FREE agent and office profile websites now available.

Entegral has just launched yet another innovative product to make the life of SA's estate agents and agencies a whole lot easier. New profile websites for any agent or estate agency can now be setup within 24 hours free of charge. All that we require you to pay is the domain registration fee - hosting and setup are on us!

What's great about these profile websites?

  • This is an industry first, FREE websites for estate agents and agencies only pay yearly domain renewal fees starting from as little as R150/year for domains. No monthly hosting fees!
  • We'll set you up within 24 hours
  • Your branding including name, logo, featured properties and area links.
  • Highly optimised SEO website that is continuously tweaked to increase your exposure and rankings on search engines like Google!
  • Choose your own, .com, .net or .co domain name e.g.
  • Google Maps and Streetview included
  • Displays all your active listings loaded in the OMS or imported from our GRID interface
  • Backlinks are incluided to your main website which optimizes your main website SEO
  • You can register as many domais as you want and link it to the SEO profile website
  • Even if you have a website, you can setup SEO profile websites to increase your exposure


Visit RealNet Midrand's Office Profile site:

Costs for domain registration: (all prices are exclusive of VAT)

Standard domains :

  • Choose any available domain, you can search on for available domains.
  • Or choose a .com, .net or .co domain, you can search on for available domains.
  •, .net and .com domains : R150/year per domain
  • .co domains: R350/year per domain

Premium or domains:

To register a domain with us please click here to complete the order form to submit

Terms and Conditions:

  • You need one of our OMS accounts to load your property listings OR your properties need to be imported automatically through our GRID system
  • Entegral needs to host and renew the domain
  • Domain renewal fees are payable 1-3 months in advance before they expire. Entegral will notify clients via email on domains that needs to be renewed
  • Domain transfer fees are applicable for .com,.net and .co domains if hosted by another company
  • Ownership:, .com, .net and .co domains are registered in the name of the client and remains the property of the client. Entegral is the service provider and hosts the website.
  • Ownership: subdomains. Entegral owns all subdomains and it is leased to the client on 12 month periods. The client will have first option to renew a subdomain.


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