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We are pleased to announce the availability of our new OMS Property Intelligence reports from Monday 29 April for all our South African estate agents. The reports is based on live Lightstone data and will be conveniently available from within the OMS.  You will be able to draw PDF reports from within the OMS which will include your company logo. Users who are allowed to draw these reports can be configured within the OMS.


Reports available

1) Property Report: The Property Report  offers comprehensive information pertaining to the sales activity of a particular property and the surrounding area. It includes property details from the Deeds office, owner details, municipal valuation details, aerial / satellite showing the location of the property and a table with the 20 most recent comparable sales.

2) Transfers Report: The Transfers Report details transactional and bond registration information in a table format. It includes property details (erf / unit / farm number, portion, address, etc.), sales and registration dates, size, purchase price, bond amount and institution and buyer and seller names.

3) Suburb Analysis Report: The Suburb Report offers a comprehensive property market overview of a specific suburb. This information is of particular value to investors or those looking to purchase a property and would prefer a broader view (i.e. not property specific) of the general activity and trends in a suburb.

4) Automated Property Valuation Report (available at extra cost):  The  Automated Property Valuation Report,  is a comprehensive report that helps you determine the fair market value of residential property in South Africa. The key feature of this report is the estimated value of the property, derived from Lightstone's reputable Automated Valuation Model (AVM) which uses statistical methodologies to assign a current market value to the property.

More reports will be added with time.


Pricing & Signup


Please click here to sign your office up, functionality will be made available from 29 April onwards.





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  2. make your CMS so that agents can input their own data for better CMAs than Lightstone can ever do...e.g photos of the property, listings date etc...and each time the property goes down in price and when it changes hands this is a manual process agents do anyways - you can just present it better --- oh and maybe you can sell the data back to Lightstone!!!lol

    1. very good idea thanks Shaun, we definitely will expand the standard functionality and see what other data sources we can integrate. The photos integration can work very well.

  3. Adriaan, is there any possibility that a user could reach an agreement with Lightstone on a billed-by-report basis? That would mean that one pays for the reports drawn, instead of paying a monthly fee?

    1. hi Retha, it certainly is possible with a bit of development but with the packages provided we achieved lower cost due to economies of scale.
      Individual property reports will work out R40-R50/report once-off while the cheapest package starts at R200/month for 30 reports.
      So if if you are drawing less than 5 valuations/month the individual reports will work out cheaper.
      If you are interested let me know and we can further investigate this option.


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