MyProperty website updates

1. We've enabled your office website address on your office portfolio. This is pulled through from the OMS or from your feed if you use the OMS GRID import interface. This is a direct link to your website which will benefit your website SEO.
If you don't have your own Entegral-build website check out for details - it links with the OMS and is cost effective to run!

2. We've enabled AUCTIONS portfolio links on your profile. This will automatically compile a list of suburbs where you have auctions, with quick links for visitors.

Tip: visitors can search for auction properties in MyProperty by simply searching with the auction keyword and area, e.g. 'cape town auction'.


  1. Please can you check that changes, especially status changes are fed through to the other sites like PropertyGenie. It is quite embarrassing to have to explain to people the house they are looking for was sold a month ago.

  2. If the property was marked as SOLD in the OMS, it should update within +- 30 minutes to propertygenie.
    You are welcome to send through a support request to our helpdesk (email address also in OMS). We will investigate the individual issues for you.


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