New Flex premium feature: Map Search

Our team is working on some new premium add-on features for Flex websites that aims to offer new unique functionality for your clients and enables you to stand out from your competition.

If you are an estate agency that likes to provide your clients with an alternative way of finding property using a visual map, we have the perfect tool for you. The new Flex Map Search feature enables clients to view geocoded (map) properties in the area of your operation.

Different markers is used depending on whether you geocoded your listings or not.Price indicator is shown below the marker for quick reference.Where there are multiple units on one point (e.g. apartments) these properties will be grouped under a single marker with a scrollable list.The map search is responsive, so will work on mobile devices too.Listings are dynamically added or removed from the map when the status, price and type filters are adjusted.This is ideal for agencies that have a large portion of geocoded (mapped) listings.

Base expiring mandate trigger and contact listing links

Mandate expiring trigger
Base will now notify you of any mandates about to expire in the next 2 weeks through your dashboard timeline. Through the action button, you can open the listing and review:

Listing links on contacts
With Base's central contacts management system, it is easy to link existing contact on new mandates or capture new ones. It also allows you to keep one contact and link it to various properties, e.g. where a seller has more than one property or you are dealing with repeat clients.

Now any listing links will show up on the contact's quick view, e.g. buyer link here:

...and seller link here:

The links are clickable so it's easy to go into those mandates and view them.

Base seller requirements & configurable description fields

Seller requirements
Under settings / customize you can now, as administrator specify whether the seller details are mandatory on new listing mandates loaded.  This will force agents to capture seller details.

Extra description fields
You can now configure additional listing description fields in Base. We provide some standard fields than can be expanded under the settings / customize / listings tab:

The additional description fields are made available under the Description tab on your listings:

Build custom integration with the new Base API

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Base API.

The REST API allows you to build custom integrations with external applications. We've launched a set of functions and will expand it over time based on user demand.

In Base an administrator can go to office settings, click on the API key tab, and create secure API keys for each application that can be consumed over the HTTPS protocol. Since you have full control over the keys, you can remove them at any stage, and the link to the external application will be removed instantly.

The Base API documentation can be found here. You can include the API key, press explore and test the API from this interface to check data outputs.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.
You can also have a look at the other real estate product interfaces we provide here.

Sync interfaces: Property24 no transfer duty label

If you use the OMS, Base or Sync products, and select the property as a new development, we will default to display a 'no transfer duty' banner on your Property24 listings as illustrated below:

Please open and update those listings for the change to take effect on your Property24 listing.

OMS API interface update: new endpoint URL

If you are using the OMS API interface with external systems, please ask your developers to update to the new endpoint url as per documentation

The old endpoint is discontinued and new new endpoint should be used.

For any assistance with the OMS API, please contact our support team.

Generate listing cards for your social media platforms in Base

It has become apparent that more and more estate agents are using their own personal or business pages on various social media platforms to gain exposure and market their real estate online.

With Base, our property management software, you will now be able to generate two various designs that you can use as an image to post on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

When opening a property in Base, you will note under the reports section the two latest editions to the brochure / report collection:

Look out for the "Just Listed Brag Card" and "Sold Brag Card".  Both of them generate in .png format - that instantly makes it possible for you to post this on to your social media channels.

Your "Just Listed Brag Card" will generate in the following format:

And when you sell a listing, you can generate the following format to show that it has been sold by you:

Base further allows you to select an appropriate colour that matches with your CI (if available from list) so …