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Auto expired properties–contacts problem corrected

We’ve corrected a problem on properties where the mandate auto-expired (when the mandate expiry date was reached). When you selected a previous mandate history the contacts didn’t load - it will now load correctly.

Virtual Tours–upload corrected

We’ve corrected a bug in the virtual tour uploader that prevented the upload of new virtual tours into the OMS. The OMS virtual tours is a self-service virtual tour solution available to all OMS users. You can create your own unlimited number of virtual tours on all your property listings. For assistance click on the virtual tour help link under ‘Help’ in the OMS.

New OLX interface is live!

Great news is that the OMS interface to the classifieds website is live.We automatically interface all your latest property listings where the mandate is 1-2 months old free of charge. Property listings are currently being loaded and should be completed by early next week.Property search results:Detailed property listing:We’ve recently launched a re-developed Property24 listing interface, and added Bid-Or-Buy to our list of portals after completion of the Junkmail and Property Junction interfaces. Watch this space for more interfaces we are working on.Entegral currently provides the most cost effective and easiest way for estate agents to advertise on multiple portals, with a low fixed support fee of only R50/month to support all your interfaces.

Never delete email again, 25GB PremiumMail email accounts

Our PremiumMail email accounts already boasted an industry best 10GB/mailbox size. Due to economies of scale we have now increased the space to a whopping 25GB per mailbox (that is 25,000MB if you want to compare it to competitor products).

There is no increase in cost and PremiumMail clients will have their mailboxes increased next week to the new 25GB sizes.

With a 25GB email account you are unlikely to ever have to delete email again. Simply access your email through the user friendly web interface or setup your account as an IMAP account in your email client (eg Outlook). This will always keep a copy of your email on the server (which comes in handy if your laptop or pc is ever stolen or crashed).

Our PremiumMail accounts also offers industry best spam and virus protection, and achieved 100% uptime through its advanced cloud infrastructure setup. More info here: Cloud Email Services

We are also reviewing our ValueMail solution for possible upgrades.

OMS - office logo setup updated

There was a problem with uploading office logos in the OMS. We’ve corrected this and also introduced the cropping features that we’ve recently introduced in the improved user profile pages. This allows you to cut out your logo from the supplied file and upload it on the OMS. Your logo is used on websites and brochures.

[fixed!] Current issue: Agent details not exported to portals/websites

the following reported issue has been resolved at 1:10pm 31 Aug 2012We are currently addressing a problem where agent details that are updated are not exported to all websites, we should have it resolved shortly.

OMS Mandate history enhancements

As you know the OMS can track property mandate changes and keeps a record of every mandate change. The mandate history dropdown have been enhanced to provide more valuable feedback as follows:- The date shown will now reflect the date the status was changed- It will show the number of days the mandate was in that particular statusIn the example below you will for example see that the mandate was 1st created on 21 January and remained in for sale status for 57 days before being changed to a pending sale on the 19 March:The example above also shows (via the pie chart) that there are 124 days left on this mandate to sell this property, roughly 50% of the mandate time passed.

OMS Login update

This is an existing feature that has been re-developed as it did not work correctly on all PC's and browsers
When logging onto the OMS, you can check the 'keep me logged in on this computer' checkbox. This will save your login details on the particular computer so that you don't have to log in every time. Do not use this setting if you are using a computer that is shared with other people. The settings are removed if you either:
1) use the 'sign out' link in the OMS
2) you clear your temporary internet files including cookies
3) you change your password in the OMS

We have also renamed 'username' to 'email'.

OMS login and search updates

x2 Small updates have been done:IP ADDRESSOn the login screen your public IP address is now displayed to assist with any support queries:The system will also now log this IP address in your Audit Trail (available under reports) for all users as indicated below:SEARCHSmall performance and interface tweaks have been made for the OMS universal search. It now provides better visual feedback when a search is performed while search times have also been slightly improved:The OMS search is universal, so you can search property reference numbers, street names, complex names as well as contact info like first name, last name, email address and telephone numbers. The results are fetched from the database and displayed to you very quickly and is sorted in the most recent listings or contacts first.The search also allows for partial searches, so you can enter the first 3 letters of your query and hit search. E.g. if you have listings in a complex called ‘boatlake village’, simply enter ‘boat’ and …

OMS Mandate commission update

The property mandate screen has been updated to reflect the commission nett and gross amounts in a simple table format (and still with the auto-calculation features).  We have also updated the days on market/days to expiry indicator to a little pie chart, the green slice showing the % of days left you have available on this mandate:Various upgrades will be done in the OMS for the remainder of the year to integrate & upgrade sales tracking & reporting functionality. If you have any suggestions, please capture them here online.

