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Unlock the power of the cloud for your documents

Imagine a secure, central storage area for your personal files and a central, shared office storage area where all agents can access those files from anywhere, anytime - all through the industry leading OMS . This is another industry first feature that will soon launch in the OMS and is undergoing testing before the launch in the next few weeks. Although a similar feature is currently available for national groups the new feature will be launched on an office and personal user level, and introduces several new ground-breaking features . It will provide an industry best cloud storage area designed for mission critical and primary data storage. All files uploaded will automatically be made redundant by copying your files across multiple devices and data centres, without you having to worry about anything! All files is furthermore encrypted providing a highly secure environment for all your office files. Earlier this year Entegral was the first (and still is the only) service pro

MyProperty Location, On Show, Price Reduced, Virtual tour icons

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there are new property search results on MyProperty South Africa . This includes: - a location marker to show properties that have been geo-coded in the OMS with the ‘show on map’ option selected. - a priced reduced banner to show properties where the price was reduced (this is automatically tracked). - a on show icon if the property was marked for on show - a virtual tour icon for virtual tours done using the free and unlimited virtual tour function in the OMS . We are seeing a trend where these properties are getting more hits compared to properties with none of these options on. In the near future these properties will also get higher ranking in the search results.

OMS detailed views per day graph – correction

We’ve corrected a problem on the property details, detailed views per day graph where dates weren’t sorted in the correct order as shown below: It will now correctly sort the dates from oldest to latest as shown below:

Improved new property search results for MyProperty South Africa

We have launched the improved property search results for MyProperty South Africa . Check it out, a more friendly search layout that now also includes: a) map icon that shows properties marked for geocoding and display on a map. (good indication to visitors that Google Street View is also available). b) On show icon that shows if a particular property will be on show in the near future. Quality scoring We are passionate about providing high quality and up to date property listings to visitors. The new on show & mapping icons will contribute to the quality score on listings and may in future receive higher rankings. So make sure you mark all your on show property listings . Watch our for more updates on the property details and home screens in the near future.

Increased file size for website news

The OMS Marketing & Content module has an external news section which provides functionality to load news for your website. Included is an image upload and document upload manager . The document upload manager can be used to upload files (pdf, txt etc) that is included as a hyperlink for visitors to download. We have increased the maximum file sizes for the document manager as follows: - 5MB files for offices. - 10MB files for national websites. To upload a document first enter the text for the download e.g. ‘download file’. Highlight the text and click on the document manager and select a file (or upload a new one).