Thursday, December 15, 2016

New OMS Integrations: Mitula and Custom RSS feeds

We've released OMS Integrations this month, allowing automated integrations with 3rd party apps with the OMS. TPN Rentbay, Showday and Trovit was introduced with the initial release, allowing you to integrate your listings with these portals and apps for free if you use the OMS.

Now we have two more integrations available:

If you have an OMS account, This allows you to integrate your OMS listings with the international Mitula search portal. When visitors click on the properties they are routed to your property listing on MyProperty South Africa.

Various web applications or service providers can use RSS feeds to integrate external data into their systems. We have developed a Custom RSS Feed service that allows you to setup a custom RSS feed based on location, agent, price range, minimum photos and property type. Once set up, it provides you with a unique URL containing the data, that can then be integrated with systems that support this.

Read more about the OMS real estate integrations here.

To enable a specific OMS integration simply email our team. You will soon be able to configure these integrations in the OMS Setup. Look out for more integrations launching soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Send more photos to Property24, Private Property and ImmoAfrica through our Sync Interface

Sometimes you get that one listing where loading 20 photos is just not enough to tell the full story of the property.

Because we'd like to help our clients create high quality listings we've increased the number of images that can be sent to partner portals Property24 and Private Property.  Estate agents will now be able to send their first 30 photos uploaded on to the OMS to the above mentioned portals.  For ImmoAfrica, you will now be able to send up to 20 photos per listing.

An unlimited number of property photos can be uploaded per listing on the OMS and all images will display on your Flex Real estate website and MyProperty South Africa or MyProperty Namibia.

Should you have any property listing with more than 30 images listed on the OMS and you would like to send these images to our partner portals, simply open the property listing in the OMS and resend the listing to the selected portals at the Marketing and Content section in the OMS.

For any further assistance, please send our support team an email at

Friday, December 2, 2016

New OMS Integrations: link to 3rd party apps/services including Showday, Rentbay and Trovit

Our new Sync and OMS API Platforms launched makes it possible to build customized real estate solutions by providing an interface to our OMS management system and Sync portal syndication platforms.

Following the release of the OMS API, a number of companies have already completed or started integrations to the OMS and we are now publishing an OMS Integrations page, where these systems that seamlessly integrate with the OMS, are featured.

We are launching with 3 integrations from Showday, Trovit and TPN Rentbay. Visit for more information and check back soon for more integrations to popular apps. We welcome any external companies/developers to start integration with us using our open OMS API RESTful web service.

The OMS Integrations compliments our Sync Portal Syndication platform and provides the most comprehensive marketing tools for South African and Namibian estate agents.
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Monday, November 28, 2016

New API platforms for OMS and Sync launched

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Entegral's OMS and Sync API (Application Programming Interface) real estate platforms for software developers.

Every business is unique, and chances are there is no single solution out there that will do everything you want. To solve this, Entegral is opening up its platforms to allow for the easy update or extraction of real estate data, including listings and contacts. It even allows to interface with major property portals or Entegral's Flex real estate websites. The API's are exposed under the industry standard RESTful software architecture for distributed systems, and also exposes sandbox test environments.

We are releasing two API's:, here is an overview:


This is perfect if you have your own listing management system, and want to publish your listings to all the major property portals. The Sync API simplifies this by allowing one input listing record that is automatically mapped and sent to all the property portals. It provides lightning fast updates, returns status codes and external reference numbers from portals. The Sync API can also be used to push data to our responsive real estate website product, called Flex.  The Sync API has already been integrated into a number of external management systems, while Entegral's own OMS, also uses the same platform for listing syndication.


Entegral's OMS (Office Management System) provides online listing and contacts management for estate agencies, that is further complimented by a document library, calendars, reports and referral system. The OMS API allows data entry or export from the OMS to external systems. This is also a perfect solution if you want to develop your own custom website with your own developers:

Both API's in a continuous development cycle, and will be extended based on user requirements, so please be sure to talk to us, should you have any specific requirements.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Use Matterport 3D or other virtual tour systems in the OMS

Did you know, you can link any virtual tour to your properties on the Entegral OMS System?

