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OMS download library maximum file size increased

We have increased the maximum file size in the OMS Dowload Library to 50MB. The Download Library is currently available to Enterprise Clients and allows sharing of files between offices in a group.

OMS Calendar enabled

We have enabled the OMS Dashboard calendar again. The calendar was disabled after compatibility problems with the brand new cloud server environment. The issues have been resolved and the calendar is live again (with all calendar data). Read more about the calendar here .

OMS brochures, login, quick search and map explorer enhancements

The OMS Brochures & Reports were tweaked and the PDF files are now smaller in size. On the OMS Login screen you can now choose whether to remember your login credentials for 2 weeks, saving you time to login to the OMS from your own computer (note this options is not recommended for shared computers). On the property quick search screen the system will remember the ‘view photos’ check box option. The OMS Map Explorer will now geo-code up to 100 properties at a time (up from 30) and will display up to 500 properties on the map (up from 100).

OMS Menu updated

A small portion of users reported parts of the OMS menu not opening when clicking on main menu items (e.g. Property).  We have loaded an update which resolved this issue. From what we could access it was mostly 3G users (E.g. Vodacom 3G) effected.