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5 awesome facts you need to know about the OMS photo upload

1) Did you know, you can easily copyright your photos through the OMS. You have the option to watermark your logo or text: 2) The OMS also allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos and automatically resizes them for you during upload time, saving you time and bandwidth. 3) The OMS checks your photo quality to assist you in only uploading high quality photos: 4) The OMS features a larger photo size compared to other property systems, ensuring better quality images for visitors to your website: 5) You can easily re-order photos in the OMS, this allows you to select the best photo for your main image on your website

OMS Updated : Photo uploader & Document library

Photo uploader updated A new version of the photo uploader is now available and will download the next time you try to upload photos. The updated version fixes a few issues reported by some users and should also load faster. Document library fix We had isolated instances of users (where they’ve uploaded a large number of files to the document library) reporting errors. This has been fixed.