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New Flex on show, agent & commercial search features

Our newly launched Flex real estate websites are now enhanced with the following new features, and is automatically available to all clients:   Search by agent On the search dropdown, select ‘By Agent’, it will list all your office’s agents with property counts. Select the agent and press search to view all property listings.   Search on show Although on show properties are automatically featured on your home page, you will now also find on show properties in the search dropdown menu. On show details are integrated into property listings and can easily be managed within the OMS real estate office management system :   Commercial Search Flex works for commercial real estate listings too. For commercial listings users have the option to filter commercial property by building and land size, with the sizes adjusted to better cater for commercial properties.   Watch this space, for more exiting Flex updates to follow.  Not on Flex? Take a tour or place your order today .

Flex: new Twitter Cards for property listings

Love Twitter? You will love it even more now with our new integrated Twitter Cards available on our Flex real estate website framework . With a once-off setup fee of R199 your properties will feature x4 photos and description embedded in Twitter. More info here:

Flex – improved Facebook share

With the newly launched Flex real estate website platform , we will be posting improvements, new functionality and new real estate themes through this blog. The first improvement is on the Facebook Share button on property details. You can now choose which photo to feature (left/right arrows on photo) while the description and title is now more descriptive. Like before, you can furthermore personalise your post with something personalised like “Just listed in Krugersdorp – priced right to sell soon” to get the attention.