OMS GIS Explorer to be launched

Great news today is that we are getting ready to launch the OMS GIS Explorer!
The OMS GIS explorer allows automatic mapping of property listings on a Google Map.
It furthermore has filter functionality to narrow down to a specific area, agent or property features (status, price, type etc). For our national clients this can for instance plot properties across the entire country for specific parameters you've set.

Our aim is to integrate additional views e.g.
- 'in which areas have I listed sole mandates in the last x months' or
- 'identify areas where agents or offices need to focus on getting mandates' or
- 'show my sold listings over the last 6 months' or
- 'show listings in a specific area or specific radius' or
- 'identify areas where I need to open franchise offices'

The possibilities are endless. The GIS Explorer will be a great tool for agents and their clients to for instance identify matching listings per filter criteria and map location.

We will launch the OMS GIS Explorer within the next couple of days.


  1. Cool, this will be a great tool for us here at HelpUSell. Good tool to help our offices develop their marketing plans and strategies and run reports at a corporate level to identify clusters and opportunities.

  2. This is excellent help for our clients to identify properties in specific areas.

    It makes the smaller agency compete with the bigger once.

  3. Thanks for your feedback, we are busy doing testing but all looks OK for launch this week.


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