Base update: new active listings reports

Improved listing page layout
You now have quicker access to different views of the listings landing page with quick links on the left, including a new report section that hosts the listing reports:

New active listing reports
We've integrated a brand new report engine and will introduce various new listing and management reports in Base.  Available today is 3 active listings reports (all, expiring soon and just listed) that include thumbnails of your listings. Simply click on a report to view and optionally download to PDF. It supports multiple listing agents while mandate statuses are colour coded.

We will make some report sections interactive. On the active listings report you can for instance click on the listing ref # to open the listing in Base, or click on the address to open the Google Maps location. Handy if you perhaps have downloaded the PDF report to your tablet or phone. Base is mobile friendly so all your property and contact details are always a click away.

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Base updates: map & referral agent & internal contact report

Listing map out of beta
The interactive listing map launched last year is now out of Beta. We evaluated usage, cost and user feedback. The mapping tool will be included as part of the Base system going forward at no additional cost. As long as you geocode (map) your listings it will show up on the map. You can use filters to only show certain listings (e.g. by status or price range).

New referral agent type
You can now track referral agents on listings. Once you select an agent on a listing (through contacts), you can simply pick them as referral agent.

Internal contact list report
New reports are now rolling out in Base. The 1st is an internal contact list report that is available under Settings / Users / Reports. It allows you to download the report in PDF and other formats.

Naturally the new reports will also be available from your mobile devices, as Base is mobile friendly.

New roof types added on listing features.

Flex Realtime currency converter for international listings

The Flex real time currency convert will convert your listing price into popular currencies for visitors. If you have international listings, we will now also support currency conversion for these listings.

The OMS and the new Base real estate management system, allows you to capture listings in any country. Base has further been extended to be used as listing system in any country, with configurable areas, listing, property types and more.

Base: photo zoom function

Have a lot of photos on your listings?
Use Base's the new zoom controls on the media tab of a listing to zoom out in order to show more photos on your screen's viewable area. You can now drag-and-drop photos easier.

With Base you can upload an unlimited number of photos on listings. There is also no need to resize as the system will handle this. Have any files or links you want to add to your listing for display on your website? Base can do this too from the Media tab.

Base password strength meter & Sync API update

Password strength meter in Base
A new password strength meter in Base CRM provides a visual indication of how strong your Base password is. You need minimum 'strong' status in order to update your profile.
We recommend a 'very strong' status by including capital, lower case, numeric and special characters.

Base new quick actions added
Under the 'new' menu dropdown, you can now choose from 'news' to add a new news article entry and 'activity' to record a new activity from any screen. This way you can for instance quickly schedule a meeting. If you have enabled our Google Apps integration, your calendar entry will sync with your Google calendar.

Sync API on show updates
The SYNC API now allows for multiple on show entries for the Property24 interface. This allows you to schedule multiple future on show dates.

Matterport 3D support to Property24

We now update the Matterport 3D tour to Property24 if supplied via OMS or Base:

If you have existing listings with Matterport 3D tours on them, simply resave.

Base : track qualified leads on listings and view listing enquiries by contact

Base CRM allows the automatic import of leads from various portals by synchronizing your mailbox. Leads will then import into your Base inbox. Here you can qualify and convert those leads to actual contacts or discard them:

When converting the lead to a contact the contact details are all automatically pre-populated in the fields (depending on what the portal sent), so you just have to categorize and tag the contact as a buyer, seller etc. (all these categories are configurable):

For buyers, you can further fine tune their requirements including price, area, beds, baths etc. through the qualify tab. This also provides a way of finding matching buyers when listing a new home.

Base will now link the original enquiry on the contact through the diary tab, on the day the enquiry was made. It will also link it to the listing that was enquired on:

At the same time, if you open the listing diary view, you will also notice it saved the original enquiry with the converted contact:

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