OMS enhanced new user edit pages

New user profile pages is now available in the OMS.(1) There are 3 tabs now: public info, administrative info and the user account details. The size of the about section (2) has been increased and the profile photo uploader (3) has been improved. You can now also crop photos in the system:The user account section has also been tweaked and will for instance indicate the password strength as you type it (from very weak up to very strong):One of the features suggested by a lot of users is to individually configure whether a user can send SMS messages. This can now be configured (but only by the office administrator). Users who don’t have this featured enabled by Monday 27 August will be restricted from sending bulk SMS messages through the system:We have also centralised and moved 2 functions to the account section: ‘delete user’ and ‘move user to another office’. Note the ‘move user to another office’ is only available at group level to move agents between offices. More actions will als…

New Bid-or-Buy interface ready to go live

As announced today on our Facebook page, we are almost ready to go live with the new Bid-or-Buy interface.This will seamlessly interface your property listings from the Office Management System (OMS) to the website. Pricing will be announced early next week.We have structured x2 packages and will also launch a competition, so watch this spot!Bid-or-buy receives over 1.2M unique visitors per month through their website and can therefore provide you with more exposure to your property mandates.The new Bid-or-Buy interface follows on an improved Property24 interface just launched. An upgraded Private Property interface is also underway while an interface to OLX is currently being developed. More exposure for your listings through the OMS.

Automated & integrated valuation reports coming soon to the OMS

We’ve been hard at work lately extending the features of the OMS to provide a more comprehensive service. Launching soon is a range of automated and integrated property reports in partnership with Lightstone.You will be able to conveniently draw PDF property valuation reports in the OMS (Office Management System) branded with your company logo. Best of all is that you will be able to save these reports in the OMS cloud.Pricing will be announced closer to launch but you are looking at less than R50 for the property report than includes an automated valuation and less than R35 for the property report without the valuation. Other reports including suburb analysis, deeds name and property reports plus transfers reports will also be released.

OMS: mandate listing date correction for rental listings

A couple of days earlier we’ve made this change that prevents the listing date to be changed to a future date. Unfortunately this update also crept into the rental listing mandates – we’ve now removed it and you can set the ‘available from’ and ‘available to’ dates correctly.

Performance upgrades OMS & Websites

At Entegral, we are obsessed about providing highly optimised systems and websites. Today we’ve made more adjustments to make your online OMS experience and visitors searching on your real estate website even faster!This includes the implementation of ground-breaking new cloud technology that allows for much faster access to your data, whether you are uploading or viewing your properties, viewing your contacts or searching on your website. Everything is off course based on our industry first and leading real estate cloud platform. It uses less energy and we only consume the immediate computing resources we require. Green IT for your real estate business.“Technical jargon to follow” warning!Based on IOPS performance measurements, it results in up to x10 faster read/writes to the Microsoft SQL Server databases hosting your data, when compared to the dedicated servers. This is especially useful at peak times ensuring consistent performance 24/7!

[FIXED] Oops! temporary photo uploading error

WE’VE NAILED THIS SMALL BUG POSTED THIS MORNING – EVERYTHING BACK TO NORMALWe’ve made some performance upgrades last night but it looks like a small bug crept it. When you upload photos this message will appear after uploading:But don’t worry – your photos actually uploaded! Just go back to the property listing and refresh the photos pages, you will notice the photos are there.We will have this bug squashed in no time! Sorry for the inconvenience!

New interface to OLX coming soon!

We are busy working on a new property syndication interface to, watch this space for the launch date. OLX is a popular classifieds website and does regular ad spots on tv to promote their website.We are also working on an improved user configuration which will launch in the next few days:If you haven’t yet tried it out, you can now send faxes straight into the OMS! Click here for more details on the fax-to-document library service.  It is free and you can try it out immediately.The space provided in the document library has also been doubled, so you can securely save all your faxes online.

OMS: mandate listing date & contacts changes

We’ve made a couple of small enhancements/changes to the OMS:You are no longer allowed to change the listing date on an existing listing to a future date (you will not be able to select future dates):On the property mandate contact details we’ve removed the link to open/edit the listing/letting agent and also inserted extra checks to ensure that the agent cannot be removed from the listing:

Now send your faxes straight to the OMS

A new industry first innovation has just been launched by Entegral. It allows you to send your faxes straight into the OMS document library and start managing your faxes better!

The ground-breaking functionality allows you to assign a unique fax number to your office or personal document libraries (so you can assign a fax number for your office and every agent). Just open the document library and follow the steps to instantly get a unique fax number for your office or personal use that you can start using immediately. The number is yours for life as long as you receive at least 1 fax every 2 months - and is completely free. So put it in your email signature, business cards or any other marketing material.