With our Office Management System (OMS) you can easily load a virtual tour, including a 3D virtual tour from Matterport (, in a few easy steps. These virtual tours are then integrated onto your listings and showcased on your fully responsive Entegral FLEX real estate website.
Screenshot of a Flex powered website listing with a virtual tour

There is no limit on the number of files and links you can save on your properties, and if you are concerned about the safety your files you can be assured that with our industry first cloud infrastructure and security measures that your files are not just safe but also extremely durable.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add external videos, virtual tours and links on any of your listings

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Showcase your sold property listings on your Flex Website

Many of our clients have asked about this feature in the past because to some this does have some marketing value.

Real Estate agents often ask us to have all their sold property listings showcase on their website to show the general public that they are indeed specialists in the industry, know their areas well and have the expertise to sell a property on behalf of a real estate owner.

With our Flex responsive real estate website, clients will now be able to create pages dedicated to showcasing their sold stock to the public, like a brag page almost.

When an estate agent has sold a listing, the status of the listings can be changed in the OMS to Sold (Registered).

Change the status of your Sold listing by Opening the Mandate in the OMS -> Status ->Sold Registered -> Save Changes 

Order an additional page for your Flex Real Estate Website to showcase all your Sold listings individually.  By ordering a custom menu for your Flex website at only R199 excl VAT you can add the link "What we've sold" or "Our Success" - you can really name it anything that you want to - and display these listings on your website for the public to view.

Sold listings will automatically display as live listings on your website for a period of 6 weeks, thereafter they will automatically be removed from your website.  You will still be able to find your listings under the sold stock in the OMS.

If you're interested in having this feature, send our support team a message and we'll add this feature to you Flex Website

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Show more search options with your Flex Real Estate Website

Due to numerous requests we've amended the search functionality on our responsive real estate website product, Flex.

Entegral clients that already have their own Flex website will now have the option to either keep their search functionality with less search options at first glance or they can change the way their search functionality displays and have more search options available immediately.

Originally, as on,  the search functionality was designed to display as follow:

Visitors can search by selecting the status, entering the area or reference number and do a quick search.

The "Options" link enables clients to open a more advanced search function with more search options such as price minimum and maximum, property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms:

This advanced search option can now be show by default should you wish to change the way your search displays once your site has been opened by your website visitor.

The search will stay constant on all pages namely your results and details pages.

If you wish to change the way your search option displays, send our support team an email ( and we'll amend your Flex Site accordingly.

*This options excludes the Canvas Theme

Monday, October 3, 2016

Why Tweeting your property listings with Twitter Cards is a great idea

There are so many great free social media platforms for us to use and if utilised to its maximum potential you'll see great results from your efforts.

One of the great features that's not frequently used by real estate agents or perhaps isn't general public knowledge, is a feature from Twitter called Twitter Cards.

What is a Twitter Card?

Basically, a Twitter card is a tweet generated from your website, that contains a photo (or video) along with your tweet. "It is designed to give the reader a rich photo experience, and clicking on the image brings the user to your website", according to 

Why you should add Twitter Cards to your website

By adding this feature to your Flex website you'll gain better visibility on Twitter, increase the traffic to your website, your tweets will surely look more attractive, your brand image will get promoted and you'll be able to increase your business' followers.

Here is an example of an Entegral Client whom activated this feature on her real estate business' website: 

Example of Twitter Card: Property Tweeted by Retha Van Zyl from Retha van Zyl Real Estate in Bloemfontein

How to set up Twitter Cards

Simply send our team an email ( requesting this feature - we'll then do the necessary changes on your Flex Real Estate Website

You'll pay as little at R199 excl VAT once off to add this great free marketing tool to your website.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Namibian real estate agents can now advertise on Property24 Namibia with OMS

We're happy to announce that our Namibian clients making use of our Office Management System will now also be able to feed their property listings not only to MyProperty Namibia but also to Property24 Namibia.

Follow these steps if you are interested in advertising on Property24 from the OMS system: 

  • Send our support team ( an email requesting the activation of the Property24 feed for Namibia. 
  • We'll then get in contact with Property24 Namibia on your behalf to do the necessary setup. 
  • Once activated on Entegral's side, simply tick the "Property24" tick box when listing a property. 
  • Your listing should display on the Property24 portal within one hour's time or less. 

