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Improved new contact view

An improved contacts view is now available in the OMS. It features a more user friendly layout to allow you to manage your contacts easier. When you open a contact you will be presented with key contact details and birth date (if entered) Linked properties and referrals are displayed on the right for quick reference (e.g. where a contact is listed as a buyer, seller, tenant or other contact on a property). The notes have been improved and it is now easier to quickly add, edit or remove a note. This allows you to easily maintain a complete history on a contact. You can specify future dates on notes which will be highlighted in red in the view.  All contact personal details including address is available in the personal details tab, while personal and office categories can be selected in the categories tab. Also new is the contact audit trail . Simply click on the ‘audit trail’ link and get a history of key actions performed on a contact including when & by whom a contact was

New property wall type, contacts filter correction and contacts audit trail entries

Wall type A new wall type: “clinker brick” has been added to the OMS property capture/edit. A problem was also corrected where duplicate entries was shown on the wall type, facing and roof type in some user’s browsers. Contacts filter On the ‘view contacts’ page the filter is no longer case sensitive: New Audit Trail entries The OMS will now record contact added and deleted actions from users including the name of the contact that was added or deleted. Further updates following in the next few days will also record where contacts have been updated by users.

Advanced Property Search & Audit Trail improvements

Advanced Property Search Enhancements Following on the advanced property search upgrades done last week , you can now apply additional filtering criteria for residential properties in the advanced search with the latest OMS updates. Simply click on the ‘residential’ tab, select additional filter criteria and hit the search button. Especially useful if you have lots of listing stock or want to search inactive listings. Audit Trail Enhancements You can now easily filter for the latest audit trail events with a dropdown filter. Results are displayed quicker and you can choose from all actions performed today, last 7,30,90 days or year for OMS users in your office.  A further improvement also allows organisation users (head office) for groups, to now filter for activities across all offices – where they previously were restricted to selected a particular office.

New Updates: photo copyright, advanced search, expiry contacts bug & ipad photo upload support

  Photo copyright settings The OMS will now remember your last chosen option for the copyright setting when uploading property photos. This saves a bit of time if you always use one of the copyright settings Advanced property search upgrades The advanced property search now features an export option and you can export properties to Word, Excel and CSV format. Automatic property expiry bug with contacts corrected The OMS automatically expires properties once the expiry date is reached, and changes the listing to an expired status. A bug caused the contacts on this listing not to be transferred to the latest expired status (although the contacts were still available when you selected the previous for sale/rental status). Contacts are now brought over correctly when the property expires automatically. iPad photo upload support The OMS now supports the upload of photos through the Apple iPad tablet. You will need the latest iOS 6 operating system on your tablet

New Property Intelligence Reports – price announcement

Last year we started working on new valuation reports for the OMS in association with Lightstone. We are pleased to announce that our initial development has been completed and a number of reports will soon be available in BETA format to test. We will then launch the OMS module soon after this. PRICING We will offer x4 packages split between month-to-month and 12-month contracts and the option of a standard or advanced package for larger offices: FUNCTIONALITY Property Valuation, Suburb Analysis, Transfers and Automated Property Valuation reports will be available at first, with Owners in Complex, Sectional Scheme and Estate reports following later. The reports will be branded with your company name and logo as done with the current property brochures available in the OMS. A search area will provide an easy way to search for matching properties (or suburbs) through area, owner ID number or Street name. Reports can then be downloaded in PDF format while roles in the OMS