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All the leads from all the leading property portals in one place

We’ve made it super easy to list your properties once and export it automatically to all the leading property portals. Now we’ve developed innovative new functionality that will allow you to import all those leads back into the OMS. Automatic. No manual capturing.
The new feature will allow you to import your leads from IOL Property, Property24, Private Property, Property Genie, ImmoAfrica to complement the leads already imported from MyProperty and your own website.

The service is live and we will post instructions to this BETA service within the next 24 hrs next to your OMS inbox.
Leads are imported on average within 5 minutes. You will have the option of manually importing leads or use an automatic option that is easy to configure. More portals will be added over time.
This is how your imported leads will look like:

Opening an imported lead will show all the contact information you normally receive with the benefit of hyperlinks to your OMS property and a link to the property on t…

OMS setup: delete/disable/enable users

We’ve applied changes to the delete user account section as follows (available under setup/office members/user account to office administrators):You now have 3 options available:Disable this agent: it will transfer all active properties to the agent you selected, before disabling the account. Disabling the account will remove it from your website and also prevent the user from login in but will keep all inactive properties under their name – which is good for statistical purposes in reports. You can recall any of the inactive properties under this agent and make it active again under a live agent.Delete this agent: It will transfer all active and inactive properties to the agent you selected, before permanently deleting the account. The third option is to re-enable a user, and is only shown for disabled users. This will enable the user again in the OMS and they will be able to log in using their last username and password. They will also be restored on your website within the hour. To…

Online marketing, external portal interface tweaks

We’ve updated the online marketing page on listings to better reflect status updates on external listings and provide better error descriptions. You can still hover your mouse over a red alert icon next to a portal, to see why it failed to interface. The OMS allows you to interface to all South Africa’s and Namibia’s top property portals, get status updates on whether the property is live and even get a direct link to the property where available.

Tip: downloadable PDF’s on your website for house plans

So you have a new development you want to market on the web? You upload the development plans as photos but they are still too small to see the details. What to do?Simply upload the plans as PDF files on the property:1) open up the listing in the OMS2) click on files & links3) click on ‘add file’4) select the PDF file from your pc, enter a friendly description, tick the ‘make public’ checkbox and press upload5) you’re done. Within a hour the property listing will be updated on Entegral powered websites (including your own agency website and MyProperty) to reflect on the property as a downloadable link.Any restrictions?Click on the ‘file usage’ link on the bottom right to review how much storage you have left. We provide plenty of storage for accounts and you can easily upgrade too. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload on a property listing.If you don’t select the ‘make public’ option, the file will be for internal use only, e.g. contracts.

Configure & track your own lead sources in the OMS

You can now configure your own lead sources for contacts in the OMS. Users will be able to pick the configured lead source types from a dropdown on contacts as shown below:To configure your own set of lead source types, simply go to Setup / Sales Settings / Lead Sources and follow the instructions (as office administrator). You can even create sub categories as indicated below:For groups of offices, a setting is available to configure lead source types for all your offices (enabled by default). Please click on the help & example link on the lead source page.

OMS Updates: brochures & saving profile

The following updates are now available in the OMS:We corrected a problem where the Photo (A4 portrait | residential) brochure split across x2 pages in certain cases where the rates&taxes and levy were both entered:The electrical certificate and agency board fields were corrected on the Full listing brochure (A4 portrait | residential)Some users with personal read only and personal (limited/full) access couldn’t save their profile details including updating their photo. This was corrected. Note, that the OMS only allows office administrators to update individual OMS access level & configuration settings like whether they can run Property Intelligence Reports. Users can however change their own passwords.

News & content editor Internet Explorer 11 issue fixed

We corrected a problem where the toolbar in the content & news editor was disabled if you used the latest Internet Explorer 11. News articles can be loaded (and pre-scheduled) to appear on your website if you host your real estate website through us.

Self-service virtual tours problem corrected

We corrected an upload problem on the virtual tour section of property listings in the OMS.The OMS allows you to capture and upload your own virtual tours using a digital camera, tripod and software we provide: It is included in all OMS versions and there is no limit on the number of virtual tours you can load on properties.

Website address now on all standard property brochures

Your office website address will now appear on all the OMS standard property brochures. It previously appeared on two of them. The A5 landscape brochure now also displays the currency correctly/ The website address can be configured by the office administrator or manager in the setup section of the OMS.The OMS property brochures are available on every property listing and allows you to download a standard or custom brochure in PDF format at the click of a mouse. You can even choose whether to show the property address and select the agent details that should appear.The brochures are highly optimized for small size without loosing quality. There is no limit to the number of brochures you can generate and custom brochures can also be developed.

Street address now available on referral view

When you open referrals from the referrals screen:the street address is now included if supplied:Referrals are available to our enterprise clients. It allows buyer, seller, landlord and tenant referrals to be captured and tracked between offices in a group.

The real estate traffic spike starts tomorrow, are you ready?

Based on years of historic data we've captured, tomorrow marks the start of a spike in internet traffic on real estate websites in Southern Africa, with most people back at work. On our portals like MyProperty South Africa, 50 to 100% more traffic is generated month-on-month in January compared to December.
If you own a real estate website, make sure your listing stock is up to date for visitors. With so many websites to choose from, you should make no compromise on listing quality & accuracy to get visitors to return.