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Hotsheet report & quick search update

We have updated the listing stock hotsheet report and quick search page (listed in the last 7/30 days) in the OMS.The OMS previously used the listing date to filter properties for latest properties on these reports. Unfortunately, when you had a future dated listing (e.g. mandate only starting in a few days time) it didn’t show up on these reports. We’ve corrected it to now use the date the actual listing was captured, so will now reflect any future dated for sale and rental mandates correctly.Hotsheet report:Quick search listed in last 7/30 days filter:

Export property stock reports from advanced search

You can now use the property advanced search page to export your filtered results to two listing stock reports in addition to the Excel, Word and CSV options available:- PDF Stock Report – one liner- PDF Stock Report – with photosThese are the same stock reports available from your Reports / Stock reports page. Filter areas, property types, statuses, price ranges, beds, baths etc and export the properties by selecting the ‘select to export’ option after you’ve done the search.

How to classify your contacts in the OMS

With the latest OMS update we’ve included the lead source column in your contacts view. Let’s quickly recap on how you can classify your contacts in the OMS.On your contacts view you can filter contacts by category (on the left in the screenshot below). If you edit a contact, you can link them to multiple categories, which makes it really flexible to group contacts the way you want. You can also switch between personal and office contacts. Office contacts are shared with the office and everyone can see them. You can choose if you want to share a contact with the office or keep them private.You can setup any category structure on your own personal profile, e.g. hot leads, cold leads, approved suppliers – this is up to you. Here we’ve setup a structure for bond application statuses:Opening a contact you will see which categories this contact is linked to. Below we can see Hot Leads and My Buyers. You can click on the categories tab to change this.  It also shows any linked items on this…

OMS Auctions - quick overview

The OMS allows you to load auction properties when you load a new property listing, by simply selecting the ‘Auction’ option:On the mandate screen, you specify an Auction Date as can be seen on this sample:This auction listing is then pushed through to your website. On the latest Flex real estate websites, the date is highlighted in an ‘On Auction’ block on property listings:Auctions are also searchable as a status selection on Flex websites:Auction are exported to external websites that support auction statuses, including MyProperty and Property24.On Property24 the auction information is also presented in a separate block. Note that for Property24 we now use the OMS Auction Date (and not the on show date as used previously):The ‘Venue’ field will have ‘TBA’ by default, unless you tick the ‘make map location & address available on web’ in the OMS property details location screen:

Improved support process in OMS

We’ve made the process to submit support requests smoother with direct integration of a support request form in the OMS. It is also linked to our Knowledge Base, so will automatically suggest solutions on the right when you enter your request details. Our Knowledge Base is currently being overhauled so help solutions will expand over time – all aimed to assist you faster with any queries.The ticket is automatically assigned to one of our helpdesk consultants, ensuring the fastest possible way to get support. You can also use this for any sales related queries, it will automatically get routed to the correct people for assistance.

5 reasons to register your .joburg, .capetown or .durban domains now through us

We’ve just announced the availability of x3 new city top level domain names available to clients including .joburg, .capetown and .durban. You can now secure top domains such as or and link it to your Entegral powered website.Here are 5 good reason why you should register .joburg, .capetown, .durban (or, .com, .net) domains through Entegral:1) Entegral is an accredited registrar: Your domain is hosted on our state of the art cloud-based worldwide anycast DNS network. It ensures the fastest access times to your website from anywhere in the world with multiple DNS failover points. It also automatically scales with large traffic volumes. If your domain is unreachable, your website is unreachable. The cost for this premium service is included in your yearly domain fees. 3) You are listed as the registered owner of the domain (many service providers registers the domain in their …

.joburg .capetown .durban domain names now available for registration

You can now register the following x3 new top level city domains through Entegral at the price of R349/year ex VAT: The price includes hosting & management of the domain on our industry leading domain network that provides 100% uptime and load balancing features.
Simply contact our support team @ to request availability & register your domain names. If you have a website with us, you can link the domains at a once off fee of R99/domain ex VAT per domain to your website.

Entegral is an accredited domain registrar for domains including the new .joburg, .capetown and .durban domains.

Property Intelligence Reports improvements

The OMS features integrated Property Intelligence Reports for South African estate agents.
The reports are based on Lightstone data and is available within the OMS. Administrator can configure which agents can draw reports and even how many per month. Reports are branded with your company logo and can be downloaded in PDF format. Available reports include:
1) Property Reports
2) Transfers Reports
3) Suburb Analysis Reports and
4) Automated Property Valuation Reports

More info including prices can be found here:

We tweaked the suburb analysis report look and feel, including the map and graphs as shown below:

To assign reports to your agents simply go to setup, open up a profile and under the user account tick the Property Intelligence Reports checkbox and assign the number of reports/month for this user as shown below. If you for instance have a package with 40 reports included/month you have 40 reports you can…