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Cloud file storage now available for all our OMS clients

3 weeks ago we’ve announced a major new industry first feature to be launched in the OMS.We are now proud to announce the availability of the OMS Document Library for all users and offices.  This industry first feature allows integrated file storage in the OMS using our ground-breaking cloud infrastructure. Share files in the office or manage a personal file library.Every user and every office gets a set amount of storage space they can use at free will. The amount of space depends on your OMS package and can be viewed here. The top of the range Expert package provides a massive 250MB/user and 2GB/office storage space – all at no additional cost. National clients have custom storage space allocated to them.  Users or offices who need even more space can upgrade to our custom package and get even larger space. (we have tested an incredible 100TB, that is 104,857,600 space per user thus far with success!)The new document library is split into 3 regions:1) Personal: Provides you with per…

Unlock the power of the cloud for your documents

Imagine a secure, central storage area for your personal files and a central, shared office storage area where all agents can access those files from anywhere, anytime -all through the industry leading OMS.This is another industry first feature that will soon launch in the OMS and is undergoing testing before the launch in the next few weeks.Although a similar feature is currently available for national groups the new feature will be launched on an office and personal user level, and introduces several new ground-breaking features.It will provide an industry best cloud storage areadesigned for mission critical and primary data storage. All files uploaded will automatically be made redundant by copying your files across multiple devices and data centres, without you having to worry about anything! All files is furthermore encrypted providing a highly secure environment for all your office files. Earlier this year Entegral was the first (and still is the only) service provider to launch…

MyProperty Location, On Show, Price Reduced, Virtual tour icons

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there are new property search results on MyProperty South Africa. This includes:- a location marker to show properties that have been geo-coded in the OMS with the ‘show on map’ option selected.- a priced reduced banner to show properties where the price was reduced (this is automatically tracked).- a on show icon if the property was marked for on show- a virtual tour icon for virtual tours done using the free and unlimited virtual tour function in the OMS.We are seeing a trend where these properties are getting more hits compared to properties with none of these options on. In the near future these properties will also get higher ranking in the search results.

OMS detailed views per day graph – correction

We’ve corrected a problem on the property details, detailed views per day graph where dates weren’t sorted in the correct order as shown below: It will now correctly sort the dates from oldest to latest as shown below:

Improved new property search results for MyProperty South Africa

We have launched the improved property search results for MyProperty South Africa. Check it out, a more friendly search layout that now also includes:a) map icon that shows properties marked for geocoding and display on a map. (good indication to visitors that Google Street View is also available).b) On show icon that shows if a particular property will be on show in the near future.Quality scoringWe are passionate about providing high quality and up to date property listings to visitors. The new on show & mapping icons will contribute to the quality score on listings and may in future receive higher rankings. So make sure you mark all your on show property listings.Watch our for more updates on the property details and home screens in the near future.

Increased file size for website news

The OMS Marketing & Content module has an external news section which provides functionality to load news for your website.Included is an image upload and document upload manager. The document upload manager can be used to upload files (pdf, txt etc) that is included as a hyperlink for visitors to download.We have increased the maximum file sizes for the document manager as follows:- 5MB files for offices.- 10MB files for national websites.To upload a document first enter the text for the download e.g. ‘download file’. Highlight the text and click on the document manager and select a file (or upload a new one).

View Referrals from email link – problem corrected

When a new referral is captured or the status is updated an email is automatically sent to both send and receiving offices.Clicking on the referral link on the email will open up the referral. There was a problem where a blank referral was shown due to the particular user not logged in. We have addressed the problem and the system will now force you to login to view the referral if not already logged in.Note: the referral system module is only available to national clients

New property On Show add to calendar function

An innovative new feature on property portal was just launched. If a property was marked on show an Outlook and GMail add to calendar function is added to the property listing. This allows the end-user to add the showhouse to his calendar including date, directions plus agent name and contact number.The functionality will make its way to our website solutions in the future.

OMS enhanced dashboard with Live Inbox

Keep track of your website leads, referrals, mandate expiries and other important info with the unique new Live Inbox feature in the OMS.A first phase launched today will notify you of new leads from websites and alert you on this in real time (with no need to refresh the page – as per normal operation you will still also receive an SMS + Email on leads).  You can action items, review the waiting time, open the details and also review completed items. Depending on your user role you can also view outstanding inbox items for your whole office. Click on the help icon in the OMS for more info. We’ve also launched various other updates for the dashboard including:- sleeker Calendar view which shows you colour coded personal, office and group events.- graph showing website leads for the last 15 days with links to your leads archive.- active listings dashboard showing a summary of the number of listings by status and mandate type. We’ve also included the average number of days on the market…

Sneak Preview: Improved OMS Dashboard to be launched

For heritage day in South Africa we decided to put the OMS dashboard on the grill and server up an improved interface.We are busy finalizing an improved OMS dashboard which will launch in the next day or two. Some of they key features will include:1) Inbox – see and action new leads, referrals, property mandates expiring etc. 2) Quick detailed views graph.3) Quick Active listings dashboard view including average days on market.We also slightly tweaked the calendar view. Keep an eye on our product blog or facebook page for the launch.

