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11 new portal partners including ImmoAfrica

  Estate Agents using our OMS can now advertise to ImmoAfrica for free ( ), the interface went live today – all your listings from at least the last 6 months are advertised for free daily. Then there are an additional 11 optional portals available at extra cost ranging between R339 and R555 per month. This includes Immoscout24 - Germany's real estate portal with over 10 million visits/month. Please enquire from our helpdesk for more info

OMS geocoding accuracy improved

We’ve loaded a small update that will improve the accuracy of the map marker when you click on ‘geocode from address’ after you’ve entered the property address. The update will better pinpoint the location of the property for some listings where it previously struggled.

OMS upgrades including new online marketing view

  1. New flat user interface Tweaks were done to create a more consistent and cleaner user interface throughout the system:   2. Improved online marketing page with status and links to external portals You can now view the status of your property listing on external portals presented by different icons as illustrated below. Should there be an error (e.g. the Private Property icon below) you can hover your mouse over the icon to get an icon description. Reference numbers with links are also included next to the portals to quickly locate the listing. Where you see a ‘denied’ sign your listing does not appear on that website (where in most cases you don’t have a contract with them).   When you load a new listing and shortly after you’ve listed it, it will show a pending orange icon as illustrated below until the system picks up that it is listed:     3. Quicker area and agent selection You can now type in an area/agent in a dropdown box to locate the entry faster:   4. N