Friday, December 12, 2014

OMS Audit trail filter increased to 2 years

The Audit Trail report in the OMS allows you to see and filter on user actions performed on your account.

We have increased the maximum age filter from 1 year to 2 years. This allows you to go back an filter on user actions for the previous 2 years.


Like before you can filter on agents, group and filter data. Organisation users have access to filter on group-wide audit trail data.

Private Property interface update - on show info

The OMS now supports on show information on the Private Property portal.
Simply enter your show dates on the property listing in the OMS:

The information will then queue to be updated to the Private Property portal (allows +- 5 - 15min):

The OMS provides advanced listing syndication to all the major portals, uploading your listings on the OMS ensures they will reach external portals quicker compared to other systems. More info on portals we interface to here:
The OMS will also pull through on show information to your website, including our latest generation Flex responsive real estate websites:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Private Property interface update: office numbers

The OMS interface to Private Property will now include your office number on your agent profile, as shown below:


To activate this, simply open your OMS user profile and press the save button. Updates are then sent through to Private Property every 10 min, so allow so time to update on the Private Property website.

The OMS can syndicate your property listings to key property portal in South Africa & Namibia, for more info click here:

One of the benefits of using the OMS, is that we update to these portals quicker than any other service provider, ensuring your listings reaches these portals first.

Friday, December 5, 2014

New Google CAPTCHA AI system now on MyProperty South Africa

The widespread use of CAPTCHAs - the term for those mashed-up letter sequences you must type to “prove you’re not a robot” — are not just annoying, they’re also increasingly useless. As Google explained last year, algorithms can now solve 99 percent of the CAPTCHAs out there.

To counter this, Google developed an Advanced Risk Analysis backend for reCAPTCHA that actively considers a user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA - before, during, and after - to determine whether that user is a human. Read more here and here.


We are pleased to announce that MyProperty South Africa is the 1st property portal to implement this new innovation from Google that was only released yesterday. For estate agents there are 2 significant benefits:

1) Better protection against spam enquiries;

2) A more friendly & quicker interface for people to make enquiries;

Here is a screenshot below, you can also open any property listing on MyProperty and click on contact agent/make enquiry to see it in action.


Here is a short video from Google on the new technology:

The new technology will also be rolled out to MyProperty Namibia and our new generation Flex real estate websites soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Now 28% larger photos with the OMS

We’ve increased the photo size of property photos loaded through the OMS, by a massive 28%.

New property photos uploaded since yesterday will now be resized to fit 1024x768 pixel resolution (up from 800x600 pixel resolution). The change will automatically reflect on all Entegral powered websites including MyProperty South Africa & Namibia and your own office website (including the new generation Flex real estate websites).

Click on the photo below for a sample on MyProperty Namibia. (click on the large photo to go full screen):

House For Sale In Swakopmund Central  Swakopmund  Namibia for NAM   4863000   Ref 721174

If you take time to ensure you take professional photos, this new larger photo size will only compliment your effort and provide buyers with a high quality online viewing experience. It will also enhance the photo quality of PDF brochures you can generate through the OMS. This new larger photo size is still linked to our industry leading ‘unlimited photos’ service. You can upload as many photos as you want on a property.

To make sure your property listings benefit from this larger photo size, remember to NOT resize any photos before you upload them, this is all handled by the OMS. And remember, after you’ve uploaded your photos, it is easy to rearrange the order with simple drag-and-drop functionality as highlighted below:


The new photo size is about 60% larger compared to what most other service providers offer. Users using the OMS upload roughly 100,000 new property photos every month. The increased associated cost in bandwidth & hosting & backup of these larger photos on our cloud servers comes at no extra cost to users.

Search improvements for MyProperty South Africa

A number of small search improvements have been implemented for MyProperty South Africa.

On the backend we’ve done tweaks for slightly faster property searches for users to improve the overall user experience.

You will now also be able to search by property type from the property search bar to assist in narrowing your search criteria right from the start. This was previously only available in the search results.

In the screenshot below you can see how users can select the status (for sale, to rent, auction, on show etc) and the property type next to it:



On the search results page users will now be able to better select the specific property type based on their initial selection of residential, commercial or agricultural. In the screenshot below users can filter on the specific residential property type for a Cape Town search: