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OMS IPad friendly including brochures & reports

Using the OMS on your new Apple IPad ? We’ve got you covered! We’ve just made the property brochures and property stock reports Ipad friendly. The brochures and stock reports will now show correctly including all formatting. The stock report is scrollable and using the Ipad’s zoom and pan features it is particular easy to navigate and read.   Data capturing and browsing on the Apple Ipad can also be done, including capturing a property listing, contacts, notes and more. Here we show the geocoding screen on a property listing, allowing you to reverse-geocode plus drag and drop the marker to the exact property location:   Viewing property views and leads graphs:

New interactive property views & leads summary graphs

We have enabled a new interactive report in the OMS that lets you analyze property views and leads for all your properties over a time period. You can view for your office or filter for a specific agent.  Only office managers/administrators are able to view statistics for the whole office. For groups head office managers can view statistics for a particular office.  The web leads are for your own website and Entegral powered websites like MyProperty . It excludes leads/views for external portal like Jump, IOL property etc.

Property detailed views – reduced delay in update of stats

These graphs show the number of detailed property views you had on a property on your own website and Entegral powered property portals . It is available if you open up a property and go to reports/website detailed views. We eliminated the long delay in the update of the statistics and is now updated every hour.

Larger photo sizes and photo quality meter

In February we’ve introduced new photo sizes and a photo quality meter in the OMS. A small bug resulted in not all users having the new functionality available. This was corrected and the enhancements are now available to all users. The OMS large photo size is between 20% to 250% larger compared to competitor offerings. Read more about the new larger photo sizes: Read more about the new photo quality meter: (the above image is resized to fit into the blog and shows the new ratios)