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Updates 24 Feb 2014: expired listings search & agent transfers

Searching for expired rental listings in the OMS advanced search We corrected a problem where not all rental expired listings showed in the search results for the advanced search in the OMS: Technical: the problem was caused by a recent update to the OMS advanced search functionality and only applicable to rental listings that expired. The OMS allows you to save all your historic data including rented, expired, inactive and sold property listing stock. This allows you to look-up the property at a later stage and re-enable it to for sale, rental or auction status. There is no limit on the number of inactive/expired/sold stock an office can have, and won’t affect the speed of the system.   Agent transfers between offices Transfer of agents between offices (a function available to groups) have been tweaked and will now correctly handle the updates to external portals to reflect the agent’s new office. Any listings assigned to that agent will also be transferred automatically. The p

Online marketing update for organisation administrators

User with organisation administrator access (head office for a group of offices) will now be able to see the correct statuses and external listing reference numbers if they open any of their group’s office listings: The OMS makes it easy to manage data across an organisation with multiple offices. Organisation admin users can create offices, modify agents and pull various reports. They also get access to listing and portal syndication data as shown above. Organisation admin users can manage a central document library for all offices and control lead source lists that all agents can use.

Manage companies in the OMS

You can now access a company section in the OMS under Contacts / View Companies. Here you can capture companies like bond originators, attorneys and suppliers for your office. You can manage your own list of companies, share with the office or your group of offices depending on your OMS access level. This allows groups to for instance set up a list of shared attorney contacts that everyone can access and use. Companies (including banks, attorneys, bond originators and external agencies) will be used in the new sales tracking functionality.

Choose which listings you want to send to Property 24

Just launched in the OMS, an improved interface which allows you to choose which properties you want to send to Property24. Uncheck or check the property24 checkbox on the online marketing page of listings and press save, and we'll update your listing within 15 minutes. Watch this space for more partner portals launching this year, or have a look at the list of our local and international partner portals:

Updates: PI reports, performance reports, disable agent function

  Property Intelligence (PI) Reports We corrected a problem where the municipality wasn’t showing in the dropdown: Disable users A problem was corrected where the new disable user function didn’t remove agents from national websites. Performance reports We corrected a listing count discrepancy that showed for a few users on the listing breakdown reports: