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OMS & website thumbnail order problem corrected

In some cases changing the photo order on a listing didn’t update the thumbnail correctly in the OMS property quick search and fr some website search results as shown below. The problem has been resolved. Did you know you can drag and drop the photo order in the OMS? Have a look at the sample video below. There is also no need to resize your photos before you upload them, plus you can upload an unlimtted number of photos per property listing.

Maximise your exposure on the new Draw-a-Search

The new Draw-a-search function is now live on MyProperty South Africa. Read more about draw-a-search here . More focus will be placed on this over time which will results in more visitors using this feature to find their home. If you geocode (map) your properties in the OMS, it will display like this on MyProperty if people use the draw facility: If your properties are not geocoded, it will not display in these searches, and you could loose out on valuable traffic . If you are prepared to make the property location available, simply click on the ‘make map location & address available on web’ checkbox on the property details. Also make sure the property is correctly mapped by clicking on the ‘show on map’ link to view it. The other benefit is that Google Streetview and driving directions is automatically available for properties that are geocoded.

OMS Calendar appointments now with more time selections

Agents work longer hours and some events need to be scheduled outside normal business hours. The OMS Calendar now supports selecting times from 7am to 11.30pm in the dropdown list. Before you had to enter time time manually if it was after 5pm: The OMS features x3 calendars that are colour coded for easy identification: 1) My Calendar : personal appointments only you can see. 2) Office Calendar : events everyone in your office can see. 3) Group Calendar : events everyone in your group of offices can see. Only managers and administrator with the correct user rights can load office and group calendar items. You can setup reminders that will show once you log in to the OMS and also set recurring events (e.g. weekly office meetings).