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uPrice portal discontinued

We have received notice from that the portal will be discontinued on 30 November 2015: This notice is to inform you that we have taken the decision to discontinue our price comparison business ( in order to focus on our core eCommerce business at will be switched off on Monday, 30 November 2015.The listing interface in the OMS for uPrice has been de-activated. Please keep an eye on our blog for new portal partner announcements.

Flex updates: property banners and custom property features

PROPERTY BANNER UPDATESBanners on Flex real estate websites have been tweaked to better align with photos. It will now show Sold, Pending Sale and On Show banners in search results and display more prominently on property details.CUSTOM PROPERTY FEATURESThe OMS allows you to define additional property features, that displays as checkboxes on your listing capture form. You can have distinct features defined for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Simply add them (comma separated) under your office settings: It will then be available on your listing capture form:When you select these features, it will now pull through to your Flex powered real estate website. Here are some examples:These features are also hyperlinks, so visitors can click on them and view all your listings tagged with those features.You can now get creative on your website, we can include a menu link for you to filter for specific listings tagged with features or create a banner for you on your home pag…

OMS Property24 interface – larger photos

The OMS now supports larger format photos to the portal.New property photos uploaded will be sent through in a large (1024x768px) format. (Old listings captured before today will be kept as is).

New: Interactive suburb maps for Flex websites

New mapping features are being developed and rolled out to Flex websites. 1st off the line is this interactive suburb map available for all flex agent, office and national websites. It places map markers on all the suburbs where you have listings and allows visitors to pan around and zoom into suburbs to view listings: See the suburb maps in action on this website: interactive suburb maps can be activated for any existing Flex powered website for R499 ex VAT. This includes:1) Link in website menu, e.g. “suburb map”.2) Replacing one of your existing banners on your home page linking to the map page.3) Inserting links to the map page on any of your content pages.4) Setting a preferred default zoom level and location of the map for visitors.Any custom graphic or content work outside the scope of the above will be quoted for.Please get into contact with our Helpdesk to get your interactive suburb map activated.Additional Notes:No property locatio…

OMS Property Intelligence Reports – Suburb report, Age of residence correction

We have corrected a bug in the OMS PI Reports suburb report where the Age of Residence graph didn’t display correctly.

OMS Property24 photo descriptions, virtual tours and other updates

1) Property photo descriptions are now pulling through to Property24:2) The OMS now supports a longer postal and physical address details under office setup.3) The OMS Login now defaults to a secure HTTPS encrypted connection.4) External virtual tour links inserted on property details will now appear as a virtual tour tab on your Flex office or agent theme website. Simply use ‘virtual tour’ in the description and the tab with link will automatically be created on your Flex website.

OMS online marketing property link to own website

On the property online marketing page, the reference number to ‘own website’ now links out to your website (if hosted by Entegral).

OMS Property mandate, commission tweaks

We’ve tweaked the commission % and amount fields on the property mandate, to save higher precision values.You can enter the commission amount to the nearest cent, and the commission % will be calculated and stored correctly for future reference.

The Private Property interface now supports offices for sale

The interface from the OMS to the Private Property portal now supports offices for sale.(note that Private Property does not accept offices to rent).

Capture new property listings as inactive from start

Sometimes you don't want to show a newly captured listing on the web immediately. Rather than capturing a listing and changing the status to inactive, we have simplified it by adding an inactive status on the start of the capture process.

You are now able to select an ‘inactive’ listing status when you capture a new property listing:

You will be unable to change the status on the property mandate screen on the initial capture process, but will be able to change the status (to for sale, rent etc) at a later stage.
Listings captures as inactive are not pushed through to external portals.

Property24 interface: Price reduced correction

We resolved an issue on the price reduced function to Property24. When the property price is reduced on a mandate, the OMS will automatically mark the property with a ‘reduced’ banner on Property24 as per the example below:Note: The OMS also records price changes on mandates, this can be viewed in the general audit trail or on the property audit trail.

Improved password request

We’ve improved the password request function on the OMS including the email format and process.Once you request a password reset, the system will send a link for the request and guide you in choosing a new password. The link is only valid for 30 minutes and is logged by the system audit trail.

Update property listings quicker with the OMS

With the new Property24 and Private Property interfaces in place (and other to follow soon) your listings will now appear faster on these websites.

New Property24 interface launched in the OMS

A brand new Property24 was launched this morning in the OMS, following hot on the heels of the new Private Property interface launched in August.  Quicker and smootherThe new interface was designed from the ground up to provide quicker and smoother updates to Property24. Users can expect listings to update in under 5min. As before links are provided to both Property24 and SA Hometraders once the listing is live, with a status indicator showing any problems. The success indicator now also indicates the last updated date & time on the portal:New fieldsThe OMS bedroom and bathroom features fields are now included and sent through to Property24. New listings or listing updates will send these details through:Other minor improvements to the user interface were also made including better formatted messages: You can still get a centralised view of the status of all your listing on all the portals with the OMS Listing Dashboard. Watch out for further improvements and new interface partner…

Default area selection on new property listing capture & Advanced search enhancements

DEFAULT AREA SELECTIONWhen you load a new property listing, it will use the area from your last property captured.We corrected a bug that prevented the system from remembering this info.ADVANCED SEARCH ENHANCEMENTSYou are now able to optionally show property photos in the advanced search as per the quick search function:You can also apply additional filters (as per quick search) to filter on column fields:

OMS Quick search – new filter & Microsoft Edge update

NEW FILTERYou can now filter for properties listed in the last 24 hours in the OMS property quick search:MICROSOFT EGDE BROWSERThe OMS was tested on Microsoft’s new Windows 10 browser, called Edge. We can confirm that Microsoft’s new browser is a great improvement over the old Internet Explorer. Response times are great and very similar tot Google Chrome, and works fine with all OMS functions.

