OMS API interface update: new endpoint URL

If you are using the OMS API interface with external systems, please ask your developers to update to the new endpoint url as per documentation

The old endpoint is discontinued and new new endpoint should be used.

For any assistance with the OMS API, please contact our support team.

Generate listing cards for your social media platforms in Base

It has become apparent that more and more estate agents are using their own personal or business pages on various social media platforms to gain exposure and market their real estate online.

With Base, our property management software, you will now be able to generate two various designs that you can use as an image to post on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

When opening a property in Base, you will note under the reports section the two latest editions to the brochure / report collection:

Look out for the "Just Listed Brag Card" and "Sold Brag Card".  Both of them generate in .png format - that instantly makes it possible for you to post this on to your social media channels.

Your "Just Listed Brag Card" will generate in the following format:

And when you sell a listing, you can generate the following format to show that it has been sold by you:

Base further allows you to select an appropriate colour that matches with your CI (if available from list) so …

Flex enhanced Alerts, Search and Focus template tweaks

Flex Focus template tweaks
We've tweaked the Focus real estate template including property details page to a cleaner, more simplistic layout featuring 3 photos on desktop view while also including the latest social media Whatsapp and Linkedin Share buttons. You can view a sample listing here on the demo site. The changes has been implemented for all clients running on the Focus template. Each of our real estate templates offer a unique look and feel that can be customized to pretty much any level you want.

Flex search tweaks
Our latest Flex platform template tweaks also includes user interface improvements to the property search as can be seen below.

Flex Alerts tweaks
Property alerts is your "silent salesman". It allows visitors to subscribe to new listings using advanced search criteria including multiple areas and property types. The Flex alerts even allows them to choose the frequency of emails, and we follow opt in and out policies. There is no limit on the number of …

New Whatsapp and LinkedIn sharing on Flex Real Estate Websites

We've introduced new Whatsapp and Linkedin social sharing buttons on listings on Flex real estate  websites and already had positive responsive from agents who use this to quickly share listings with their buyers. Here is what it looks like on a website:

Since we provide various real estate website templates, the exact layout and look and feel may differ on your site, e.g.:

You may have heard that Google is shutting down its Google+ service, so we have started to remove the Google+ buttons so long from websites.

Note: the Whatsapp and Linkedin social sharing buttons rollout should be completed by close of business today on most websites.

Base update: new active listings reports

Improved listing page layout
You now have quicker access to different views of the listings landing page with quick links on the left, including a new report section that hosts the listing reports:

New active listing reports
We've integrated a brand new report engine and will introduce various new listing and management reports in Base.  Available today is 3 active listings reports (all, expiring soon and just listed) that include thumbnails of your listings. Simply click on a report to view and optionally download to PDF. It supports multiple listing agents while mandate statuses are colour coded.

We will make some report sections interactive. On the active listings report you can for instance click on the listing ref # to open the listing in Base, or click on the address to open the Google Maps location. Handy if you perhaps have downloaded the PDF report to your tablet or phone. Base is mobile friendly so all your property and contact details are always a click away.

Some stats …

Base updates: map & referral agent & internal contact report

Listing map out of beta
The interactive listing map launched last year is now out of Beta. We evaluated usage, cost and user feedback. The mapping tool will be included as part of the Base system going forward at no additional cost. As long as you geocode (map) your listings it will show up on the map. You can use filters to only show certain listings (e.g. by status or price range).

New referral agent type
You can now track referral agents on listings. Once you select an agent on a listing (through contacts), you can simply pick them as referral agent.

Internal contact list report
New reports are now rolling out in Base. The 1st is an internal contact list report that is available under Settings / Users / Reports. It allows you to download the report in PDF and other formats.

Naturally the new reports will also be available from your mobile devices, as Base is mobile friendly.

New roof types added on listing features.