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Bug – old listings re-appearing on 29 Jul

We’ve had an unfortunate event where some old listings re-appeared in the OMS on 29 Jul after an automatic database cleanup task was executed. The old listings were removed yesterday. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and have taken corrective action to prevent future incidents. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on

OMS user access correction

When a user had standard access (under his user profile) and the office administrator then changed his access to ‘view access’, he still had permission to save details on his own listings (although not on others in the office). A fix have been uploaded, a user with view access won’t be able to save details on his own listings.

Improved IOL Property interface launched

A new IOL property interface was implemented last week.  Your listings will now appear on IOL Property even if you don’t have a website with Entegral (i.e. a normal OMS subscription package). Improvements were also made to smooth the process of updating and removing property listings from IOL Property. On the IOL Property website you will see a “view on agent’s site” link. If you have a real estate website with Entegral, this will link directly to your listing on your own website. If you don’t have a website this will link to the listing on your MyProperty South Africa profile page. Link on IOL Property Samples: - Listing without Entegral powered website - Listing with Entegral powered website If someone enquires about a listing directly on IOL Property you will receive an email notice similar to the following (there is a direct link to the property): Please note that we are currently linking all clients on IOL Property which should be completed by Friday 16 July.