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OMS: seller loan details

You can now capture optional seller loan details on a property mandate. The following info can be captured: - Financial institution (financed through) - Account Number - Outstanding amount Our next update will include an upgrade to the search facility to search for a property based on the loan number entered.

OMS update: add existing contacts to property mandates

We’ve improved & activated the ability to add new or existing contacts on property mandates. From the property mandate screen, you can add a new contact. The system then automatically checks for any duplicates using a number of criteria including first & last name, mobile number and email address. It will warn you if a duplicate is found (A). A list of duplicates will be shown with the option to open the contact in a new window or link it to your property that you have opened (B). When an existing contact is linked to a property you will of course see it as a linked property under that contact. The system caters for linking contacts to multiple properties thus having a global and single view of a contact. This way you can keep track of any previous mandates for your contacts.

OMS: improved property mandate screen

We’ve launched an improved mandate screen with the focus on making it more user friendly and having all info in one view. A) Mandate history now accessible through a dropdown menu. B) Commission details moved to the right in a separate column. C) Mandate contact details now visible on the same page where you can easily add a new contact. D) Days on market indicator shows you the number of days the property is on the market and days to expiry. A thin bar graph at the bottom also shows you how many days you have left on this mandate in red & green.

OMS: New, checking for duplicate contacts

We’ve enabled a new feature in the OMS contacts that automatically checks for existing duplicate contacts when you add a new contact. It will check the email address and mobile number fields, if a duplicate is found you won’t  be able to add a new contact. It will also check the First and Last Names and warn you of duplicates with the option to add a duplicate name if it is a coincidence. A) Message informing you that a duplicate was found B) Override adding a duplicate contact name where the first and last names are duplicates.

Service failures 09 Aug (Back Online)

We have experienced a major outage on our servers due to a outage on the main and backup power supplies at our host, but have recovered all services: Update 10.20am, 10 AUG 2011 – All services are back online including the OMS. Update 11:14pm, 09 AUG 2011 – all websites are now back online. OMS by tomorrow morning 10 Aug latest. Update 05.00pm, 09 AUG 2011 -  our one affected mail server is now back online. this affected 10% of our email users (other email servers were fine). Update 08.28pm, 09 AUG 2011 – senior engineers from Amazon AWS are currently assisting on the recovery process. We will provide an update in the next hour. From Amazon AWS where our servers are hosted: “We understand at this point that a lighting strike hit a transformer from a utility provider to one of our Availability Zones in Dublin, sparking an explosion and fire. Normally, upon dropping the utility power provided by the transf