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OMS new personal and shared calendars

The OMS now features a feature rich calendar on the home page dashboard. (This replaces the internal events calendar found under marketing & content). 3 calendars are available. They are colour coded to distinguish items in the view: 1. my calendar : entries you capture here are only visible and editable to you. 2. office calendar : these entries can only be edited by users with office admin rights, but the entries are visible to everyone in the office.  this is a handy shared calendar feature to communicate dates with everyone in the office. 3. group calendar : for national groups these calendar entries can only be edited by head office, but is visible to all offices and agents in the group. full calendar view : click on this link to open a larger version of the calendar. iCalendar export link: this is available in the full calendar view. It exports all your calendar entries to a generic iCalendar ICS format file. This can then be imported by most email programs.

OMS move users between offices in your organisation

This new feature is available for organisational/group managers and provides functionality to move an agent with listings and contacts to another office in the group. How to move someone: Go to office members under setup. Open up the profile for the user you would like to move. At the bottom click on the ‘move to another office’ button: On the following screen review the details, and select the new office for this person. Click on move to move the person (with all data including listings and contacts): Allow up to 24 hours for the changes to reflect on portals.

OMS new audit trail

You can now view a user audit trail report under ‘Reports’, ‘Audit Trail’ and see actions performed by users in the OMS. It shows important user actions including:  logins, new property add, property delete, office worker delete, office worker moved. More audit action items will be added with time. Depending on your profile you can either view your own audit trail for actions you’ve performed, for the office or for your group. This way you can see when staff logged on or who deleted a specific property. The audit trail is displaying data from 23 February onwards. The action date specifies the exact date & time when the action took place, the first & last & office name, specifies the user who performed the action and the module, action and notes identifies the specific task performed. The Property Ref is entered for actions relating to a property (add & delete). Audit trails will initially be kept for a minimum of 1 month but we will extend this to possibly

OMS document library: usability tweaks

We tweak the user interface of the OMS document library . Users can now double-click a file to start the download, or right-click on the file and select ‘open’. Previously you had to first select the file and then had to right click on the save target as link. The download library is currently available to enterprise clients and allows document sharing. We are investigating to provide a limited size version of this for all clients.

OMS Referrals: filters tweak

After recent updates that added extra columns on the referrals view screen, the filter buttons became hidden except on large screen resolutions. Here we’ve enabled filters but cannot see the buttons: After the update, filter buttons now (more) visible: Note: the OMS referral system is only available to enterprise clients and allows referrals to be tracked between offices. Watch out for more updates to follow this month.

OMS Bugfix: Brocure & Stock report

We have just corrected a bug which resulted in the full property detail brochure and stock report with contacts/notes not displaying correctly. Measures are now in place for the reports/brochures section to prevent similar problems in the future. Technical info: the bug was caused by a recent service pack update for the reporting system we use.

New photo quality meter for property listings

A brand new feature is now available in the OMS that quickly helps you identify good and bad quality photos for upload. Photos are automatically tagged the following way: red colour : the quality is too low (image too small) and the uploaded picture will have considerable quality loss. yellow colour : the quality is acceptable but some quality loss may occur green colour : the quality is high and ideal for uploading in the OMS and displaying on your website and portals Below is a sample screenshot showing a bad, acceptable and high quality images. We also check the photo ratio. So for example if your photo is cropped to very short height but still a wide width, it may result in a low quality classification. The new feature also compliments the enhanced photo quality and sizes launched on Monday .

Property photo quality and sizes enhanced

We have reduced the amount of compression on thumbnail photos and also increased the sizes of thumbnail and large photos. This results in enhanced photo quality for new photos uploaded through the OMS. Below is a comparison of the old thumbnail size (left) and the new thumbnail size (right): Note that sizes on most websites will not change in search results and property details as we fix the width and height. We will increase sizes at a later stage once enough new photos have been uploaded in the system. Below is a sample of the old large photo size: and here the larger photo size that is 40% larger. The OMS is the only estate agency management software that provides functionality to upload an unlimited number of photos and the new large photo size is the largest amongst service providers.