Tick the Property24 tick box to send your Namibia listings to Property24 Namibia.

Example of how your listing will display on Property24 Namibia.

Costs for having this feed activated in your OMS account:
  • A once off setup fee of N$499 payable to Entegral Technologies will apply. 
  • Once the feed has been set up and is active, we'll charge a monthly support fee for this interface of N$99 per month.

Namibian clients can also promote their listings on the UK's #1 property portal, Zoopla.  Click to view full details of syndication to our UK partner portal.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Create the ultimate online property listing with Flex and the OMS

Creating high quality online property listings for your sellers is key in generating buyer leads, but is also a great marketing tool for people interested to list with you. Why create average listings when you can create state of the art property listings with the OMS and Flex.

Here is a great example where some of the key features of the OMS and Flex were used, including:
  • Over 50 photos (The OMS and Flex allows unlimited photos) with descriptions for each photo;
  • Interactive map with integrated driving directions (simply insert your address for directions);
  • Google Streetview split view with map;
  • Virtual tour or Youtube video integration (Entegral's 360 virtual tours are free in the OMS);
  • Teams (you can load listings as teams in the OMS);
  • Additional features (you can create additional fields in the OMS);
  • Social media links (setup individual social media links including skype button for agents);
  • EAAB PrivySeal integration that is easy to setup at no additional cost;

There are also great time saving features built into the OMS, like capturing a listing once, and have it published on your Flex website and all the leading property portals.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Configure social media links including PrivySeal in the OMS

You can now configure various online profiles for agents in the OMS, including Facebook, Twitter and the South African EAAB PrivySeal link. See the OMS online help for more info on the social link configuration.

The social links will be integrated with Flex office and personal websites by default this week.

How to capture your PrivySeal certificate information
The EAAB of South Africa implemented the PrivySeal consumer protection initiative. The OMS now accepts capturing agent PrivySeal information, which can be displayed on Flex powered real estate websites. We will also make the codes available to any external syndication portal that support this.

To add PrivySeal to your profile first get your PrivySeal link, e.g.:
Go to your OMS profile.
Select PrivySeal from your online profiles, and paste the link in.

Now click on 'update'. Your username will be extracted. You can test your PrivySeal link by clicking on the 'test' link.

If all is OK press save.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Enable individual agents for Zoopla use, and set limits

A brand new Zoopla property syndication interface was launched that allows you to market your property listings to an international audience.

We have now enabled functionality to allow activation of individual users to select property listings for Zoopla. You can also set listing limits. On property listings, users will see how many listings they can still activate for Zoopla:

The admin section allows easy customization of individual user access levels and now includes the Zoopla options:

Monday, August 15, 2016

New listing syndication partnership with UK Portal, Zoopla

We're extremely excited to announce a new partnership formed with major UK property portal, Zoopla.  

The well known UK portal boasts with 40 million world wide visits each month to their portal.  This comprehensive property website provides thousands of property listings listed from around the world combined with market data and information.

We created a partnership with them whereby all Entegral clients, listing on our Office Management System will have the option to send their for sale stock to Zoopla via our Online Marketing Module or Listing Syndication Service.  

1. Zoopla Professional Advertising Packages

These packages offer listings on Zoopla branded under Entegral’s MyProperty brand. All leads are screened and forwarded to the relevant agent. You can activate/deactivate any for sale listing within the package limits at any time.

Listings include all property photos, exact map location if selected and key property details. Click here for an example of live listings.

Fees for South African real estate agents: 

5 Listings - R99/month
20 Listing - R599/month
50 Listings - R1299/month
100 Listings - R1999/month

*prices exclude VAT

Fees for Namibian real estate agents:

5 Listings - N$99/month
20 Listing - N$499/month
50 Listings - N$1199/month
100 Listings - N$1899/month

Fees for estate agents from other countries: 

5 Listings - $9/month
20 Listing - $59/month
50 Listings - $129/month
100 Listings - $199/month

*Only for sale listings are allowed for non-UK agencies

2.  Zoopla agency branded advertising packages

For agencies looking to showcase listings on Zoopla under their own company name, logo and telephone numbers, we offer a custom agency branded package. Leads are sent directly to the agent, with no pre-screening done by our Helpdesk. You need to commit to a minimum 6 month contract.

