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OMS Property Statistics: website detailed views, problem corrected

We’ve corrected a problem on the property reports, Property Detailed Views. You can now access these statistics for every property.

OMS Referral system bug fix: close referrals

We’ve corrected a problem where you couldn’t close an open referral sent to you as ‘successful’. This happened on some user accounts.We are currently busy with upgrades on the referral system which will be rolled out over the course of the next few weeks. Watch this blog for updates.about the referral system: the referral system allows buyer and seller referrals to be sent between offices in an organisation and is available not multi-office / national groups.

MyProperty Property Alerts service launched

As we’ve mentioned late October, we’ve been testing the new property alerts service for launch somewhere in November or December. We’re proud to announce that this new feature has just been launched on Alerts allows the public to specify their unique property search criteria (including multiple towns, suburbs, price range, beds, baths etc) through the MyProperty website, and then create an email notification subscription based on this search criteria. This will inform them once new listings match their criteria by either emailing new properties as soon as they are loaded, once a day or once a week.The Property Alerts feature is available through the MyProperty property map search feature from the home page. A ‘create property alert’ link is now available on the search results, e.g.:After entering their contact info they are added to our Property Alert Engine. The visitor can select to be notified immediately once a listing matches their search criteria, or si…

Free Agent Profile sites now available.

Entegral recently launched a new product called SEO Office profile websites. The setup and hosting fee is on us we only required you to pay the yearly domain renewal fee for your profile site through Entegral. We are now pleased to announce that the Agent SEO profile website offering is also available. The website will feature your listings only. Any available domain can be linked to your profile, displaying only the agents listings instead of that of the whole office.
The logo and personal photo is used from the OMS (or from the GRID interface if we import your listings), see these examples below:
An easy solution if you are looking for a cost effective way to advertise yourself and your brand online. To register your own domain and have a profile website set up click here (note: you must be an OMS license holder or make use of our GRID import interface) Register my doman and website.

Sneak peak into new MyProperty property alerts feature to be launched soon

Here is a sneak preview of the new Property Alerts feature to be launched soon on MyProperty. Visitors search for property will be able to create an email alert for the search they’ve done simply by clicking on a link in the property search results:After entering some details they are added to our Property Alert Engine. This is one powerful system that can for instance alert the subscriber on new properties matching their criteria as soon as it is loaded in the OMS (or imported through our GRID system).Here is a sample of the email received, including photo and links to the property and agency contact info. We are testing it in all the major email clients, checking that we comply with spam checks on servers and even track delivery statistics such as bounced messages, messages landing in spam boxes etc.We are still doing some stress testing, but you can expect a launch in the next 2 months. Soon after this, this powerful new feature will be made available to clients at very affordable …

Agency Websites – improved search results

We’ve improved the property search results on agency websites to a more cleaner look-and-feel:Note that if you have a national/group website or search results specifically customised for your website this change won’t be applicable to you.

OMS Property Status name changes

We changed the descriptions of property statuses in the OMS as follows:“Pending Sale” changed to "Sold (Pending)"
”Final Sale” changed to "Sold (Registered)"
”Rental Long Term Available” changed to "Rental - Monthly (Available)"
”Rental Short Term Available” changed to "Rental - Daily (Available)"

FREE agent and office profile websites now available.

Entegral has just launched yet another innovative product to make the life of SA's estate agents and agencies a whole lot easier. New profile websites for any agent or estate agency can now be setup within 24 hours free of charge. All that we require you to pay is the domain registration fee - hosting and setup are on us!
What's great about these profile websites?
This is an industry first, FREE websites for estate agents and agencies only pay yearly domain renewal fees starting from as little as R150/year for domains. No monthly hosting fees!We'll set you up within 24 hoursYour branding including name, logo, featured properties and area links.Highly optimised SEO website that is continuously tweaked to increase your exposure and rankings on search engines like Google!Choose your own, .com, .net or .co domain name e.g. Maps and Streetview includedDisplays all your active listings loaded in the OMS or import…

