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OMS Audit trail filter increased to 2 years

The Audit Trail report in the OMS allows you to see and filter on user actions performed on your account.We have increased the maximum age filter from 1 year to 2 years. This allows you to go back an filter on user actions for the previous 2 years.Like before you can filter on agents, group and filter data. Organisation users have access to filter on group-wide audit trail data.

Private Property interface update - on show info

The OMS now supports on show information on the Private Property portal.
Simply enter your show dates on the property listing in the OMS:

The information will then queue to be updated to the Private Property portal (allows +- 5 - 15min):

The OMS provides advanced listing syndication to all the major portals, uploading your listings on the OMS ensures they will reach external portals quicker compared to other systems. More info on portals we interface to here:
The OMS will also pull through on show information to your website, including our latest generation Flex responsive real estate websites:

Private Property interface update: office numbers

The OMS interface to Private Property will now include your office number on your agent profile, as shown below:To activate this, simply open your OMS user profile and press the save button. Updates are then sent through to Private Property every 10 min, so allow so time to update on the Private Property website.The OMS can syndicate your property listings to key property portal in South Africa & Namibia, for more info click here: of the benefits of using the OMS, is that we update to these portals quicker than any other service provider, ensuring your listings reaches these portals first.

New Google CAPTCHA AI system now on MyProperty South Africa

The widespread use of CAPTCHAs - the term for those mashed-up letter sequences you must type to “prove you’re not a robot” — are not just annoying, they’re also increasingly useless. As Google explained last year, algorithms can now solve 99 percent of the CAPTCHAs out there.To counter this, Google developed an Advanced Risk Analysis backend for reCAPTCHA that actively considers a user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA - before, during, and after - to determine whether that user is a human. Read more here and here.We are pleased to announce that MyProperty South Africa is the 1st property portal to implement this new innovation from Google that was only released yesterday. For estate agents there are 2 significant benefits:1) Better protection against spam enquiries;2) A more friendly & quicker interface for people to make enquiries;Here is a screenshot below, you can also open any property listing on MyProperty and click on contact agent/make enquiry to see it in action.Here i…

Now 28% larger photos with the OMS

We’ve increased the photo size of property photos loaded through the OMS, by a massive 28%. New property photos uploaded since yesterday will now be resized to fit 1024x768 pixel resolution (up from 800x600 pixel resolution). The change will automatically reflect on all Entegral powered websites including MyProperty South Africa & Namibia and your own office website (including the new generation Flex real estate websites).Click on the photo below for a sample on MyProperty Namibia. (click on the large photo to go full screen):If you take time to ensure you take professional photos, this new larger photo size will only compliment your effort and provide buyers with a high quality online viewing experience. It will also enhance the photo quality of PDF brochures you can generate through the OMS. This new larger photo size is still linked to our industry leading ‘unlimited photos’ service. You can upload as many photos as you want on a property. To make sure your property listings be…

Search improvements for MyProperty South Africa

A number of small search improvements have been implemented for MyProperty South Africa.On the backend we’ve done tweaks for slightly faster property searches for users to improve the overall user experience.You will now also be able to search by property type from the property search bar to assist in narrowing your search criteria right from the start. This was previously only available in the search results.In the screenshot below you can see how users can select the status (for sale, to rent, auction, on show etc) and the property type next to it:On the search results page users will now be able to better select the specific property type based on their initial selection of residential, commercial or agricultural. In the screenshot below users can filter on the specific residential property type for a Cape Town search:

Hotsheet report & quick search update

We have updated the listing stock hotsheet report and quick search page (listed in the last 7/30 days) in the OMS.The OMS previously used the listing date to filter properties for latest properties on these reports. Unfortunately, when you had a future dated listing (e.g. mandate only starting in a few days time) it didn’t show up on these reports. We’ve corrected it to now use the date the actual listing was captured, so will now reflect any future dated for sale and rental mandates correctly.Hotsheet report:Quick search listed in last 7/30 days filter:

Export property stock reports from advanced search

You can now use the property advanced search page to export your filtered results to two listing stock reports in addition to the Excel, Word and CSV options available:- PDF Stock Report – one liner- PDF Stock Report – with photosThese are the same stock reports available from your Reports / Stock reports page. Filter areas, property types, statuses, price ranges, beds, baths etc and export the properties by selecting the ‘select to export’ option after you’ve done the search.