As part of your agency branded package, you will get access to Zoopla Pro to access listing statistics and promote properties on Zoopla property search.

Branded advertising: South Africa 

100 Listings: R999 setup fee, R2499/month 
(custom pricing available for 100+ listings)

Branded advertising: Namibia

100 Listings: N$999 setup fee, N$2399/month 
(custom pricing available for 100+ listings)

Branded advertising: Other countries

100 listings: $99 setup fee, $249/month
(custom pricing available for 100+ listings)

Sign up now and advertise free during August

Estate agents wanting to test the waters first may sign up for this service from tomorrow 15 August and advertise on Zoopla free of charge for the remainder of the month. 

MyProperty branded advertising options work on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

To make use of this free advertising opportunity, please send an email to or give us a call for more information.

Monday, July 18, 2016

#OMS_QuickTips: OMS Briefcase, your contacts and the SMS function

If you have a hot new property that you would like to notify a buyer about as quickly as possible then Entegral’s SMS Briefcase is just the tool to do so.

After you have captured your listing on the OMS and your website has been updated, you can go ahead and notify your potential buyers about the listing via SMS. The SMS function is not just handy when notifying buyers about a new property, you can also use it to let them know about an upcoming show day.

From the OMS dashboard you can choose the buyers you would like to notify about the new listing under the Contacts tab, select your buyers which you want to notify of the new listing or show day and send them to your briefcase.

After selecting the buyers in your database that you wish to target, go to the OMS Briefcase to compile your invitation to view the new property listing.

Your chosen contacts will receive your SMS, and in no time you will have a new batch of buyers that will want to see your listing.

We recommend using the SMS/Briefcase functionality because it's such a cost-effective method of communicating to your contact list.  At only R0,36 excl VAT per SMS, you can spread the message far and wide!

Find out more about setting up and sending an SMS in the OMS 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sold listings will now remain on your website longer

Our developers have now made it possible for your sold listings to appear on your Flex responsive website as well as the MyProperty website for 6 weeks after it was marked as sold on your OMS listing dashboard.

Sold listings will appear on Property24 for 2 weeks and Private Property for 30 Days

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New OMS feature: Teams

You can now setup teams in the OMS.
The teams function is optional and can be used to market property listings under multiple agents on selected portals.

Portals currently enabled for teams are:

  • Property24
  • Private Property
We are working to enable teams on Flex websites and other portals (where supported).

How to setup teams for your office:
  • Log in to the OMS and go to Setup / My Office / Office Members;
  • Click on the new 'teams' tab;
  • Click on 'new team';
  • Enter a team name e.g. 'John and Sandy' and press save. Note the team name won't appear on any external websites, it is for internal OMS use only;
  • Now add the team members;

How to link teams on listings;
  • Open up a property listing with the mandate view selected;
  • Under the listing/rental/auction agent you will notice a new 'Listing Team' field;
  • Simply select the team you want to link to this listing and press save;
  • The listing will update to external portals, with the team agent shown as agents on the portal;
  • Note you still have to select the individual listing agent on your mandate, this agent will be used and linked on portals that doesn't support teams or where you have not linked a team;

Monday, May 23, 2016

Stand out from the crowd with automated newsletters

Creating engaging and eye-catching newsletters can be a long process but with our Flex automated newsletter solutions most the work has already been done for you!

With this marketing solution, your newsletter is delivered directly to your subscribers each week without you having to spend hours collecting content or images.

Every newsletter is branded accordingly, safeguarded against delivering old news to subscribers and uses best practice methods. (this means that there is an opt-in and opt-out option available)

Content for your newsletter is pulled from your website - which means that every new article that you post on your website will be pulled through to your newsletter. The newsletter also allows you to showcase your latest listings - also done automatically! Our advice would be to load new articles at least once a week - this allows for fresh news each week, but also helps with SEO.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to write about here are some pointers: How to write neighbourhood profiles for your website

Clients can now stay updated with the latest property news and listings - creating a smarter buyer whilst fostering brand loyalty.