Faxes are automatically converted and imported into PDF format in a “fax” folder. You can rename faxes, drag and drop it to other folders or create subfolders to better organize them:

We’ve recently doubled the available document library space for all clients, so you can easily receive …

Save (twice as many) files in the cloud with the OMS

We’ve substantially increased the storage space in the OMS document library. Agents and Offices using the OMS now have access to twice as much storage space than before at no additional cost.In December 2011 we’ve launched an improved document library for the OMS. It offers a highly secure place to store all your important files online in our advanced cloud infrastructure. The file explorer interface allows you to easily upload or download files, create directories and drag and drop files between directories. Each agent (user) gets his own personal document library and each office has a general document library that is shared between the office users. This makes it perfect for sharing office documents and other files in the office (e.g. logos, sales contracts, document templates).The restructured document library sizes are as follows:Solo PackageUser: 25MB to 50MBOffice: 50MB to 100MBCore PackageUser: 50MB to 100MBOffice: 250MB to 500MBVenture PackageUser: 75MB to 150MBOffice: 500MB t…

5 awesome facts you need to know about the OMS photo upload

1) Did you know, you can easily copyright your photos through the OMS. You have the option to watermark your logo or text: The OMS also allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos and automatically resizes them for you during upload time, saving you time and bandwidth.3) The OMS checks your photo quality to assist you in only uploading high quality photos: The OMS features a larger photo size compared to other property systems, ensuring better quality images for visitors to your website: You can easily re-order photos in the OMS, this allows you to select the best photo for your main image on your website

OMS Updated : Photo uploader & Document library

Photo uploader updatedA new version of the photo uploader is now available and will download the next time you try to upload photos. The updated version fixes a few issues reported by some users and should also load faster.Document library fixWe had isolated instances of users (where they’ve uploaded a large number of files to the document library) reporting errors. This has been fixed.

OMS – you can now add Half bedrooms

You can now add half bedrooms under residential property features. This is ideal for indicating bachelor type apartments.

“Add ± and m²” shortcut links and alignment corrected

We’ve corrected the add ±  m² shortcut links on the property features:We’ve also corrected some recent alignment issues on the P.O.A. and commission fields on the property mandate screen that crept in when we did updates:

New minimum photo sizes and copyright of photos

COPYRIGHT PHOTOSA month ago we launched the copyright function on photos in beta form on the OMS. We have taken it out of beta and it is now available under the standard photo upload. Simply click on the copyright with text or logo options to include the copyright on your large photos.NEW MINIMUM SIZE OF PHOTOSThere is now a minimum size of 640x480 pixels (0.3 megapixels) required on new photos uploaded. This is done to eliminate any small photos begin uploaded to sites that results in a bad quality listings. By default photos smaller than 640x480 resolution will not show in the photo uploader and you won’t be able to upload these.Remember you don’t have to resize your photos before upload to the OMS, the system will resize it for you.

Property mandate expiry notifications & auto expiry of listings

We’ve introduced new inbox alerts in the OMS that will notify you of properties that will expire in 1 week’s time. It will provide the property reference number and address. If you click on it the mandate is opened where you can review it.Automatic Expiry of property listingsThe day right after the expiry date was reached, the property listing will automatically be expired and you will get another notification that the mandate has expired.  Property listings will now automatically expire (based on the expiry date) starting 1 April.Note that only properties where the mandate expiry date was marked 1 April or later, will get auto-expired.

Beta launch: Copyright your property images with watermarks

You can now test drive new functionality in the OMS that allows you to copyright your property photos with a watermark agency logo or text on the bottom right corner.Simply click on the add photos (beta new uploader) button when loading photos to try it out:This will provide an option at the top to include a copyright text or agency logo:Sample logo watermark (it uses your logo configured in the OMS setup section):Sample text watermark (it uses your agency name configured in the OMS setup section):We will leave it in beta for a while and then replace the existing photo upload. Note that you can already use this beta uploader for your new or existing listings.Let us know what you think on the Entegral Facebook Wall.

New Bid-or-Buy interface will launch soon

We are pleased to announce a major new deal with one of Africa’s most visited websites, Bid-or-Buy. With over 1.2 million unique visitors a month, Entegral OMS clients will soon be able to (automatically) advertise their properties for an additional monthly fee to the site.We expect to go live in March. Watch your inbox for more details including package options.

Innovative new property search on its way

We are currently working on a couple of new ways to find properties for sale and to rent. If you geo-code your properties our innovative new searches and property searches results will be of great benefit to you, and you should keep a watch on this blog and our real estate technology Facebook page.The new property search / search results functionality will be launched on MyProperty soon, and will eventually find its way to client websites and add real value to your website experience.We’re not disclosing too much, but here is a screenshot the developers reluctantly gave to us to publish :)

Enhanced property details & bond calculator

Enhanced property detailsA number of upgrades are currently taking place on MyProperty. We have enhanced the property details view to a sleek new layout. Maps, Directions, Comments and On Show is now featured in separate tabs that results in a more minimalistic design.  We have also enhanced the agent contact info which now features a ‘call me now’ and ‘request more info’ icons. Other icons are also clearer and easier to understand with text displaying when hovering over the icon. New bond calculatorThe new bond calculator now features graphs that illustrates the interest and principle payment totals over the term of the loan. It also calculates the savings when extra monthly payments are made and shows the total interest paid on a loan. The new bond calculator will find its way to client websites soon.