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New quick search by Erf No and other OMS updates

You can now also use the OMS quick search to search for properties by Erf Number.Simply enter the erf number (or partial erf number) and hit ‘properties’ to find matches:We’ve also applied the following updates:1. We corrected a problem where agents deleted or disabled weren’t always removed from external websites.2. We corrected a problem on the On Show stock report where it showed duplicate listings when a listing had multiple show dates. Small alignment tweaks were also applied to the report.

OMS Quicktips: configure individual agent access

With the OMS you can provide 24/7 online access for all your agents. For each agent profile, you can control access right to listings and contacts.When you edit a user account you can choose from various access levels. This includes read only access where the user can only view listings, contacts etc. A personal (limited)profile allows the agent to only view and edit their own listings, while the personal (full) profile provides access to all office listings although the agent can only edit their own listings. Go up to administrator level and those users will have full control over all listings, contacts and setup functions. Simply choose the access level for each agent, hover your mouse over the help section for a breakdown of access rights:Access levels are further extended to a group admin level for franchise groups, where those users can have group wide setup access including setup of new offices and can draw group wide statistics per office or agent.Example of group wide access t…

Paid property portals for free – only with Entegral’s OMS

At Entegral, we love to provide our real estate clients with more bang for their buck.If you have one of our OMS packages, you get free exposure on a number of high traffic portals and have the option to automatically feed to paid portals like Private Property and Property24 at a fixed standard fee of only R99/month (up to 5 times less than what competitors charge).We also include the following portals at no extra cost to Entegral OMS clients: OLX, IOL Property, ImmoAfrica, Property Junction, MyProperty South Africa & Namibia, uPrice, PriceCheck and Bid-or-Buy (first 3 listings).What many clients are not aware of, is that some of these portals are offered at extra cost when working through a different service provider. Entegral covers the costs through your monthly OMS fee. This includes our own MyProperty portals, where you would pay R300/month upwards if you work through other service providers. The x5 paid portals that are included free of charge for Entegral OMS clients are:-

QR codes works with Flex real estate websites

Almost 3 and a half years ago we introduced property listing QR codes in the OMS. You can still generate these, and we are glad to say, it still works with the latest Flex responsive real estate websites.To generate a QR code simply open the OMS property listing and go to reports / QR code. From there you save the QR code and place it anywhere on printed media including your show boards.Many of our clients have tried the QR codes through the years with mixed response depending on the particular application (print ad, show board, business card etc).  Your tech savvy clients will enjoy this but be careful to place the correct QR code with the correct property and not to mix them up!  (Otherwise people will scan the QR code and open the wrong property listing).Other thing to look out for is print quality, make the QR code too small and it won’t scan – it needs to be a crisp image.  The QR code saves people from entering your website address and property reference code by hand. They can s…

3 easy ways to track expired property listings with the OMS

1. Live inboxYour live inbox will automatically show listings about to expire, you will notice a notification automatically appearing one week before the listing expires, and the day it expires. Tick the checkbox to acknowledge the notification. You can select the ‘my completed items’ to access your completed items later. Click on a link to open the listing.2. Quick searchGo to the Property Quick Search in the OMS and select one of the expired listings filters. You can view listings that will expire, or have already expired:3. Stock ReportGo to the Reports / Stock menu in the OMS, select your listing stock report with filters and download the PDF. You will notice listings about to expire highlighted with a warning icon:Auto-expiring of listingsThe OMS will auto-expire your listings as soon as the expire date is reached. Expired listings can be re-enabled by opening the listings and changing the status to one of the active statuses (for sale, to rent, on auction). The OMS will keep tra…

Saving & sharing files including contracts on your property listings #gopaperless

The OMS allows you to save files for internal use on each property (and also easily share it with people). This can include contracts, faxes or any other property transaction files in PDF,JPG,TIFF,PNG,GIF,DOC,CSV,XLS or TXT format. These files are stored and backed up securely in our cloud infrastructure and is kept on the listing even if it goes into an inactive state such as sold or withdrawn.To upload a file manually to a property listing, simply open it and click on ‘files & links’.Select your file, add a description and make sure the ‘make public’ option is not ticked. (Ticking this will share the file link on your website). Press upload:The file is uploaded and shown in the list. You can upload as many files as you want. You can also link a fax number to this property listing, simply click on fax-to-property to get an instant unique number for this listing. Any faxes you send to that number will be linked as an internal PDF file on the listing.Once your file(s) are uploaded …

OMS document library & property library – upload larger files

You can now upload larger files in the OMS document & property libraries.Depending on your OMS package, you were limited to between 2 – 20mb maximum file upload sizes for the document library and between 1 – 20mb for the property library.We’ve updated it to a default maximum upload size for all OMS packages as follows:- 20mb max per file in the personal, office or group document library.- 10mb max per file for the property library, where you want to share files publically on the web.- 20mb max per file for the property library, for internal files.
Total personal library space for files ranges from 10mb to 200mb per user and for offices from 50mb to 4gb of space included. Current OMS Package information can be found here: to see how much file space you are using in the OMS?In the personal, office or group document library check on the bottom of the screen for your usage stats. In the sample screenshot below we’ve use…

New Flex update: vCards on agent profiles

A new ‘Download vCard’ button is now available on agent profiles for all Flex real estate websites. Clicking on this will download a vCard that allows the user to add the agent contact details (including name, company name, telephone and email) to their address book. Quite a convenient feature if they are accessing your website from their phones.On Flex Agent websites, their is also a vCard download included directly in the contact menu:About vCards:a vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards.

x12 new Flex real estate website updates

The following updates are now live for all Flex real estate websites:1. The for sale/to rent dropdown will default to where you have the most properties available:2. For commercial rental searches, we’ve increased the minimum and maximum price ranges:3. The default search results sort option has been updated to default to ‘latest first’, to show your latest properties first:4. The ‘email property’ function on property details now includes 4 photos in the email sent. The email property function is available under the share button”5. We corrected a problem where the unsubscribe link on property alerts didn’t work.6. We implemented various SEO updates to assist improving your organic ranking in search engines like Google:7. Captchas are now integrated into property enquiry forms to eliminate spam enquiries:8. On show propertiy banners will feature in search results when doing searches:9. Fixed a small problem in the photo gallery for users using the Firefox browser.10. Small adjustments …