Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New OMS Performance Reports

We’re making the OMS more intelligent with the new Performance Reports available under the report menu. Our aim is to help you achieve your strategic goals by bringing in performance measurement statistics.

It allows you to draw key statistics and performance criteria based on your own data, that of the office or your national group. We are launching with 15 reports grouped as 5 different report types per user profile (standard user, office administrators and group administrators) as follows:

1) All listing counts breakdown

2) Al listing counts breakdown per agent

3) All listing counts breakdown per suburb

4) All listing counts breakdown per town

5) Show days per month and Show days per month per office

Key metrics include minimum, average and maximum prices, commissions, counts etc.

More reports will be added with time and we welcome suggestions on what reports and statistics you would like to see for your office or group (based on all your data captured in the OMS). The data can also be sorted, filtered and exported for further analysis.


National groups can for instance run the ‘Show days per month per office’ report and get an overview of current and historic trends in the number of showdays done within their group.

In this example we’ve drawn a group report, filtered for all listings ‘for sale’ and then filtered for all towns where the average days on market is pass 4 months (120 days). We can easily click on the export button to export all the filtered data to excel.


It is off course essential to have correct data captured at all times for these reports to be valuable. Watch this space for more reports to be integrated soon.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

New OMS website subscriptions report

You can now view your website property email alert subscribers in the OMS. Go to the Marketing & Content Menu and click on ‘Subscriptions’.

In the dropdown list options will be available if you have the correct office or group user profiles. You can also view the property search criteria for the subscriber by clicking on the ‘view’ link.


If you don’t have the website property email alerts enabled for your website (hosted by Entegral) click here for more info and to order today.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Property Views and Leads tracking adjustments

We’ve made minor adjustments on the OMS property views & leads functionality that allows you to track property views & leads per agent, office and your organisation. Amongst this is an adjustment on some of the graphs so you can clearly see the dates (previously cut off):


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Manually enter property location latitude and longitude values

You can now manually enter the property latitude and longitude values on property listings if you don’t want to use the ‘geocode from address’ function. The ‘show on map’ will use the longitude and latitude values to show the location on a map:


The ‘geocode from address’ function has also been updated and now includes a ‘cancel’ button if you don’t want to use the location values.

The ‘use’ button can be clicked if you are satisfied the location of the marker is accurate. It will then update to the property listing (as before).


Friday, July 5, 2013

New drag-and-drop order functionality for property photos

The OMS photo functionality has been enhanced and now features an easy to use drag-and-drop function to change the order of photos on a property. The order is preserved on brochures and websites where applicable.


Simply click on a photo and drag it to the desired location as illustrated in this video:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Enhanced OMS Photo watermark & non-watermark feature

We’ve enabled new functionality on the OMS photo uploader that will now also save a duplicate non-watermarked version of all your photos if you’ve selected the logo or text watermark feature:


Below you can see a sample of 2 photos saved, one watermarked version and the other without a watermark. The non-watermarked version of your photos uploaded on or later than 3 July 2013 will now feed to external portals where required (including Property24). This means that you can safely select the watermarked option without the risk of your photos being rejected.


OMS updates: PI Reports and geocoding

1) P.I. Reports: corrected a problem where some Property Reports produced and error when no municipal valuation was availables.

2) Corrected a problem where you needed to capture the longitude/latitude (geocoding) on a new property listing before you can proceed. It is now optional like before.

3) The location screen for listings has been enhanced and now shows the latitude and longitude values. The geocoding and map has been moved externally and available from the 2 links shown below.

Note: it is good practice to geocode your listing even if you don’t make the exact location available on websites (the ‘make map location available on web’ checkbox) since the attributes will be used in current and future OMS functionality.


New OMS photo uploader

You now have the choice of 2 photo uploaders in the OMS, try them both and see what works best for you:

Uploader A: New uploader that doesn’t require any installation. It will work on most of the latest browsers and operating systems.

Uploader B: The current uploader that requires initial installation and works on all browsers.  You will get a bit faster uploads using this uploader compared to Uploader A.


Here is a video showing the new uploader (A) in action: