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11 new portal partners including ImmoAfrica

Estate Agents using our OMS can now advertise to ImmoAfrica for free (, the interface went live today – all your listings from at least the last 6 months are advertised for free daily.Then there are an additional 11 optional portals available at extra cost ranging between R339 and R555 per month. This includes Immoscout24 - Germany's real estate portal with over 10 million visits/month. Please enquire from our helpdesk for more info

OMS geocoding accuracy improved

We’ve loaded a small update that will improve the accuracy of the map marker when you click on ‘geocode from address’ after you’ve entered the property address. The update will better pinpoint the location of the property for some listings where it previously struggled.

OMS upgrades including new online marketing view

1. New flat user interfaceTweaks were done to create a more consistent and cleaner user interface throughout the system:2. Improved online marketing page with status and links to external portalsYou can now view the status of your property listing on external portals presented by different icons as illustrated below. Should there be an error (e.g. the Private Property icon below) you can hover your mouse over the icon to get an icon description.Reference numbers with links are also included next to the portals to quickly locate the listing. Where you see a ‘denied’ sign your listing does not appear on that website (where in most cases you don’t have a contract with them).When you load a new listing and shortly after you’ve listed it, it will show a pending orange icon as illustrated below until the system picks up that it is listed:3. Quicker area and agent selectionYou can now type in an area/agent in a dropdown box to locate the entry faster:4. New agenda view on CalendarA new agend…

OMS & website thumbnail order problem corrected

In some cases changing the photo order on a listing didn’t update the thumbnail correctly in the OMS property quick search and fr some website search results as shown below.The problem has been resolved.Did you know you can drag and drop the photo order in the OMS? Have a look at the sample video below. There is also no need to resize your photos before you upload them, plus you can upload an unlimtted number of photos per property listing.

Maximise your exposure on the new Draw-a-Search

The new Draw-a-search function is now live on MyProperty South Africa. Read more about draw-a-search here.More focus will be placed on this over time which will results in more visitors using this feature to find their home. If you geocode (map) your properties in the OMS, it will display like this on MyProperty if people use the draw facility:If your properties are not geocoded, it will not display in these searches, and you could loose out on valuable traffic.If you are prepared to make the property location available, simply click on the ‘make map location & address available on web’ checkbox on the property details. Also make sure the property is correctly mapped by clicking on the ‘show on map’ link to view it. The other benefit is that Google Streetview and driving directions is automatically available for properties that are geocoded.

OMS Calendar appointments now with more time selections

Agents work longer hours and some events need to be scheduled outside normal business hours. The OMS Calendar now supports selecting times from 7am to 11.30pm in the dropdown list. Before you had to enter time time manually if it was after 5pm:The OMS features x3 calendars that are colour coded for easy identification:1) My Calendar: personal appointments only you can see.2) Office Calendar: events everyone in your office can see. 3) Group Calendar: events everyone in your group of offices can see.Only managers and administrator with the correct user rights can load office and group calendar items. You can setup reminders that will show once you log in to the OMS and also set recurring events (e.g. weekly office meetings).

OMS Small bug fixes including Notes, Files, Performance Reports

We’ve squashed a couple of small bugs in the OMS, this includes:1) Deleting links from the property files & links section sometimes threw an error.2) Adding notes on a new contact and then immediately opening up another contact shows the 1st contact’s notes (this was just served from memory so all notes were saved correctly).3) Performance reports per agent for national groups. This sometimes didn’t display statistics for all agents.4) Update agency logos in setup: This is now limited to office administrators and manager user roles.5) Office members editing for national groups: fixed an issue where members where sometimes duplicated in the view.

New: setup sales tracking templates in the OMS

As mentioned in our previous blog post, new sales tracking functionality is currently being rolled out in the OMS and today the sales tracking template configuration is made available.PROVIDING A HIGHLY FLEXIBLE TRACKING SYSTEMA flexible tracking, reporting and collaboration system is critical to provide a smooth and stress free property buying & selling experience and keeping everyone involved in the property transfer process up to date. We realize that every agency or franchise group operate differently and need to define and optimize their own processes related to the sale of a property. If you have admin access to the OMS, you can now configure and play around with the new sales tracking templates and provide feedback. New commission tracking, offer to purchase capturing and tracking reports will also be rolled out. Access the template setup in the OMS at: Setup / My Office / Sales Settings.TRACK OFFER TO PURCHASES WITH VARIOUS TEMPLATESYou can configure multiple sales trackin…

Reinvent sales tracking for your office – join us on this journey!