How to classify your contacts in the OMS

With the latest OMS update we’ve included the lead source column in your contacts view. Let’s quickly recap on how you can classify your contacts in the OMS.On your contacts view you can filter contacts by category (on the left in the screenshot below). If you edit a contact, you can link them to multiple categories, which makes it really flexible to group contacts the way you want. You can also switch between personal and office contacts. Office contacts are shared with the office and everyone can see them. You can choose if you want to share a contact with the office or keep them private.You can setup any category structure on your own personal profile, e.g. hot leads, cold leads, approved suppliers – this is up to you. Here we’ve setup a structure for bond application statuses:Opening a contact you will see which categories this contact is linked to. Below we can see Hot Leads and My Buyers. You can click on the categories tab to change this.  It also shows any linked items on this…

OMS Auctions - quick overview

The OMS allows you to load auction properties when you load a new property listing, by simply selecting the ‘Auction’ option:On the mandate screen, you specify an Auction Date as can be seen on this sample:This auction listing is then pushed through to your website. On the latest Flex real estate websites, the date is highlighted in an ‘On Auction’ block on property listings:Auctions are also searchable as a status selection on Flex websites:Auction are exported to external websites that support auction statuses, including MyProperty and Property24.On Property24 the auction information is also presented in a separate block. Note that for Property24 we now use the OMS Auction Date (and not the on show date as used previously):The ‘Venue’ field will have ‘TBA’ by default, unless you tick the ‘make map location & address available on web’ in the OMS property details location screen:

Improved support process in OMS

We’ve made the process to submit support requests smoother with direct integration of a support request form in the OMS. It is also linked to our Knowledge Base, so will automatically suggest solutions on the right when you enter your request details. Our Knowledge Base is currently being overhauled so help solutions will expand over time – all aimed to assist you faster with any queries.The ticket is automatically assigned to one of our helpdesk consultants, ensuring the fastest possible way to get support. You can also use this for any sales related queries, it will automatically get routed to the correct people for assistance.

5 reasons to register your .joburg, .capetown or .durban domains now through us

We’ve just announced the availability of x3 new city top level domain names available to clients including .joburg, .capetown and .durban. You can now secure top domains such as or and link it to your Entegral powered website.Here are 5 good reason why you should register .joburg, .capetown, .durban (or, .com, .net) domains through Entegral:1) Entegral is an accredited registrar: Your domain is hosted on our state of the art cloud-based worldwide anycast DNS network. It ensures the fastest access times to your website from anywhere in the world with multiple DNS failover points. It also automatically scales with large traffic volumes. If your domain is unreachable, your website is unreachable. The cost for this premium service is included in your yearly domain fees. 3) You are listed as the registered owner of the domain (many service providers registers the domain in their …

.joburg .capetown .durban domain names now available for registration

You can now register the following x3 new top level city domains through Entegral at the price of R349/year ex VAT: The price includes hosting & management of the domain on our industry leading domain network that provides 100% uptime and load balancing features.
Simply contact our support team @ to request availability & register your domain names. If you have a website with us, you can link the domains at a once off fee of R99/domain ex VAT per domain to your website.

Entegral is an accredited domain registrar for domains including the new .joburg, .capetown and .durban domains.

Property Intelligence Reports improvements

The OMS features integrated Property Intelligence Reports for South African estate agents.
The reports are based on Lightstone data and is available within the OMS. Administrator can configure which agents can draw reports and even how many per month. Reports are branded with your company logo and can be downloaded in PDF format. Available reports include:
1) Property Reports
2) Transfers Reports
3) Suburb Analysis Reports and
4) Automated Property Valuation Reports

More info including prices can be found here:

We tweaked the suburb analysis report look and feel, including the map and graphs as shown below:

To assign reports to your agents simply go to setup, open up a profile and under the user account tick the Property Intelligence Reports checkbox and assign the number of reports/month for this user as shown below. If you for instance have a package with 40 reports included/month you have 40 reports you can…

New quick search by Erf No and other OMS updates

You can now also use the OMS quick search to search for properties by Erf Number.Simply enter the erf number (or partial erf number) and hit ‘properties’ to find matches:We’ve also applied the following updates:1. We corrected a problem where agents deleted or disabled weren’t always removed from external websites.2. We corrected a problem on the On Show stock report where it showed duplicate listings when a listing had multiple show dates. Small alignment tweaks were also applied to the report.

