbox e.g. ‘only listings with photos & descriptions (54 excluded) as per below. They can then un-tick it to show all the properties.

It is therefore critical when loading listings in the OMS (or importing through our GRID system) that each property has a proper description and photo (note use of logos as photos are not allowed). This way you ensure that your listings are displayed by default.doodle