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OMS improved contacts editing

We’ve improved the contacts screen with improved screen layout and new functionality. Here is the new layout: 1) contact details: all the key contact details of person including ‘active’ checkbox to enable/disable a contact from the contacts module view 2) personal details: more personal details from the contact that you won’t use on a regular basis. You can view it by pressing the expand icon (7) 3) categories & sharing: select which categories this contact belongs to. We’ve made it a bit easier to understand, by moving the ‘is shared with office’ checkbox here. Once you click the checkbox the office categories will appear. 4) notes: you can now capture multiple notes per contact. You can also add a date, which is great if you want to do some sort of activity tracking on a contact. 5) linked properties: you can now see the properties linked to this contact. Especially usefull if you open seller details from the contacts module, as a link to the property will b

OMS Improved contacts add: new wizard

We’ve improved the capturing process of new contacts in the OMS. The capturing screens or now easer to read and available functionality have been improved. Step 1 – selecting your contact type. This is essentially the same as before. Step 2 – enter contact details. We re-arranged the fields to make it easier to capture. Step 3 – You can now enter multiple notes with dates on contacts. This is a great feature since there is no limit on the number of notes you can add. You can for instance use this to track progress on a contact (by entering the details and the date of activity). Future dates can also be selected which will become useful in future updates we are planning (global calendar). Step 4 – Enter categories. Choose the categories you want to link this contact to. By default the ‘office categories’ is unselected, when you select it, the office categories will be shown. Personal and Office categories can be set up in the contacts module.

OMS - Referral contacts now linked to contacts module

[note: this feature is only available to enterprise clients] This new feature gives you quick access to your referral contacts captured or received (where you have accepted). When you capture a new buyer or seller referral in the Referrals Module, the contact details will be linked to a new ‘referrals’ auto-generated category in the contacts module. The referral contact is automatically linked to the sending user’s referral contacts. Once you accept a referral, the referral contact will also show in the accepting user’s referral contact list in the contacts module.   Office Administrators/Managers have access to all referral contacts through the ‘office’ category. Referral contacts cannot be deleted from here, since they are linked to referrals.

OMS contacts correction

We’ve corrected a problem where some clients didn’t see the categories when adding new contacts through the contacts module. Categories allow you to group your contacts the way you want, click here for an instructional video in setting up your own categories in the contacts module . Did you know? All contacts loaded on your listings are automatically available through the contacts module.

How to enable streetview on your property listings through the OMS

With the new Google Streetview function launched yesterday on MyProperty (click here for samples) , we’ve had some queries on exactly how this works…so here we go… - For a start, Google Streetview covers only 27 cities in South Africa (they covered 40,000  miles) , this includes: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, East London, Newcastle, Krugersdorp, Witbank, Carletonville, Alberton, Somerset West, Rustenberg, Potchefstroom, Nelspruit, Ladysmith, Worcester, Sasolburg, Grahamstown, Stellenbosch, Queenstown, Ermelo, Brakpan, Welkom, Uitenhage. For more info click here: - Streetview can be enabled through the OMS on the location tab of a property listing. Here is an instructional video:   - Streetview is automatically added if you tick the ‘make exact map location and address available’ checkbox under the google map on your property listing on MyProperty. If the

MyProperty first South African property portal to go live with Google Streetview

Google Streetview was launched this morning, and simultaneously with it Google Streetview on MyProperty. Have a look at the samples below: The streetview will automatically show for property listings geocoded in the OMS and the option to ‘show on map’ is selected. If you would like to put Google Streetview on your website email us for a quote at – note streetview will automatically be included for new websites built.

OMS properties linked to contacts

We’ve added a helpful new feature on the contacts module. When you open up any contact you will now see a ‘property’ tab. The property tab will list all the properties linked to a contact.  It will show the property reference number and address. Click on the link and it will open the particular property in a new window. If the contact is linked to more than one property, it will list all the properties here. Ideally, if you work with the same client again in the future you will see previous sales/mandates associated with the client.

OMS Capture farm names

We’ve renamed the Complex Name field on the property location to Complex/Farm Name to accommodate farm names. For those clients exporting to the Private Property website, the farm name needs to be entered in order for farm listings to be accepted by Private Property.

OMS Contacts Module categories tweaked

We’ve sorted out a few bugs on the contacts module including the Categories . When you click on the configure button and create your categories as per sample screenshot below, the changes you’ve made will be visible immediately.

OMS Property mandate changes now links previous contacts

Contacts from your current Mandate details will now be carried forward to any new mandate status changes made on properties (e.g. changing status from for sale to pending sale). As illustrated here the Seller and Domestic Worker details (B) were linked to the new pending sale changes (A).   Previously you had to click on the historic details to view relevant contact info.

OMS Mandate details tweaks

We’ve changed the titles on the property mandate details from ‘ Transaction’ to Mandate’ (A) and (B). We feel that the word ‘transaction’ was a bit confusing in this context. We’ve also included numbering for the mandate history to make it easier to identify the latest mandate change (A), and included a thousand separator for the amount for easier reading, e.g. R 8,500,000 instead of R 8500000).