OMS: Organisation Manager Access viewing office properties update

Organisational manager users (typically franchise head office users) have rights to open properties for any of their offices.We’ve enhanced the system to show the correct mandate agent against the property when opening it up (so typically your listing or selling agent).

OMS performance improvements for property views & leads

The OMS allows you to easily analyze your property views and leads  interactively for the whole office or single agents. There is also several views available including per day, week and month views. For franchise groups the functionality is expanded to provide analysis into each of your offices.We’ve made minor performance improvements in running the statistics.  We know that every second (or even milliseconds in this case) in using the OMS, counts.above: sample property views & leads for an office over last 30 days by day. above: sample property views for an office over a 180 day period. Here we can see a clear improvement possibly due to SEO and other marketing effort from the office.

OMS: Coming Soon! Automated Property Valuation Reports (in the Cloud!)

We are proud to announce that you will soon be able to produce industry best Automated Property Valuation Reports in the OMS.The Automated Valuation Report produced a fair market value of a property anywhere in South Africa using an advanced statistical model.  Users in the OMS will be able to search on a number of criteria to locate a specific property including address or owner details like an ID number. Details included in this report includes amongst others:- Property details (title deed number, address, erf details etc)- Owner details (as per the Deeds registry)- Valuation details (including last sale price and date, estimate value etc)- Municipal Valuation details (including assessed rates and zoning)- Satellite aerial image showing location of property and 20 most recent comparable salesThe beauty of this is that the reports will branded in your company logo & name and will be saved indefinitely in the OMS for your office for easy access. Since the OMS is online, your whole…

OMS Map Explorer bug fixes & enhancements

We have corrected a bug in the OMS Map Explorer that resulted in some users unable to view their listings on the map interface.We have also enhanced the system to show up to 1000 property listings at one time on the map. As illustrated in the screenshot below it provides you with an excellent overview of properties in your area based on the filter criteria you entered.This is a great interactive tool to use and the filter on the right makes it for instance possible to view sold listings in an area or for sale listings within a certain price range and type.

OMS: universal search enhancements, now also search contacts

We’ve enhanced the new universal search with new features. You can now search property or contact records.  By adding contacts to the search you are now able to quickly find contacts without having to go to the contacts module first.PROPERTIESSearch property reference number, loan account number, street name or complex name. This searches all your property listings and also office listings if you have rights. It will search all property statuses including for sale, rentals, auction, expired and inactive. CONTACTSSearch first name, last name, email address, mobile number, home number or office number. This searches all your contacts including buyers, sellers, referrals etc. It will also search all office contacts if you have rights. It will also search all property transactions where you were linked as an agent e.g. if you were the listing agent on a home that was since sold, you can search on the seller name at that time, and it will find the person.Simply enter the search phrase (or …

OMS: New universal search

We have upgraded the search on the OMS to be more universal, you can now search on a number of items to find a property:- property reference number- loan account number (or part of it)- street name (or part of it)- complex name (or part of it)Depending on your rights, you will only be able to search your own listings or that of the office.In particular the following user accounts can only search on their own data: view access & personal access own data.

OMS: seller loan details

You can now capture optional seller loan details on a property mandate. The following info can be captured:- Financial institution (financed through)- Account Number- Outstanding amountOur next update will include an upgrade to the search facility to search for a property based on the loan number entered.

OMS update: add existing contacts to property mandates

We’ve improved & activated the ability to add new or existing contacts on property mandates.From the property mandate screen, you can add a new contact. The system then automatically checks for any duplicates using a number of criteria including first & last name, mobile number and email address.It will warn you if a duplicate is found (A). A list of duplicates will be shown with the option to open the contact in a new window or link it to your property that you have opened (B). When an existing contact is linked to a property you will of course see it as a linked property under that contact. The system caters for linking contacts to multiple properties thus having a global and single view of a contact. This way you can keep track of any previous mandates for your contacts.