Improved profile photo uploader

An improved profile photo uploader is now available in the OMS. It has also been updated to correct a problem in the latest Chrome browser version. Simply head over to the ‘my profile’ section in the OMS setup, click on the update photo link, choose a profile photo from your computer, crop it to the correct aspect ratio and upload.

Flex newsletters update – safeguard against old news

Flex real estate newsletters provides a smart way of reaching clients on a regular basis by providing them with a weekly branded email containing the latest news and property listings.The latest update safeguards old news from reaching your clients. It will automatically exclude news articles from the newsletter that are older than 30 day. Our advice is to load at least one new article per week – not only will you increase the click through rate on your newsletters, but since they also appear on your website, it is great for SEO purposes to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines.

Property library size doubled for all OMS users

The OMS makes it easy to store all property related documents directly on the property listings. Even if you archive the listings, the files with all other property info are kept intact, securely in the cloud. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload, limits are imposed on the total of all file sizes saved on all listings. The OMS property library allows you to save files and links for either internal or external use on individual property listings:You can even share files securely with clients or fellow colleagues:Files that are uploaded to properties and marked as ‘external’ will automatically become available on your website for visitors to download:We have now increased the property library size for all users by +- 50%. E.g. Venture package users had 1GB of space previously and now have 2GB of space available on their property listings, at no additional fee. Have a look a the OMS packages for the new property library sizes:…

OMS Quick Search: group by agent, complex or street name

With the OMS quick search function, you can quickly view and filter for your property listings. It also provides functionality to group your listings by fields, simply by dragging-and-dropping the column field name into the group header section: You can now also group your quick search view by agent, complex or street name. This allows a better view of your data, for instance, you may want to filter for all listings loaded in the last 30 days and then group it by agent. Or perhaps group by street and get a consolidated view of listings by street and suburb. Example grouping screenshots are provided below:1) Agent Name2) Complex Name3) Street Name

New improved Virtual Tour Viewer now works on all devices

With the OMS you can create your own unlimited virtual tours for all your properties, at no additional cost.With the latest upgrade, the viewer was upgraded to the latest HTML5 technology ensuring your virtual tours will load on all devices including the latest tablets and phones. You still only need a digital camera and tripod and stitching software to create them – so get started with virtual tours here. If you load virtual tours on property listings, a virtual tour button will display on the listing (if your website is hosted through Entegral).Virtual tour panoramic images can these days be created with various free or purchased software, and can easily be uploaded in the virtual tour section on property listings. Each panoramic image you upload presents a scene – users will be able to select this from a dropdown on the viewer. Best of all? It is unlimited and free if you have an OMS account.Click on the photos below to open sample virtual tours for 2 different properties:

New Private Property interface and online marketing improvements

A brand new Private Property interface is now live and is complemented with a cleanup and tweaks on the online marketing section of the OMS property details:Updates to Private Property is now smoother & faster - you can expect listings to update in under 5 min. Error reporting is also better and offices or groups can now choose whether they want the Private Property portals including FNB and Nedbank mandates to be user selectable or to be checked by default. The new interface will now also scale better under increased load, has better failover protection and was designed from the ground up to run more cost effective on our real estate cloud infrastructure.Over the next few days we will make tweaks to the interface and also monitor it closely for any problems.

Flex search price updates

New options are now available for the minimum and maximum price dropdowns on your Flex powered real estate website.We have adjusted the ranges plus additional R10m to R80m+ options will automatically become available if you have any listings in that price range, as per sample below.

New Private Property Nedbank Assisted Sales interface

You can now load Nedbank Assisted Sales (NAS) to the Private Property portal, if you have the required contracts in place with Nedbank.Simply tick your listing as a NAS mandate on the online marketing section and it will pull through as a NAS listing on Private Property:There is no additional cost involved if you already have a contract with Private Property and feeding listings through the OMS.

New OMS A3 property brochure

There is now a new A3 landscape property brochure available in the OMS standard brochures:It displays 4 large photos with the property description & features on the right:To print PDF brochures open up a property listing, navigate to reports and select your standard or custom brochure (if we’ve developed it for your office).

#OMSQuickTips: quickly search for contacts or properties in the OMS

The OMS quicksearch is a powerful search tool that allows you to quickly locate current or historic property listings or contacts.
Simply enter your search criteria (you can enter partial information of at least 3 characters) and hit either properties or contacts. Results are displayed almost instantly.
You can search on:

Property reference numbersLoan account numbersStreet namesComplex namesErf numbersFirst namesLast namesEmail addressesMobile numbersHome numbersOffice numbers

And when you are on the road, you can always use to quickly find contacts or properties.

We've also loaded a small update on the search - the help popup blocked the search on very small screens.

OMS Photo uploader update for Chrome browsers

Google recently depreciated Java Plugin support for the latest Chrome browsers.

If you are using Chrome as browser (recommend browser for the OMS), you will now only see one photo uploader option when you upload photos to property listings. The uploader does not require any installation (works using the latest HTML5 technology):

If you are using other browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) you will still see the original 2 uploader options.

New property audit trail

A new property audit trail report is now available for all property listings. Simply open a property and click on reports, you will see a new ‘property audit trail’ link:This will open up an audit trail for the property, indicating the action, date and the user who performed the action.The system will record mandate price and status changes from today onwards and will be expanded with time to record more critical user actions on listings.You will also find a consolidated view of user actions in the general audit trail report (available under reports / audit trail):The property audit trail is similar to the contact audit trail we’ve introduced some time ago:If you have any suggestions on what other user actions you’d like to record, please post your suggestion here. .