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New custom banner text on brochures

You can now place optional custom banner text on brochures in the OMS. Simply enter some short custom text e.g. Sold by us! or Price Reduced into the text box and it will be placed on your selected brochure. The functionality can also be implemented on custom brochures (if you have any), please contact our helpdesk for a quote. On standard brochures this will be placed over photos as per examples below: On custom brochures the banner can be placed over photos or anywhere else, including a custom background colour: The OMS allows you to print property brochures at the click of your mouse. Simply open a property listing, go to the reports tab and select your brochure. You can override the agent to display on the brochure and whether you want to disclose the address. Standard brochures not working for you? Custom brochures can be designed (you can give us a short brief or design) from R1200 once off.

OMS update on mobile numbers supported

  We’ve updated the OMS briefcase functionality (that allows you to send SMS’s to your contacts) to cater for a problem where it didn’t send to South African   081 numbers. We currently cater for the following number ranges. South Africa mobile dialing codes: 060,061,071,072,073,074,076,078,079,081,082,083,084 numbers on contacts can be entered with or without the country dailing code (27). Namibia mobile dialing codes: 060, 081, 083, 085 please prefix Namibian numbers in the OMS with the country dialing code 264 otherwise the system will assume it is a South African number. SMS cost is currently charged at R0.30/SMS excluding VAT at 14%.   In the OMS you set the users allowed to send SMS messages and also draw detailed & summary reports of messages sent by date and user.

Flex: update featured home page properties

You can now manually select featured properties for your Flex powered real estate website from the OMS. 1) Simply log in to the OMS and go to general settings; 2) Click on the parameters tab; 3) Choose featured properties from the dropdown list; 4) Enter up to 12 featured properties separated by a comma and press save (use the OMS reference number); 5) Your website home page will reflect the changes within 10 min. Note: If you don’t select any featured properties, or leave the field above blank, the system will automatically take your latest properties and any on show properties you’ve configured.

Property geocoding fixed for Chrome ver 37

If you use the latest Google Chrome version 37 with the OMS, you would’ve experienced a problem with the address geocoding feature. We’ve corrected this and also made some small tweaks to the geocoding function.   The OMS allows you to make the exact location of a property available on the web. After geocoding the address, simply tick the ‘make map location & address available on web’ tickbox: The property location will then be disclosed on websites that support this (including all Entegral powered websites and property portals ). Below is a screenshot from MyProperty South Africa where the location is shown on a map. the Google Streetview is automatically shown as well as a directions feature:

Bid-or-Buy interface update

We’ve corrected a problem on the Bid-or-Buy interface where some client’s listings didn’t pull through correctly. Our exclusive interface with Bid-or-Buy pulls through your latest OMS listings including high quality photos. People are able to search for your properties through the search function or clicking on property in the Bid-or-Buy menu:   More about the Bid or Buy exclusive packages from Entegral: Entegral provides the following exclusive packages from the OMS to Bid-Or-Buy. With each package, we automatically send your latest property listings to Bid-or-Buy depending on your package size: x3 listings: FREE! x50 listings: R199/month x250 listings: R299/month x500 listings: R499/month unlimited listings: R699/month Signing up: Clients are required to sign up and register on Bid or Buy (click here) , once registered please notify Entegral of registration along with desired package selection at No contract, advertise month-to-month. One month notice

Brochure & reports updates

Bug removed We removed a bug on brochures & reports that results in an error message on the PDF reports.   New standard commercial property brochure A new A4 commercial property brochure is now available on property listings, reports: The brochure includes commercial fields entered on your property listing:   Residential 4 photo, 1 large updated Costs are now included at the bottom of the standard residential 4 photo, 1 large brochure. This will automatically insert tax and levy costs if supplied on the property listing (for sale listings only).

PropertyGenie portal notification (closing down)

We’ve received notification from Property Genie that they will unfortunately shut down their website within the next 48 hours. Entegral will stop the feed and also remove the Property Genie option in the online marketing section of the OMS.

Non-watermarked photos of old listings to external property portals

The OMS allows you to watermark your photos with your logo or copyright text. On 3 July 2013 we’ve introduced a feature that also automatically saves a non-watermarked version of all your uploaded photos if you watermark it (at no extra cost). The OMS will then sends these non-watermarked versions to external portals that require it: For listings loaded before 3 July 2013, there won’t be any non-watermarked copies of your photos. So if you re-enable a historic listing that was loaded before 3 July 2013 (as can be seen in the mandate history from the sample below), you will only have the watermarked versions of your photos to send through to external portals.  Portals like Property24 won’t accept this, so the solution is simply to upload new photos of this listing. We’ve loaded updates on 3-4 September that resolved issues some users were experiencing with updating listings to external portals. We’ve al