OMS: improved property mandate screen

We’ve launched an improved mandate screen with the focus on making it more user friendly and having all info in one view.A) Mandate history now accessible through a dropdown menu.B) Commission details moved to the right in a separate column.C) Mandate contact details now visible on the same page where you can easily add a new contact.D) Days on market indicator shows you the number of days the property is on the market and days to expiry. A thin bar graph at the bottom also shows you how many days you have left on this mandate in red & green.

OMS: New, checking for duplicate contacts

We’ve enabled a new feature in the OMS contacts that automatically checks for existing duplicate contacts when you add a new contact.It will check the email address and mobile number fields, if a duplicate is found you won’t  be able to add a new contact.It will also check the First and Last Names and warn you of duplicates with the option to add a duplicate name if it is a coincidence. A) Message informing you that a duplicate was foundB) Override adding a duplicate contact name where the first and last names are duplicates.

Service failures 09 Aug (Back Online)

We have experienced a major outage on our servers due to a outage on the main and backup power supplies at our host, but have recovered all services: 10.20am, 10 AUG 2011 – All services are back online including the OMS.Update 11:14pm, 09 AUG 2011 – all websites are now back online. OMS by tomorrow morning 10 Aug latest.Update 05.00pm, 09 AUG 2011 -  our one affected mail server is now back online. this affected 10% of our email users (other email servers were fine).Update 08.28pm, 09 AUG 2011 – senior engineers from Amazon AWS are currently assisting on the recovery process. We will provide an update in the next hour.From Amazon AWS where our servers are hosted:“We understand at this point that a lighting strike hit a transformer from a utility provider to one of our Availability Zones in Dublin, sparking an explosion and fire. Normally, upon dropping the utility power provided by the transformer, electrical loa…

New QR Code business card on MyProperty

Here’s a cool feature we’ve enabled on property portal, a QR Code business card.Open up your profile, e.g. someone scans the QR code with their smartphone it provides them with an option to save a business card to their phone. Another first for MyProperty.

Introducing property listing QR Codes

The OMS now allows you to generate a QR (Quick Response) code for a particular property. Simply open a property listing and go to the reports section and select QR code.It uses your website url (configured in your office settings) and property reference number for the listing to generate a unique QR code. When someone scans this QR code with a phone barcode scanner, they are taken to the property details on your website. If you have a mobile website hosted through us, you will be taken directly to the mobile version.There are many applications including putting it on printed brochures in shop windows for passer-bys to scan or putting in on a for sale board in front of a property.What is a QR code?A QR code (abbreviation for Quick Response code) is a specific barcode that is readable by camera telepones. The barcode consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, specific data or URL. More here…

OMS download library maximum file size increased

We have increased the maximum file size in the OMS Dowload Library to 50MB.The Download Library is currently available to Enterprise Clients and allows sharing of files between offices in a group.

OMS Calendar enabled

We have enabled the OMS Dashboard calendar again. The calendar was disabled after compatibility problems with the brand new cloud server environment. The issues have been resolved and the calendar is live again (with all calendar data). Read more about the calendar here.

OMS brochures, login, quick search and map explorer enhancements

The OMS Brochures & Reports were tweaked and the PDF files are now smaller in size.On the OMS Login screen you can now choose whether to remember your login credentials for 2 weeks, saving you time to login to the OMS from your own computer (note this options is not recommended for shared computers).On the property quick search screen the system will remember the ‘view photos’ check box option.The OMS Map Explorer will now geo-code up to 100 properties at a time (up from 30) and will display up to 500 properties on the map (up from 100).

OMS Menu updated

A small portion of users reported parts of the OMS menu not opening when clicking on main menu items (e.g. Property).  We have loaded an update which resolved this issue. From what we could access it was mostly 3G users (E.g. Vodacom 3G) effected.

OMS IPad friendly including brochures & reports

Using the OMS on your new Apple IPad? We’ve got you covered!We’ve just made the property brochures and property stock reports Ipad friendly. The brochures and stock reports will now show correctly including all formatting. The stock report is scrollable and using the Ipad’s zoom and pan features it is particular easy to navigate and read.Data capturing and browsing on the Apple Ipad can also be done, including capturing a property listing, contacts, notes and more. Here we show the geocoding screen on a property listing, allowing you to reverse-geocode plus drag and drop the marker to the exact property location:Viewing property views and leads graphs:

New interactive property views & leads summary graphs

We have enabled a new interactive report in the OMS that lets you analyze property views and leads for all your properties over a time period. You can view for your office or filter for a specific agent.  Only office managers/administrators are able to view statistics for the whole office. For groups head office managers can view statistics for a particular office.  The web leads are for your own website and Entegral powered websites like MyProperty. It excludes leads/views for external portal like Jump, IOL property etc.