Self Service HD Virtual Tours – help files updated

On the 12th of October we’ve announced our upgraded HD Virtual Tour solution (click for sample). The updated help files are now available through the OMS (after you’ve logged in, click on Help / Virtual Tours in the menu). The upgraded solution allows you to still do your own virtual tours on properties, but with the difference of an upgraded virtual tour viewer than can go full screen plus provides viewers with a ‘HD (high definition)’ experience.The unlimited self service HD tours is another first for the Southern African real estate industry with Entegral taken the first step a couple of years ago by providing agents with a basic self service virtual tour solution.The beauty of the solution is that it is fully integrated with the OMS (Office Management System) so it makes managing your virtual tours on properties so much easier too: Agents can upload an unlimited number of virtual tours per property (and on all properties) through the OMS. All virtual tours are backed up daily.Virt…

HD (High Definition) Self Service Virtual Tours in the OMS

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our OMS self service virtual tour solution.You now have the ability to upload HD quality (High Definition) virtual tours on property listings.  Here is a preview of what it looks like – we’ve created this tour with a standard digital camera and tripod. Click on the full screen button to see the high resolution virtual tour in action.<="<"> We will update our help files in the next 48 hours with new virtual tour software and step by step instructions on how to compile these and upload it to properties.The virtual tours are available on plus your own website if hosted through Entegral. There are no license fees, there are no setup costs, plus you can load as many HD quality virtual tours as you want. This is the perfect solution if you are looking to secure sole mandates.Watch this blog for more updates on the HD self service virtual tours including some real property examples.

Mozambiquean listings now listed in US$

Over the past few months we've had numerous requests to change the currency in which Mozambiquean listings are currently listed. All listings were listed in Meticais but will now, due to the constant currency change, be listed in US$.

More exposure for your show houses & give buyers directions to your on show properties

When you mark a property as ‘on show’ in the OMS, it will show on your own website (if developed by Entegral) plus the MyProperty website: normally see a surge in traffic to the MyProperty on show section on Fridays, so make sure you have your on show properties listed early in the morning or ideally beginning of the week.If you geocode your properties in the OMS, and mark the map location/address to show on websites, visitors to MyProperty will automatically get a driving directions feature on the property as per sample below. They simply enter their address and the system will work out the route.

MyProperty quality checks – improve your rankings in property search results

With the new MyProperty property search results, we exclude property listings without photos and descriptions by default. If visitors do a search they will see the count of excluded properties next to the checkbox e.g. ‘only listings with photos & descriptions (54 excluded) as per below. They can then un-tick it to show all the properties.It is therefore critical when loading listings in the OMS (or importing through our GRID system) that each property has a proper description and photo (note use of logos as photos are not allowed). This way you ensure that your listings are displayed by default.

OMS Security: new system user profile

A new system user profile is now available in the OMS, ‘personal access – own data’.Users configured on this access level will only have access to edit their own listings and will not be able to view office listings as per the ‘Personal Access – Office Data’ profile.

Test drive MyProperty’s new map search

Entegral has completed a new map search feature that will be available soon on the MyProperty property portal.  We would like our clients and users to test this new feature before going live to get some feedback and see where we can improve.This new map search feature will substitute the current one on the MyProperty website and to improve the quality of the listings that will be a result of the search, by default, we've decided to have only those properties with photos and descriptions to appear on the results pages of the search done.  A check box can be clicked on to show incomplete listings without photos and descriptions if desired by the user.Please click on the following link to view and test our map feedback an suggestions on our new feature will be much appreciated.Click here to complete our feedback form.

OMS Property Quick search new filter feature

The ‘active properties’ function has been renamed to ‘Quick Search’. It now provides various quick views of listings for your office or group through a new ‘Filter’ field. The new function also allows you to do quality control on your listings, filtering for example on listings without photos or descriptions. You can also quickly identify listing mandates to expire soon. The views are great to use at weekly office meetings as it allows you to quickly filter listings listed, expired or on show in the next 7 days.A) New Filter fieldThe new field contains an initial 11 selectable views, this includes:Active Listings- Listed in the last 7 or 30 days- On show next 7 or 30 daysExpired Listings- Expired in the last 7 or 30 days- To expire in the next 7 or 30 daysQuality Checks- Active listings, no photos- Active listings, no description- Active listings, expired but still for saleB) Export to The export to Word and Excel buttons have been replaced by a dropdown which now also features a expo…