We've reinvented property search with the New MyProperty.
Our next task? Reinvent sales tracking for the real estate industry and your office.Here is a unique opportunity to provide feedback as we gradually roll out the newly developed sales tracking functionality in the OMS. We'd love to get your input to ensure this adds as much value as possible to your agency or group. Watch this blog space and our Facebook page for updates to follow where you can then comment and provide suggestions. And if you have any thoughts right now on sales tracking, you are welcome to email us on

Overview of the auto listing expiry, notifications & reports in the OMS

How does the auto-expiry work?The OMS automatically checks listings about to expire every day and notifies you through the Live Inbox. If you are the listing agent you will receive an alert 1 week before the listing expiry date. Office Managers/Administrators can also view mandates about to expire for the whole office.Simply click on the notification to open the listing, or click on the checkbox to action it as ‘read’.When the mandate expiry date is reached it will auto-expire the listing and remove it from websites:The expired property is still accessible from the advanced search menu and if you sign a new mandate you can easily re-enable it.There is also the expired listings reports in the ‘Quick Search’ on the OMS you can use to view expired stock for individual agents or the whole office:Under the stock reports you can also draw PDF style expired stock reports and define how you want to group and sort the report:

Share files on any property listing, with anyone

Following on the new OMS document library file sharing, you can now also share files attached to any of your property listings with anyone.Simply open a listing’s files & links, click on a file and hit the ‘share’ button:Now add any other files if you want and click on the link to go to the sharing screen. From here you can select how long those links should be available for download. Simply copy and paste to your email, or use the ‘show direct links’ to copy and paste links to an instant messenger program like Skype:The time limit feature allows you to share files only for a selected time frame you set, ensuring those sometimes confidential files you share don’t live in cyberspace forever. Once the time has elapsed anyone trying to download that file will get an ‘access denied’ error.This feature is quite useful if you want to share internal files associated with a property with clients e.g. buyer, seller or attorney. Sending files the standard way through email can sometimes be …

Share files with anyone, with the new OMS document library enhancements

Now you can share files from your OMS personal or office document library publicly anytime, anywhere, with anyone, they don’t even need to have an OMS account.Simply go into a folder, select a file (or multi-select multiple files with the ctrl key), right-click and select the new ‘Share File(s)’ option as shown below:You will be taken to the next screen where you can select how long you want to share those files including 1 hour, 1 day or 7 days options. This security feature allows you to safely share files with selected people for a certain time period only. Once the time has elapsed, the links you’ve shared will no longer be available to download.The file links can be copied and inserted anywhere you like including email or shared direct in for instance an instant messenger application like Skype. For this you can click on the ‘show direct links’ link if you want to send someone the direct file link.The new sharing function allows you to easily share selected large files quickly wi…

Separate Flatlet and Pets Allowed fields pulled through to MyProperty

The Separate Flatlet and PetsAllowed fields captured on the OMS Property Details screen will now pull through to MyProperty. This will work for new property listings loaded today or listings being updated.

Private Property interface – rentals update

We’ve updated the rental interface to Private Property where rental listings will now delete correctly from Private Property if it is deleted on the OMS. Capture once, list everywhereEntegral interfaces to all the major property portals in South Africa and Namibia including free and paid partner portals: are currently negotiating a free interface to a new partner property portal for possible launch in October. We will keep you updated and make an announcement closer to the time.

MyProperty featured properties tweaks

We’ve lowered the minimum price for featured properties on the MyProperty home page to R1.5M while the rental section has no minimum monthly price limit set.We try to filter for only good quality listing here, so make sure you load high quality photos and descent property description and details. We are also updating these featured property listing more frequently now. If you have a unique property you would like to suggest featuring on our Facebook page (already liked by over 22,000 people) please let us know by dropping an email to our editor at

Improved news articles editing with thumbnails

We’ve improved the layout of articles editing in the OMS with key fields including title and summary in one tab, and the content in another tab.A new thumbnail feature was also added that allows you to upload a thumbnail image to your news articles as shown below. The system will automatically resize your photo.Thumbnails can be integrated on news articles for websites hosted by Entegral. It is free of charge for template websites while custom websites will carry a small upgrade fee.Here is a sample of how this thumbnail feature looks on MyProperty’s featured property news articles:

Corrections on property notes, brochures P.O.A and office setup

PROPERTY NOTESWe’ve corrected a problem with the notes formatting on properties, and should now display your notes correctly:PROPERTY BROCHURESSome property brochures didn’t display a P.O.A correctly (and only a 0), this has been corrected:OFFICE SETUPThe office members page will now show all agents/users on a single page to make it quicker to edit for offices with a larger number of agents.

Performance upgrades OMS & Client Websites

We’ve done general upgrades on the OMS and all client websites on Tue & Wed & Thursday this week (Aug 2013) that should see improvements in page rendering speeds. This would be noticeable on slower internet connections.

