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OMS Referral module – View enhancements

We’ve enhanced the Referral module default view screen to be more user friendly and added one or two new features: 1. Sent and Received referrals are now visible in one view (previously a dropdown selection) and is colour coded to show you sent or received referrals. 2. Referral Statuses are now separated by tabs (new, open, etc). This makes it easier to view referrals based on status. The ‘All’ tab is a consolidated view which shows all referrals. 3. A ‘updated in the last’ view was added to filter for referrals updated in the last x months. Previously all referrals were shown. 4. The export function was changed to a dropdown list and we’ve added export to CSV as an option to the existing Microsoft Word & Excel exports. The Referral Module is available to Enterprise (National) clients as part of the OMS , or as a separate system .

MyProperty mobile enhancements

We done a few upgrades on the MyProperty South Africa mobile website . You can now search for property by Ref number (thanks Caroline for the suggestion). It’s now also easier to select areas when using the drilldown search, and on the property details we have made a separate ‘contact agent’ button to allow for more text area input when making an enquiry. Still on the property details, we now also include the full property description . We’re also testing a new features ‘use my current location’ on the keyword search page, that will insert your current location into the text search area. This is only available for phones supporting it and is currently a beta feature (we will decide whether to keep it after some testing).

OMS audit trail view corrected

We have corrected a problem where organisational managers couldn’t view the audit trail for users in one of their offices. We’ve also enhanced the audit trail to record the action when user account settings are saved in the OMS.

The OMS is Internet Explorer 9 ready

  Internet Explorer 9 represents a major improvement on the previous version 8. You will for instance notice a new cleaner look & feel , but also notice that there is a major speed improvement when browsing web pages. We can also confirm that the OMS works perfectly fine on Microsoft’s latest browser and if you’ve used IE 8 before, you should notice a speed improvement (e.g. opening properties or contacts will be faster. All key functions were tested including property capture, property quick search and brochures. If you find any problems we’ve missed in our testing please be so kind to report it to our Helpdesk. You can download IE9 here:

OMS referral module new referral types

We have added 2 new referral types to the referrals module: 1. Tenant referral 2. Landlord referral The capture screens are similar to the existing buyer and seller referrals. We are currently tweaking the ‘view referrals’ screen, the update should become available in the next 48 hours. The OMS Referrals module is available to enterprise clients (national groups) or as a standalone web application for any real estate group.

OMS menu and field changes

The top part of the OMS menu has been updated and the dashboard, briefcase and sign-out icons have been replaced with hyperlinks. The old icons were a bit confusing, especially for first time users: On all capture screens the edit field will now highlight in a light yellow colour when you are editing that field, which makes editing a bit easier:

Feed to temporary offline

Our portal partner have recently upgraded their website and busy re-importing data into their new website. The OMS property listing feed will be available soon. Update : Jump informed us the import has finished and property listings are now available again on the website.