OMS Property menu changes

(A) ‘Active listings’ on the property menu renamed to ‘Quick Search’ (as you are now able to perform various other searches with this function)(B)Map Explorer link from the dashboard now moved to a more permanent spot here on the Property section

OMS new stock reports: expired & hotsheet

3 New reports are available in the OMS Reports / Stock Reports section:1. Hotsheet (listed last 14 days). A photo listing report of all your new stock loaded in the last 14 days.2. Expired Stock (last 30 days). A one liner with contacts report of listing stock that expired in the last 30 days3. Expired Stock (to expire next 30 days). A one liner with conatcts report of listings to expire in the next 30 days.The expired stock reports looks at the ‘Expiry Date’ entered on listing mandates and ignores the current status.Note: We are currently getting an update ready that will automatically expire your listings (plus notify you) once the expiry date was reached, expect an announcement this week.

OMS updates tonight 11.00 – 11.30 pm (9 Aug)

We are applying updates tonight to the OMS that requires the system to be taken offline for approximately 30 min.

Bug – old listings re-appearing on 29 Jul

We’ve had an unfortunate event where some old listings re-appeared in the OMS on 29 Jul after an automatic database cleanup task was executed. The old listings were removed yesterday. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and have taken corrective action to prevent future incidents. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on

OMS user access correction

When a user had standard access (under his user profile) and the office administrator then changed his access to ‘view access’, he still had permission to save details on his own listings (although not on others in the office).A fix have been uploaded, a user with view access won’t be able to save details on his own listings.

Improved IOL Property interface launched

A new IOL property interface was implemented last week.  Your listings will now appear on IOL Property even if you don’t have a website with Entegral (i.e. a normal OMS subscription package). Improvements were also made to smooth the process of updating and removing property listings from IOL Property. On the IOL Property website you will see a “view on agent’s site” link. If you have a real estate website with Entegral, this will link directly to your listing on your own website. If you don’t have a website this will link to the listing on your MyProperty South Africa profile page.Link on IOL PropertySamples:- Listing without Entegral powered website- Listing with Entegral powered websiteIf someone enquires about a listing directly on IOL Property you will receive an email notice similar to the following (there is a direct link to the property):Please note that we are currently linking all clients on IOL Property which should be completed by Friday 16 July.

OMS improved contacts editing

We’ve improved the contacts screen with improved screen layout and new functionality.Here is the new layout: 1) contact details: all the key contact details of person including ‘active’ checkbox to enable/disable a contact from the contacts module view2) personal details: more personal details from the contact that you won’t use on a regular basis. You can view it by pressing the expand icon (7)3) categories & sharing: select which categories this contact belongs to. We’ve made it a bit easier to understand, by moving the ‘is shared with office’ checkbox here. Once you click the checkbox the office categories will appear.4) notes: you can now capture multiple notes per contact. You can also add a date, which is great if you want to do some sort of activity tracking on a contact.5) linked properties: you can now see the properties linked to this contact. Especially usefull if you open seller details from the contacts module, as a link to the property will be displayed here. You can…

OMS Improved contacts add: new wizard

We’ve improved the capturing process of new contacts in the OMS. The capturing screens or now easer to read and available functionality have been improved.Step 1 – selecting your contact type. This is essentially the same as before.Step 2 – enter contact details. We re-arranged the fields to make it easier to capture. Step 3 – You can now enter multiple notes with dates on contacts. This is a great feature since there is no limit on the number of notes you can add. You can for instance use this to track progress on a contact (by entering the details and the date of activity). Future dates can also be selected which will become useful in future updates we are planning (global calendar).Step 4 – Enter categories. Choose the categories you want to link this contact to. By default the ‘office categories’ is unselected, when you select it, the office categories will be shown. Personal and Office categories can be set up in the contacts module.

OMS - Referral contacts now linked to contacts module

[note: this feature is only available to enterprise clients]This new feature gives you quick access to your referral contacts captured or received (where you have accepted).When you capture a new buyer or seller referral in the Referrals Module, the contact details will be linked to a new ‘referrals’ auto-generated category in the contacts module. The referral contact is automatically linked to the sending user’s referral contacts.Once you accept a referral, the referral contact will also show in the accepting user’s referral contact list in the contacts module.Office Administrators/Managers have access to all referral contacts through the ‘office’ category. Referral contacts cannot be deleted from here, since they are linked to referrals.