The #NewMyProperty profile pages will give you more exposure – check your office profile photos

The ‪#‎NewMyProperty‬ launch is imminent... with improved profile pages for your office and agents, you will receive a lot more exposure. Make sure you sell a professional image by getting a consistent look-and-feel for your entire office.The new OMS profile upload function will help you achieve this by cropping photos to the correct size – there is even an instructional video:

New OMS Performance Reports

We’re making the OMS more intelligent with the new Performance Reports available under the report menu. Our aim is to help you achieve your strategic goals by bringing in performance measurement statistics. It allows you to draw key statistics and performance criteria based on your own data, that of the office or your national group. We are launching with 15 reports grouped as 5 different report types per user profile (standard user, office administrators and group administrators) as follows:1) All listing counts breakdown2) Al listing counts breakdown per agent3) All listing counts breakdown per suburb4) All listing counts breakdown per town5) Show days per month and Show days per month per officeKey metrics include minimum, average and maximum prices, commissions, counts etc.More reports will be added with time and we welcome suggestions on what reports and statistics you would like to see for your office or group (based on all your data captured in the OMS). The data can also be so…

New OMS website subscriptions report

You can now view your website property email alert subscribers in the OMS. Go to the Marketing & Content Menu and click on ‘Subscriptions’.In the dropdown list options will be available if you have the correct office or group user profiles. You can also view the property search criteria for the subscriber by clicking on the ‘view’ link.If you don’t have the website property email alerts enabled for your website (hosted by Entegral) click here for more info and to order today.

Property Views and Leads tracking adjustments

We’ve made minor adjustments on the OMS property views & leads functionality that allows you to track property views & leads per agent, office and your organisation. Amongst this is an adjustment on some of the graphs so you can clearly see the dates (previously cut off):

Manually enter property location latitude and longitude values

You can now manually enter the property latitude and longitude values on property listings if you don’t want to use the ‘geocode from address’ function. The ‘show on map’ will use the longitude and latitude values to show the location on a map:The ‘geocode from address’ function has also been updated and now includes a ‘cancel’ button if you don’t want to use the location values. The ‘use’ button can be clicked if you are satisfied the location of the marker is accurate. It will then update to the property listing (as before).

New drag-and-drop order functionality for property photos

The OMS photo functionality has been enhanced and now features an easy to use drag-and-drop function to change the order of photos on a property. The order is preserved on brochures and websites where applicable.Simply click on a photo and drag it to the desired location as illustrated in this video:

Enhanced OMS Photo watermark & non-watermark feature

We’ve enabled new functionality on the OMS photo uploader that will now also save a duplicate non-watermarked version of all your photos if you’ve selected the logo or text watermark feature:Below you can see a sample of 2 photos saved, one watermarked version and the other without a watermark. The non-watermarked version of your photos uploaded on or later than 3 July 2013 will now feed to external portals where required (including Property24). This means that you can safely select the watermarked option without the risk of your photos being rejected.

OMS updates: PI Reports and geocoding

1) P.I. Reports: corrected a problem where some Property Reports produced and error when no municipal valuation was availables. 2) Corrected a problem where you needed to capture the longitude/latitude (geocoding) on a new property listing before you can proceed. It is now optional like before.3) The location screen for listings has been enhanced and now shows the latitude and longitude values. The geocoding and map has been moved externally and available from the 2 links shown below. Note: it is good practice to geocode your listing even if you don’t make the exact location available on websites (the ‘make map location available on web’ checkbox) since the attributes will be used in current and future OMS functionality.

New OMS photo uploader

You now have the choice of 2 photo uploaders in the OMS, try them both and see what works best for you:Uploader A: New uploader that doesn’t require any installation. It will work on most of the latest browsers and operating systems. Uploader B: The current uploader that requires initial installation and works on all browsers.  You will get a bit faster uploads using this uploader compared to Uploader A.
Here is a video showing the new uploader (A) in action:

Radius search feature will launch on the #NewMyProperty South Africa website

As you know we are busy with a complete new MyProperty South Africa website. Follow us on our Facebook page for all the latest progress on this.Our aim is to simplify search and bring out innovative new ways of searching for property. One of them is the new Radius Search feature. This will allow visitors to search for property around a point anywhere in South Africa. By selecting the size of the search (the radius) visitors will be able to increase their search area easily to include more properties.Properties that have (correct) geo location information (the show map feature in the OMS) will benefit from this but we will also include non-geocoded properties intelligently without revealing any location.

OMS Property Intelligence Reports enhancements – new search fields

The search fields in the Property Report for the P.I. Reports have been updated and you can now also search on the following 5 new fields:Sectional Title Name, Farm Name, Erf Number, Portion Number and Owner Name

OMS Property Intelligence Property Report enhancement

You can now sort results on the Property Intelligence Property Reports by simply clicking on a column heading. Click again to reverse the sort order:You can now also group results by dragging a column header to the bar above the column headings as shown in this sample:The Property Intelligence reports is available as add-on to the OMS for monthly or yearly subscriptions. We use Lightstone data but give you benefits such as controlling which agents can access the reports, how many reports they can draw per month and integrating your logo automatically onto all the reports.If you are not already signed up, log in to the OMS, and go to ‘Reports’ / ‘Property Intelligence’ for more details and the signup form.