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Upgraded Private Property interface launched

We’ve just launched an upgraded new listing syndication interface from the OMS to the Private Property website, ensuring faster and smoother updates of property listings.  This follows on the release of an upgraded Property24 interface at the end of last year. Watch this space for more updates on our listing syndication functionality over the next couple of weeks, or get the news 1st on the Entegral Facebook page . Have a look at a list of all our partner portals here .

Customize your Real Estate Agency Facebook page look-and-feel

Rule #1… setup a business page and don’t make the mistake of setting up a normal Facebook person profile page.  Here is the link: Next step : choose a cover and profile picture. The dimensions for each are below. Note that the profile pic you upload must be at least 180x180 pixels. If you use images with your logo or text-based content, you may get higher quality results by using a the PNG format. You will need to keep to the Facebook rules for your cover and profile photos , of particular importance is the following:" Cover All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can't be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else's copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. Covers may not include: i.    images with more than 20% text; ii.    price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Do

New industry first Fax-to-Property feature launched

We are proud to announce a ground breaking industry first feature in the OMS: Fax-to-Property This allows estate agents, attorneys, seller, buyers and anyone else involved in a property transaction, to fax documents straight to the respective listing in the OMS (Office Management System) . The fax is linked to the property listing, an email notification is sent to the agent, and he is further notified of the fax in his OMS Live inbox. Not only is this a big time saver, but it allows for better property file/document management within an office. How does it work? Agents can simply open a property listing, and click on the ‘fax-to-property’ link. A unique fax number is instantly generated for that particular property listing which can be provided to all contacts on the property. All faxes sent to that number is automatically converted to PDF and attached to the property, from where the agent or office can open it. When a new fax arrives, the agent is notified via email. Faxes

New: open faxes directly from your email notification including phone

The OMS fax notification message has been enhanced with a link that allows you to open the fax received (personal or office) from your email: We’ve also tested it on popular smartphones and you can open faxes directly from your phone when you click on the link. Here we’ve opened a 25-page contract: More about fax management in the OMS The OMS provides fax management in the cloud. It provides your office and all your agents with free unique fax numbers that are linked to your office document or personal document library. Faxes received are imported in a fax folder. From here you can drag-and-drop to other folders or rename: When a fax is received it automatically imports into the OMS dashboard inbox view too: The OMS fax-to-document library is included at no additional cost with all OMS packages. To get your fax number simply login to the OMS, click on the personal or office document library and instantly get a fax number at the click of a button.

OMS Dashboard Live Inbox enhancement

The new default view for the OMS Live Inbox is now ‘ my outstanding items (last 10) ’. This filter for the last 10 outstanding items in your inbox. As you tick items of it will automatically filter again and bring older items into view. You can still click on the dropdown and select to view all your items (or historic completed items). As before all items are colour coded with the waiting time and description displayed: We have also corrected a problem where the inbox did not refresh correctly for all users. The inbox now refresh faster too – it will now check for new messages automatically every 60 seconds.

Revamped property files & links functionality

A revamped property files & links functionality is now available on property listings. It features a more user friendly interface for uploading files or links but also features the following improvements: 1) larger file sizes (up to 20MB files can now be uploaded depending on your account) 2) more files extensions (the system now allows all the common file formats like PDF, DOC, JPG etc) A little info box bottom right will also provide you with details regarding the available space for files on your account. The total files uploaded on properties are calculated for your office and displayed here.  Review OMS account packages here for an overview of space available per account, ranging from 100MB to a massive 10GB (10,000MB). Additional space can also be purchased should you ever run out.  (If you upload on average 1MB documents, you will need to upload 10,000 files on the high end packages before you will need to purchase additional space). The storage is highly secure a