OMS contacts correction

We’ve corrected a problem where some clients didn’t see the categories when adding new contacts through the contacts module.Categories allow you to group your contacts the way you want, click here for an instructional video in setting up your own categories in the contacts module.Did you know? All contacts loaded on your listings are automatically available through the contacts module.

How to enable streetview on your property listings through the OMS

With the new Google Streetview function launched yesterday on MyProperty (click here for samples), we’ve had some queries on exactly how this works…so here we go…- For a start, Google Streetview covers only 27 cities in South Africa (they covered 40,000  miles) , this includes:Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, East London, Newcastle, Krugersdorp, Witbank, Carletonville, Alberton, Somerset West, Rustenberg, Potchefstroom, Nelspruit, Ladysmith, Worcester, Sasolburg, Grahamstown, Stellenbosch, Queenstown, Ermelo, Brakpan, Welkom, Uitenhage. For more info click here: Streetview can be enabled through the OMS on the location tab of a property listing. Here is an instructional video:- Streetview is automatically added if you tick the ‘make exact map location and address available’ checkbox under the google map on your property listing on MyProperty. If the streetview is not …

MyProperty first South African property portal to go live with Google Streetview

Google Streetview was launched this morning, and simultaneously with it Google Streetview on MyProperty. Have a look at the samples below: streetview will automatically show for property listings geocoded in the OMS and the option to ‘show on map’ is selected.If you would like to put Google Streetview on your website email us for a quote at – note streetview will automatically be included for new websites built.

OMS properties linked to contacts

We’ve added a helpful new feature on the contacts module. When you open up any contact you will now see a ‘property’ tab. The property tab will list all the properties linked to a contact.  It will show the property reference number and address. Click on the link and it will open the particular property in a new window.If the contact is linked to more than one property, it will list all the properties here. Ideally, if you work with the same client again in the future you will see previous sales/mandates associated with the client.

OMS Capture farm names

We’ve renamed the Complex Name field on the property location to Complex/Farm Name to accommodate farm names.For those clients exporting to the Private Property website, the farm name needs to be entered in order for farm listings to be accepted by Private Property.

OMS Contacts Module categories tweaked

We’ve sorted out a few bugs on the contacts module including the Categories.When you click on the configure button and create your categories as per sample screenshot below, the changes you’ve made will be visible immediately.

OMS Property mandate changes now links previous contacts

Contacts from your current Mandate details will now be carried forward to any new mandate status changes made on properties (e.g. changing status from for sale to pending sale). As illustrated here the Seller and Domestic Worker details (B) were linked to the new pending sale changes (A).Previously you had to click on the historic details to view relevant contact info.

OMS Mandate details tweaks

We’ve changed the titles on the property mandate details from ‘Transaction’ to Mandate’ (A) and (B). We feel that the word ‘transaction’ was a bit confusing in this context.We’ve also included numbering for the mandate history to make it easier to identify the latest mandate change (A), and included a thousand separator for the amount for easier reading, e.g. R 8,500,000 instead of R 8500000).

OMS contacts module enhancements – view all contacts as administrator/manager

We’ve made enhancements to the OMS contacts module. This is the first of several enhancements to follow in the contacts module.For users who have office administrator or office manager access, you can now view all the contacts captured on property listings by going to the contacts module, and clicking on (A) shared contacts, and then on (B) general, buyers, sellers or tenants.  Note that only office administrators and managers have this access to view contacts listed by all users on all properties, standard users will only see there own contacts and contacts shared by other users.The ‘active contacts’ (C) is an existing option and allows you to filter only active contacts. Unchecking this will show all your inactive contacts. When you open a contact, you can mark it as ‘active’ or not. The ‘is shared with office’ function allows standard users to share that contact with the office shared contacts list.Note that we have reports from some users that the ‘configuration’ function (to buil…

Private Property interface issue

We are currently busy resolving an issue with the private property interface where you are unable to remove your listings from the Private Property website (due to an interface change on Private Property’s website).We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

A closer look at our Premium Mail solution

We’ve updated marketing documentation for our Premium Mail solution with PDF documents now included on the page: Premium Mail solution is a bit more expensive than the Value Mail solution but offers a lot of bang for your buck including:10GB Mailbox sizes100% uptimeMore comprehensive spam and anti-virus protectionAdvanced but simple to use webmail interfaceOptional Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server servicesOptional email archiving servicesIf you’re looking to switch from your ValueMail to PremiumMail solution please contact our helpdesk for a quotation.