Automated newsletters can be added to your Flex responsive website for a once-off R999 setup fee, thereafter it will cost you R49/month to send out a newsletter once a week to an unlimited amount of subscribers.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daily Rentals now available in separate search results

You asked for it and now it is here! Our developers have now made it possible for you to have your daily (holiday) rentals in a separate search result on your Flex powered website.

Now it will be even easier for the visitors to your website to find exactly what they are looking for!

The link which will filter your listings can be added to your menu and home page for the best user experience. The search results can also be displayed with an SEO friendly URL on all websites by simply adding  /property/to-rent/holiday-accommodation/ to the end of your website address.

If you are interested in having this on your website please contact our Support Team

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#OMS_QuickTips: Kick up your productivity with these OMS features

Being a real estate agent is no easy task - in most cases you are juggling multiple listings, buyers and sellers all of which require reams paperwork and a fair amount of time. Some days it feels like you are never going to get ahead - but with these three OMS features, used to its fullest potential, your days could become just a little less hectic.

Plan Ahead

Start the day with a clear path of what is happening and everything else will fall into place. The calendar feature in the OMS is three calendars rolled into one! It allows you to see your personal calendar, a shared office calendar and a shared group calendar for multiple offices and agents.

Tip: Block out a certain amount of time for each task and do the most important ones first. This means unexpected tasks won’t cause a panic because you got everything under control - like a real estate superhero.

Communication is Key

All estate agents would like to notify potential buyers about a new property on the market as quickly as possible - Entegral’s SMS to Briefcase is just the tool to do so. Once you have captured and saved your listing on the OMS and your website has been updated, you can go ahead and notify your potential buyers about the listing via SMS.  From the OMS dashboard you can choose the buyers you would like to notify about the new listing under the Contacts tab, select your buyers which you want to notify of the new listing or show day and send them to your briefcase.

Tip: You can use this feature for more than just a new listing - for example, let new buyers know about an upcoming show day with the details such as the date, time, and location. 

Marketing at your fingertips

No more running around trying to find a designer to create a property brochure for you! The OMS provides a range of stock property brochures which you can generate with the click of a button or if you want something a little different than the templates on offer, you can always contact us to create a custom brochure just for your agency.

Tip: Having branded marketing materials available to you adds to the overall client experience, therefore it is always advisable to ensure that you use high-quality photographs and branding that will enhance rather than distract. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Add additional features to your property listing, availability dates on rental properties now showing.

Set your own additional features for property listings.

We often get requests from clients wanting to add more listed information on a property listing, other than the info that is already available on the OMS.

You can add additional features to your listings in the OMS by setting these features in your parameters such as irrigation systems on farms and small holdings, ocean views for sea front properties or additional parking options for commercial property.

These additional features will display on your Flex Website, developed by Entegral Technologies.  If you already own your own Flex Website you can follow these steps to add any additional feature to your listing:

Log on the the OMS > click on setup > My Office > General Settings > Choose the parameters tab.

Select the type of property (residential, commercial or agricultural) to which you want to add the additional feature.

Add your features by separating them with a comma only.  Save your additional features.

When listing a property on the OMS you will now be able to view the additional features that you have added to your property type and will also be able to tick the applicable features.

When you've completed your listing on the OMS, it will display with the selected additional features on your Entegral Flex Website.

* Note that these features do not feed through to partner portals via our listing syndication service and is only applicable to Entegral Flex.

Availability of properties to rent.

A new and additional feature added to our Flex Websites will be of particular interest to estate agencies who specialize in rental property.

The date on which a rental property will be available will now also display alongside a listing on your Flex website. The update will also now ensure that once the availability date is surpassed, a listing will automatically show as ‘Available Now’.

Above image shows that the property listing is currently available to rent. (Highlighted in green)

Above image shows the date to when the rental property will become available for occupancy. (Highlighted in green)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flex Google Street view & mapping enhancements on property listings

We have tweaked and enhanced the Google Street view feature on Flex websites by moving the Streetview to a separate tab on the property listing view. Street View will automatically show for listings that are geocoded in the OMS and where the 'show on map' feature is selected. Google Street View is not available everywhere, but we do a check for availability.

