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Cloud file storage now available for all our OMS clients

3 weeks ago we’ve announced a major new industry first feature to be launched in the OMS . We are now proud to announce the availability of the OMS Document Library for all users and offices.  This industry first feature allows integrated file storage in the OMS using our ground-breaking cloud infrastructure. Share files in the office or manage a personal file library. Every user and every office gets a set amount of storage space they can use at free will. The amount of space depends on your OMS package and can be viewed here . The top of the range Expert package provides a massive 250MB/user and 2GB/office storage space – all at no additional cost. National clients have custom storage space allocated to them.  Users or offices who need even more space can upgrade to our custom package and get even larger space. (we have tested an incredible 100TB, that is 104,857,600 space per user thus far with success!) The new document library is split into 3 regions: 1) Personal : Provide