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Another industry first - Get driving directions to your properties

With the MyProperty Google Maplet released just over a week ago, we have launched yet another industry first: Driving directions to properties . It is now available on and available on properties that agents have marked to show the exact location on a map. Here is a screenshot of a property marked to show on a map, notice the map icon and then the new ‘Driving Directions’ section: You can simply enter any address and hit the ‘get directions’ button. The site then works out and shows the exact driving directions to this particular property listing including travel time and distance! Very useful to see how far a property is from work etc! On this sample listing below ( ) we’ve simply entered ‘Cape Town Waterfront’ to see how far a drive it would be between work and your potential new property. The exact route with driving directions are d

New advanced search launched on MyProperty South Africa portal

A brand new advanced property search is now available on the home page of MyProperty South Africa . The new property search function now allows users to compare properties in various towns & suburbs in one search and within a specified price range, property type and status! It also offers better advertising for estate agencies when properties are displayed. Here’s an overview of how it works: 1. Specify your main search criteria including country,province, status, property type and price range: 2.  MyProperty now filters all the towns matching your specific search criteria – it also indicates how many properties were found . Select one or more towns you want to search on: 3. MyProperty now filters the suburbs in the selected towns that match your search criteria (again indicating the number of properties found). What’s great is that you can select multiple suburbs across towns as indicated here : 4.  ….and there you go, all the matching properties in a new search

Sneak peak – improved advanced search launching soon on MyProperty!

Although we’ve launched the new MyProperty website at the end of last year, we’ve already added improvements. Based on user feedback we’ve tweaked the advanced search function to be more user friendly and a lot more powerful. For one, you’ll be able to multi-select towns and suburbs (currently you can only multi-select suburbs). We also filter towns/suburbs based on your initial price range, areas, property type etc. Here’s a beta screenshot below…notice the estate agency logo’s we will now include too:

OMS Property detailed views graphs now include new MyProperty site

With the new website launched end of last year, we couldn’t include the detailed views stats at the time on the OMS property detailed view report . The detailed views are now included. Note on these detailed views stats (also mentioned on report itself): We include a maximum of 1 view/60 seconds – so if 10 people visit the property at the same time (or within the same 60 second bracket) – we only record 1 hit. This is done for database performance reasons and to reduce inaccurate statistics which can be caused by a person continuously reloading the same property.

New product: MyProperty Google Maplet just released

We are proud to announce the launch of a new product, the MyProperty Google Maplet. This innovative new tool is a first for the South African real estate industry. It allows users of Google Maps ( ) to add a South African real estate search function to their maps and find YOUR property listings! What is a maplet? It’s a ‘mini-application’ that runs in Google Maps. You can create maplets that add new features or overlay your data on Google Maps. Millions of people around the world is now able to use this maplet in Google Maps and search for South African property. Only properties marked marked to show on maps in the OMS will be shown. To mark a property to show on maps see our article: We therefore encourage you to make properties available for maps where possible, as you’ll get a lot more exposure this way. Our iSearch property search facility is integrated into the mapl