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OMS Property Quick search new filter feature

The ‘active properties’ function has been renamed to ‘Quick Search’ . It now provides various quick views of listings for your office or group through a new ‘Filter’ field. The new function also allows you to do quality control on your listings, filtering for example on listings without photos or descriptions. You can also quickly identify listing mandates to expire soon. The views are great to use at weekly office meetings as it allows you to quickly filter listings listed, expired or on show in the next 7 days. A) New Filter field The new field contains an initial 11 selectable views, this includes: Active Listings - Listed in the last 7 or 30 days - On show next 7 or 30 days Expired Listings - Expired in the last 7 or 30 days - To expire in the next 7 or 30 days Quality Checks - Active listings, no photos - Active listings, no description - Active listings, expired but still for sale B) Export to The export to Word and Excel buttons have been replaced

OMS Property menu changes

(A) ‘Active listings’ on the property menu renamed to ‘Quick Search’ (as you are now able to perform various other searches with this function) (B) Map Explorer link from the dashboard now moved to a more permanent spot here on the Property section

OMS new stock reports: expired & hotsheet

3 New reports are available in the OMS Reports / Stock Reports section: 1. Hotsheet (listed last 14 days). A photo listing report of all your new stock loaded in the last 14 days. 2. Expired Stock (last 30 days). A one liner with contacts report of listing stock that expired in the last 30 days 3. Expired Stock (to expire next 30 days). A one liner with conatcts report of listings to expire in the next 30 days. The expired stock reports looks at the ‘Expiry Date’ entered on listing mandates and ignores the current status. Note: We are currently getting an update ready that will automatically expire your listings (plus notify you) once the expiry date was reached, expect an announcement this week.

OMS updates tonight 11.00 – 11.30 pm (9 Aug)

We are applying updates tonight to the OMS that requires the system to be taken offline for approximately 30 min.