Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New Base Google Calendar integration for real estate agents launched

Following the automated leads import we've launched, we have now integrated Google Calendar with Base real estate CRM and have released in it BETA mode to all users. In BETA mode we gather feedback from clients, sort out issues and make improvements.

Visit your profile settings in Base and click on the 'Integrations' tab to connect your Google Account.
Once connected you will enjoy automated leads import into your Base inbox while new calendar entries created in Base will now automatically sync to your Google Calendar account - it can certainly help streamline your scheduling!

How does it work?

  • Simply open your diary on your dashboard or listing or contact and create an entry, e.g. valuation. In your Base dairy, you can optionally link contacts and listings as per screenshot (1). (The entry will then appear on the diary of the contact or listing too). In case of the valuation, you can link the listing (capture as a valuation) and the seller. Set the time and press save.
  • The calendar event is then synced to your Google Calendar. Any date or time updates you do are also synced.
  • If you've captured the listing and marked the location on the listing map, Base will sync the exact coordinates to your calendar (2). On your mobile, you can then simply click on the map marker and get instant driving directions to the property.
  • If you've captured a contact, the name of the contact with email is also synced. We've preset a 30min instant reminder and 2 hrs email reminder (5) on Google Calendar (so your contact would also get a meeting invite).
  • The diary description together with the full address is synced to your Google Calendar. We've also included a hyperlink to the listing in Base (4). Since Base is mobile friendly, you can open the listing directly from your calendar.

For more details on Base click here.
To read more about the automated Portal leads import into Base, click here.

We value your feedback on this new feature. Please feel free to send any feedback you have to our helpdesk at

Monday, October 29, 2018

Base new commercial & rental fields launched

We've introduced the following new fields on residential and commercial rentals in Base CRM:

• Lease escalation %
• Lease period
• Deposit requirements

We've split the contract dates and commission into 2 tabs and introduced a 3rd new tab 'itemized cost'. This tab provides a configurable set of cost rows that will be useful to commercial leases and sales. Cost items you want to specify is added from the dropdown and then saved as part of your mandate. This way only the required fields are shown and saved:

On the features tab we've also introduced new fields including:

 • Coverage
 • Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
 • Grade/Rating

The grade/rating have some default values but will soon be configurable via the Base / Setup / Customize function.

We value your feedback: if you deal in commercial property, drop us an email on to let us know how we can further tweak this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Base listing syndication dashboard compact view

Listing syndication compact view
Base syndicates your property listings to so many portals, that it became difficult to fit everything into one screen on the listing syndication dashboard view. We've now made the portal statuses more compact as can be seen here and we hope it eliminates some horizontal scrolling for you. It's now easier to get a quick overview of the status of listings on various portals:

You can easily filter for pending or error statuses too using the filter:

Since Base CRM was built from the ground up to be mobile friendly, you can also view your portal status from any other device by clicking on the expand button on the left of listings in the listing syndication dashboard view:

When you log on to Base you can also instantly get a quick overview of your listing status on the portals:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Base syndication status filter and re-assigning leads

Filter portal status
You can now easily filter on active, pending or error statuses for listing syndication on your listings landing page in Base.

Re-assign leads to another user
Automated leads import is a great way to centralize all your leads in your Base inbox and convert them into contacts you can track. We've now also added a feature to re-assign leads to other agents:
- Simply open the lead
- Click on Reassign:

- Select the agent to reassign to, by entering the 1st few letters of their name
- Add a note that will appear on your reassigned lead:

- The lead is now removed from your inbox and will appear in the other user's inbox as follows:

They will also see your note and have the ability to `action` it like a normal lead including converting it into a contact.

Automated leads import
We've done a few tweaks on the automated leads import, if any of your leads are not importing into Base correctly please let our team know so we can tweak our algorithms.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New Locanto property feed partner

International classifieds website, Locanto, is now available as listing syndication feed partner for OMS, Base and Sync API users.

There is no additional fee and your listings are already live, if you have the PropertyCheck and GotProperty feeds enabled.

For a list of free and paid property portal partners, visit our Sync page.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Automated leads import from all portals now available in Base

It's now never been easier to get all your listing leads into one system. 

We invite all our Base CRM users to try out the new BETA automated leads import functionality.

Once your IMAP enabled or Gmail email account is connected, the system will automatically import leads from all the portals. For now, we've connected Property24, Private Property, IOL Property, and ImmoAfrica. (MyProperty South Africa & Namibia and your own Flex website is automatically connected). Once we are happy that these portals work fine we will enable the rest of the portals.

Effective leads management is critical for any real estate agency, and we'd like to help you work smarter, by getting a global overview of your leads and associated metrics.


Once your email account is securely connected to Base, we will automatically import leads which will show up in your Base inbox and the activity dashboard:

From here you can action leads and convert the valid ones into contacts:

Base makes it easy to convert leads into contacts as it automatically marks the source as web, and pre-populates all contact info. You simply need to categorize your contact through configurable tags. This is quite a flexible feature that allows you to group and filter contacts according to your needs:


In Base, go to your user profile and click on the 'email' tab. You have the option to connect with your IMAP based email account or Gmail account. (IMAP email accounts keeps a copy of your email on the server).

Connecting via IMAP:

Connecting via Gmail:

Wait +- 5 minutes for the system to sync your account, it will automatically import leads from your mailbox from the last 7 days and then automatically import new future leads.

Further instructions are provided in the help link in Base. Contact our helpdesk if you need assistance.


There is no cost to all Base functionalities marked as BETA including the listing mapping feature recently introduced. It simply means that we are evaluating and tweaking functionality for a full release and getting valuable user feedback. We also need to evaluate any associated cost so some functionality might incur a fee once going out of beta, but this will be communicated to all users beforehand.


Automated lead importing allows for more transparency for both agency owners and agents as all the leads from portals are consolidated into one system. It saves agents time by allowing them to easily convert leads into contacts and qualify them accordingly.  With the rollout of future functionality, you will be able to get a lot more insight into your leads, how quick agents respond and which portals deliver the best leads to your office.