New 2-Way SMS feature for Base

Base users can now send and receive SMS messages to clients with the new 2-way SMS feature.

Simply open a contact and you will see a new MESSAGE tab on the right.
Click on new SMS to create a new message to a client (limited to 160 characters). Be sure to include your name and/or office details to sign off messages:

When a client replies, the message is added to the message thread of the contact. A notification is also sent to your dashboard an inbox (shown below). From here you can open the message to reply should you want to:

To purchase credits for SMS simply click on the purchase link on a new message which will take you to the following screen. When you purchase credits via credit card, it is instantly applied to your account.

You can also go to your profile / integrations and purchase credits there. Administrators have the option to override send/receive SMS functionality for individual users.

Costs and launch date

South Africa: available now. Send cost: R0.35/sms. Receive cost: R…

New furnished option for OMS, Base, Sync

We have enabled a 'furnished' field that will pull through to relevant portals that support it, including Property24 and Private Property. This is how you can select it in the various systems:
OMS Your office administrator need to go to settings, parameters. Choose 'Office:Property features list, residential' and add 'Furnished' (case sensitive). Press save.
(If you have multiple fields, separate the with commas, e.g.: furnished,ocean view,mountain view,walking distance to beach,alarm,electric fence,borehole,3-phase power)
You can also contact the Entegral Helpdesk to enable for you

Going into a listing you will notice the Furnished field you can select to show a property is furnished:

Base The field is already in Base under features, just select furnished.

Sync If you make use of your own management system through our Sync API, the new field is available to use (furnished = 1 / 0)…

Base Auction update - load your auction venue

Loading auctions, proceed to list your property as a 'for sale' sale type (auction option removed)

On the diary/calendar tab (1), create a new auction activity (2) as indicated below and se the auction date and time (3) plus venue (4).

Base will push any for sale listings marked for auction through as auctions to the portals.

Consolidated lead view filter screen for Base

There is a new consolidated lead view filter screen now available in Base under contacts.
Here you can filter for incoming leads per agent (if you are an admin) and whether it has been actioned (contacted & converted into a contact or not).

Base can automatically import all your incoming leads from the top portals and your own website, extract the contact data and automatically assign the lead source, so this gives you a consolidated view on what is happening and where to apply your online marketing spend. Our team is working to provide further insights on your leads.

The lead type also helps you identify if a lead originated from a listed or a general agent or office contact form. When you convert a lead into a valid contact, Base will auto link the original lead form to the contact too for future tracking.

We are also working on integration Facebook lead campaigns, contact our team to get early access if you are already running Facebook lead campaigns (where consumers leave thei…

Base: Multi country support for property capture

Base users are now able to load listings in multiple countries under one account. Simply select the country code dropdown, e.g. Cyprus and enter the address/location as normal:

The currency, property types, and other country specific fields will automatically adapt as you load the listing. If a specific country is not available please connect with our Helpdesk to enable.

From here listings can be syndicated to supported portals or your own Flex responsive real estate website.

New Flex premium feature: Map Search

Our team is working on some new premium add-on features for Flex websites that aims to offer new unique functionality for your clients and enables you to stand out from your competition.

If you are an estate agency that likes to provide your clients with an alternative way of finding property using a visual map, we have the perfect tool for you. The new Flex Map Search feature enables clients to view geocoded (map) properties in the area of your operation.

Different markers is used depending on whether you geocoded your listings or not.Price indicator is shown below the marker for quick reference.Where there are multiple units on one point (e.g. apartments) these properties will be grouped under a single marker with a scrollable list.The map search is responsive, so will work on mobile devices too.Listings are dynamically added or removed from the map when the status, price and type filters are adjusted.This is ideal for agencies that have a large portion of geocoded (mapped) listings.

Base expiring mandate trigger and contact listing links

Mandate expiring trigger
Base will now notify you of any mandates about to expire in the next 2 weeks through your dashboard timeline. Through the action button, you can open the listing and review:

Listing links on contacts
With Base's central contacts management system, it is easy to link existing contact on new mandates or capture new ones. It also allows you to keep one contact and link it to various properties, e.g. where a seller has more than one property or you are dealing with repeat clients.

Now any listing links will show up on the contact's quick view, e.g. buyer link here:

...and seller link here:

The links are clickable so it's easy to go into those mandates and view them.