Property detailed views – reduced delay in update of stats

These graphs show the number of detailed property views you had on a property on your own website and Entegral powered property portals. It is available if you open up a property and go to reports/website detailed views. We eliminated the long delay in the update of the statistics and is now updated every hour.

Larger photo sizes and photo quality meter

In February we’ve introduced new photo sizes and a photo quality meter in the OMS. A small bug resulted in not all users having the new functionality available. This was corrected and the enhancements are now available to all users. The OMS large photo size is between 20% to 250% larger compared to competitor offerings.Read more about the new larger photo sizes: more about the new photo quality meter: (the above image is resized to fit into the blog and shows the new ratios)

OMS property reports, sole mandate legend corrected

We’ve corrected a small problem in the property reports where the report showed a ‘C’ legend instead of an ‘S’ legend for Sole Mandate listings.

OMS contacts calendar issue corrected

Some user experienced an issue where they couldn’t save the birth date on a contact (through either the contacts, property or referral modules). The problem was corrected over the weekend.

OMS Referral module – View enhancements

We’ve enhanced the Referral module default view screen to be more user friendly and added one or two new features:1. Sent and Received referrals are now visible in one view (previously a dropdown selection) and is colour coded to show you sent or received referrals. 2. Referral Statuses are now separated by tabs (new, open, etc). This makes it easier to view referrals based on status. The ‘All’ tab is a consolidated view which shows all referrals.3. A ‘updated in the last’ view was added to filter for referrals updated in the last x months. Previously all referrals were shown.4. The export function was changed to a dropdown list and we’ve added export to CSV as an option to the existing Microsoft Word & Excel exports.The Referral Module is available to Enterprise (National) clients as part of the OMS, or as a separate system.

MyProperty mobile enhancements

We done a few upgrades on the MyProperty South Africa mobile website.You can now search for property by Ref number (thanks Caroline for the suggestion).It’s now also easier to select areas when using the drilldown search, and on the property details we have made a separate ‘contact agent’ button to allow for more text area input when making an enquiry. Still on the property details, we now also include the full property description.We’re also testing a new features ‘use my current location’ on the keyword search page, that will insert your current location into the text search area. This is only available for phones supporting it and is currently a beta feature (we will decide whether to keep it after some testing).

OMS audit trail view corrected

We have corrected a problem where organisational managers couldn’t view the audit trail for users in one of their offices.We’ve also enhanced the audit trail to record the action when user account settings are saved in the OMS.

The OMS is Internet Explorer 9 ready

Internet Explorer 9 represents a major improvement on the previous version 8. You will for instance notice a new cleaner look & feel, but also notice that there is a major speed improvement when browsing web pages. We can also confirm that the OMS works perfectly fine on Microsoft’s latest browser and if you’ve used IE 8 before, you should notice a speed improvement (e.g. opening properties or contacts will be faster. All key functions were tested including property capture, property quick search and brochures. If you find any problems we’ve missed in our testing please be so kind to report it to our Helpdesk.You can download IE9 here:

OMS referral module new referral types

We have added 2 new referral types to the referrals module:1. Tenant referral2. Landlord referralThe capture screens are similar to the existing buyer and seller referrals.We are currently tweaking the ‘view referrals’ screen, the update should become available in the next 48 hours.The OMS Referrals module is available to enterprise clients (national groups) or as a standalone web application for any real estate group.

OMS menu and field changes

The top part of the OMS menu has been updated and the dashboard, briefcase and sign-out icons have been replaced with hyperlinks. The old icons were a bit confusing, especially for first time users:On all capture screens the edit field will now highlight in a light yellow colour when you are editing that field, which makes editing a bit easier:

Feed to temporary offline

Our portal partner have recently upgraded their website and busy re-importing data into their new website. The OMS property listing feed will be available soon.Update: Jump informed us the import has finished and property listings are now available again on the website.

OMS new personal and shared calendars

The OMS now features a feature rich calendar on the home page dashboard. (This replaces the internal events calendar found under marketing & content). 3 calendars are available. They are colour coded to distinguish items in the view:1. my calendar: entries you capture here are only visible and editable to you.2. office calendar: these entries can only be edited by users with office admin rights, but the entries are visible to everyone in the office.  this is a handy shared calendar feature to communicate dates with everyone in the office.3. group calendar: for national groups these calendar entries can only be edited by head office, but is visible to all offices and agents in the group.full calendar view: click on this link to open a larger version of the calendar. iCalendar export link: this is available in the full calendar view. It exports all your calendar entries to a generic iCalendar ICS format file. This can then be imported by most email programs.How to add or edit calend…