Improved response times for OMS

We have improved the page load times in the OMS – pages should now load a bit faster than usual. Noticeable will be when you open property listings or use the active listings function.Did you know? The OMS works perfectly fine on Netbooks (we tested on a Netbook with a 1.6Ghz atom processor and 1GB RAM connected through a Vodacom 3G connection). This allows for a cost effective rollout of the OMS for your whole estate agency with Netbook prices coming in at only R2800-R3800 and OMS user licenses included in your monthly subscription. You can easily give all your agents access to manage their property portfolios, access central stock lists and print property brochures. The end results is a more up to date and accurate online property portfolio which buyers will love.

OMS Area change: Stanford

Stanford has been moved to appear as a suburb under Hermanus, and not a town on its own.

External property portals: SA Hometraders link ready

We are happy to announce that we’ve completed testing from the OMS management system to the SA Hometraders property portal ( and ready to start integration of your listings.
Costs are R500 for setup on the OMS and R385 vat excl per month payable to SA Hometraders for the online advertising of your listings. We will send out a newsletter on Monday 17 May with the details. If you are interested to activate your feed please email our helpdesk on
The new SA Hometraders interface now compliments the existing high traffic interfaces the OMS offers to MyProperty, MSN, IOL, Jump and other prominent portals.

National client websites: rates & taxes fixed

We’ve corrected a problem where the rates & taxes didn’t display on properties for national client websites.

Performance improvements on websites and OMS

We have made some performance improvements on client websites and the OMS system. Particular attention was paid to search queries and agent/office portfolio searches (load times).

OMS download library Firefox issue resolved

We’ve corrected an issue on the OMS Download Library files download section where Firefox browser users could not download files. The issue is now resolved.The download library module is available to Enterprise clients and allows for document centralisation for all users/offices.

OMS firefox issue resolved on property details

We’ve fixed the issue with the Firefox browser where it didn’t want to update the property features when you changed it to a different type, e.g. commercial. The issue has been resolved on the capture and editing parts

OMS seller referrals – areas corrected

When capturing a new seller referral the town/suburbs sometimes didn’t want to load. We’ve corrected the issue.

OMS Referrals new days since update/create columns added

The days column in the view referrals section now have 2 days columns: days since updated, and days since created. This allows for better tracking of referrals.The OMS Referrals module is included to all Enterprise (National) clients and allows paperless referrals tracking in an organisation.

OMS brochures, spelling mistake corrected

We’ve corrected the spelling mistake in the footer of brochures as indicated below. The update will be available 5 May 2010.

OMS Property Brochures P.O.A. price

Properties marked in the OMS as P.O.A. (price on application) properties will now get a P.O.A. on the amount section on brochures and not a ‘0.0’ as before.  Available on 5 May 2010 in the OMS.The OMS brochures saves you time from designing & printing your own brochures. Simply open a property listing, go to the reports section and pick your brochure to export to PDF.

OMS advanced search on short term rentals fixed

There was a problem when you select ‘to let available (short term)’ as status option in the advanced search – it didn’t return any property listings. We have loaded and update for this.The advanced search module enables you to find active listings and older (inactive, sold, expired) listings in the OMS by specifying various search criteria.

OMS referrals export adjustment

The referrals module (available to enterprise clients) allows inter-office referral tracking within a group. The export to Excel/Word functions have been adjusted to export all referrals and not just those in the current page.

OMS default dates on listing capture corrected

A recent update caused the default mandate dates to be blank when capturing a new listing. We’ve corrected the problem – you will now get default dates in the mandate fields when capturing a new listing – allowing for faster capturing.The expiry dates (for sale listings) default to today's date plus 6 months.

OMS - Problem corrected on missing agency/agent on property details

We’ve corrected a problem that occurred on some users listings in the OMS where the listing agency/agent appeared blank (when opening a listing and viewing the mandate details). Listings that had these fields blank will now appear normal.