The view is split into a Street View on the left and map on the right. Panning left or right in the Street View will also adjust the directional marker on the map, to show where your view currently is:

In the search results, a 'mapped' market will further indicate mapped properties for visitors:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Reaching your target audience

If your online marketing strategy does not contain Google AdWords as a component, now is the time you should take advantage!

If you are not familiar with Google AdWords, it is essentially a pay-per-click marketing service which allows carefully created advertisements to reach the right audience, directing them to your website.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using AdWords for your real estate website:

  • Measurable and Flexible: With traditional advertising such as print, you cannot measure the impact as precisely as you can with AdWords - with our Search Engine Marketing we set up keywords, daily budgets, cost per click and other important settings to deliver maximum results for you. We also send you a monthly report detailing your advertisement performance and do tweaks to increase the click-through-rate and leads conversion.
  • Brand Awareness:  Due to the tailored nature of AdWords, even when visitors do not click on your advertisement you are doing valuable brand building. 
  • Beating the pack: AdWords works differently than SEO - with SEO, it takes a bit longer for your efforts to reflect on search engines, AdWords instantly creates an advertisement and puts it where it should go. Therefore, you are beating out your competitors that aren’t using AdWords yet.
  • Flex and Adwords: If you have a Flex powered website you will also be able to see how many clicks results in a lead with your tracking code that we have supplied. 

If you want to take advantage of this must have marketing tool visit for a look at the different packages and costs.

Monday, April 11, 2016

#OMS_QuickTips: Manually adding a featured property to your website

Did you just sign the property listing of the year or is there a particularly stunning property you would like to showcase as a featured property on your website? If so, then this quick guide on how to add a property as a featured property on your responsive Flex website is a must.

Your website will automatically showcase all your latest listings, but as we know new listings can come in quickly and sometimes there is a certain property that just needs to be in the limelight a little longer due to its fantastic price, prime location or unique design.

Follow these easy steps to quickly add it as a featured property:
  • In the OMS go to My Office / General Settings;
  • Click on parameters and choose 'featured properties';
  • Manually enter a list of properties you want to feature on the home page: Enter the property reference numbers and separate with a comma as per sample below;
  • Press save - you will need to allow for a few minutes for your page to update before the new featured will reflect. (You will have to refresh your page)

Remember that writing a listing description that sells will not only help you once visitors view the property but also with SEO. Find out how to write a listing description that sells here: Listing descriptions that sells

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Improving your Property Ranking on MyProperty

Developed and fine-tuned by our hard working developers, the MyProperty Property Ranking algorithm, aims to ensure high-quality listings are ranked higher.

The algorithm uses over 20 factors to determine where the property appears in the search results and to ensure that no agent or agency can manipulate the algorithm, we have locked the exact dynamics away where only our developers can find it and continually improve on it.

If you are wondering what determines a high-quality listing consider these factors when you are uploading a new listing:
  • Fill in as much information as possible - such as bedrooms, bathrooms, garages etc
  • Ensure that your listing description is informative and well written
  • Although not every listing calls for a professional photographer, it will be advantageous to include good quality photographs.
  • Geocode your listings where possible
  • If you have a show day coming up, schedule it from your OMS dashboard

Click here to find out how to geocode your properties or write a listing description that sells

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Improved OMS Listing Dashboard

The OMS property listing dashboard now features several improvements including:

  • All portals are now displayed with their individual statuses;
  • If a property status is 'error' you can hover your mouse over the error text to get the error message without having to open the listing;
  • Portals where you don't interface to are hidden;
  • New green (active) and orange (processing) indicators;
  • New 'Show Days' column indicating the number of show days (historic + future) for the particular property;

All portals now selectable in OMS online marketing section

All portals are now selectable in the OMS Property Online Marketing section, allowing you to select where properties are exported to for each portal. Previously MyProperty, ImmoAfrica, PriceCheck, PropertyJunction and BidOrBuy was not selectable and exported by default. You can now select/deselect any of the portals.

Note that depending on your office settings, you may not be able to deselect certain portals if your office administrator has disabled this. The ability to default certain portals to selected and enable selection for users can be set by the office for that whole office.