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Corrections on property notes, brochures P.O.A and office setup

PROPERTY NOTES We’ve corrected a problem with the notes formatting on properties, and should now display your notes correctly: PROPERTY BROCHURES Some property brochures didn’t display a P.O.A correctly (and only a 0), this has been corrected: OFFICE SETUP The office members page will now show all agents/users on a single page to make it quicker to edit for offices with a larger number of agents.

Performance upgrades OMS & Client Websites

We’ve done general upgrades on the OMS and all client websites on Tue & Wed & Thursday this week (Aug 2013) that should see improvements in page rendering speeds. This would be noticeable on slower internet connections.

The #NewMyProperty profile pages will give you more exposure – check your office profile photos

The ‪#‎NewMyProperty‬ launch is imminent... with improved profile pages for your office and agents, you will receive a lot more exposure. Make sure you sell a professional image by getting a consistent look-and-feel for your entire office. The new OMS profile upload function will help you achieve this by cropping photos to the correct size – there is even an instructional video: