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Radius search feature will launch on the #NewMyProperty South Africa website

As you know we are busy with a complete new MyProperty South Africa website . Follow us on our Facebook page for all the latest progress on this. Our aim is to simplify search and bring out innovative new ways of searching for property. One of them is the new Radius Search feature. This will allow visitors to search for property around a point anywhere in South Africa. By selecting the size of the search (the radius) visitors will be able to increase their search area easily to include more properties. Properties that have (correct) geo location information (the show map feature in the OMS) will benefit from this but we will also include non-geocoded properties intelligently without revealing any location.

OMS Property Intelligence Reports enhancements – new search fields

The search fields in the Property Report for the P.I. Reports have been updated and you can now also search on the following 5 new fields : Sectional Title Name, Farm Name, Erf Number, Portion Number and Owner Name

OMS Property Intelligence Property Report enhancement

You can now sort results on the Property Intelligence Property Reports by simply clicking on a column heading. Click again to reverse the sort order: You can now also group results by dragging a column header to the bar above the column headings as shown in this sample: The Property Intelligence reports is available as add-on to the OMS for monthly or yearly subscriptions. We use Lightstone data but give you benefits such as controlling which agents can access the reports, how many reports they can draw per month and integrating your logo automatically onto all the reports. If you are not already signed up, log in to the OMS, and go to ‘Reports’ / ‘Property Intelligence’ for more details and the signup form.