OMS Quicktips: configure individual agent access

With the OMS you can provide 24/7 online access for all your agents. For each agent profile, you can control access right to listings and contacts.When you edit a user account you can choose from various access levels. This includes read only access where the user can only view listings, contacts etc. A personal (limited)profile allows the agent to only view and edit their own listings, while the personal (full) profile provides access to all office listings although the agent can only edit their own listings. Go up to administrator level and those users will have full control over all listings, contacts and setup functions. Simply choose the access level for each agent, hover your mouse over the help section for a breakdown of access rights:Access levels are further extended to a group admin level for franchise groups, where those users can have group wide setup access including setup of new offices and can draw group wide statistics per office or agent.Example of group wide access t…

Paid property portals for free – only with Entegral’s OMS

At Entegral, we love to provide our real estate clients with more bang for their buck.If you have one of our OMS packages, you get free exposure on a number of high traffic portals and have the option to automatically feed to paid portals like Private Property and Property24 at a fixed standard fee of only R99/month (up to 5 times less than what competitors charge).We also include the following portals at no extra cost to Entegral OMS clients: OLX, IOL Property, ImmoAfrica, Property Junction, MyProperty South Africa & Namibia, uPrice, PriceCheck and Bid-or-Buy (first 3 listings).What many clients are not aware of, is that some of these portals are offered at extra cost when working through a different service provider. Entegral covers the costs through your monthly OMS fee. This includes our own MyProperty portals, where you would pay R300/month upwards if you work through other service providers. The x5 paid portals that are included free of charge for Entegral OMS clients are:-

QR codes works with Flex real estate websites

Almost 3 and a half years ago we introduced property listing QR codes in the OMS. You can still generate these, and we are glad to say, it still works with the latest Flex responsive real estate websites.To generate a QR code simply open the OMS property listing and go to reports / QR code. From there you save the QR code and place it anywhere on printed media including your show boards.Many of our clients have tried the QR codes through the years with mixed response depending on the particular application (print ad, show board, business card etc).  Your tech savvy clients will enjoy this but be careful to place the correct QR code with the correct property and not to mix them up!  (Otherwise people will scan the QR code and open the wrong property listing).Other thing to look out for is print quality, make the QR code too small and it won’t scan – it needs to be a crisp image.  The QR code saves people from entering your website address and property reference code by hand. They can s…

3 easy ways to track expired property listings with the OMS

1. Live inboxYour live inbox will automatically show listings about to expire, you will notice a notification automatically appearing one week before the listing expires, and the day it expires. Tick the checkbox to acknowledge the notification. You can select the ‘my completed items’ to access your completed items later. Click on a link to open the listing.2. Quick searchGo to the Property Quick Search in the OMS and select one of the expired listings filters. You can view listings that will expire, or have already expired:3. Stock ReportGo to the Reports / Stock menu in the OMS, select your listing stock report with filters and download the PDF. You will notice listings about to expire highlighted with a warning icon:Auto-expiring of listingsThe OMS will auto-expire your listings as soon as the expire date is reached. Expired listings can be re-enabled by opening the listings and changing the status to one of the active statuses (for sale, to rent, on auction). The OMS will keep tra…

Saving & sharing files including contracts on your property listings #gopaperless

The OMS allows you to save files for internal use on each property (and also easily share it with people). This can include contracts, faxes or any other property transaction files in PDF,JPG,TIFF,PNG,GIF,DOC,CSV,XLS or TXT format. These files are stored and backed up securely in our cloud infrastructure and is kept on the listing even if it goes into an inactive state such as sold or withdrawn.To upload a file manually to a property listing, simply open it and click on ‘files & links’.Select your file, add a description and make sure the ‘make public’ option is not ticked. (Ticking this will share the file link on your website). Press upload:The file is uploaded and shown in the list. You can upload as many files as you want. You can also link a fax number to this property listing, simply click on fax-to-property to get an instant unique number for this listing. Any faxes you send to that number will be linked as an internal PDF file on the listing.Once your file(s) are uploaded …