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Listing blocked by external portal? check your email

If the OMS has a problem sending a listing to an external portal, a little warning triangle will show up next to the portal on the listing’s online marketing page. Hover your mouse over the icon to get the specific details. In some cases the portal can block the listing without a specific reason sent back to the OMS, as shown below. In cases like these, they will usually send you or your office an email with the specific reason. Where listings are blocked, it can actually shows up as sold/expired on Property24 – so check the listing’s OMS status first.

Sold listings now on Property24

Mark listing mandates you’ve sold in the OMS as ‘sold – registered’ and the sold status will pull through to Property24: We’ve also made improvements to the interface to ensure properties removed aren’t stuck on Property24 – even in the event of interface failure problems.

Live status update indicator on the OMS

Last week we announced a live system status updates for all our products & services . A summary view indicator is now also available in the OMS (login page and dashboard). With a quick glance you’ll be able to see if there are any problems in the OMS, websites,email etc. It will change to orange if there are degraded performance and red if there is a total outage on one of our systems. Detailed information is provided if you click on the status link while further information is relayed via our twitter account and also updated on the dashboard. We are serious about system uptime and keeping your online real estate business running all the time.

Flex real estate website updates

We have done the following updates on all the new generation Flex real estate websites : Right click on property photos disabled To make it more difficult for competitors to copy photos from your website, we have disabled the mouse right click on property details photos.   Aspect ratio on photos in property search results We’ve improved the aspect ratio of photos in property search results. Previously the photos were slightly squashed.   New photo count badge on property details The number of photos on a listing is now displayed on the photo tab. The property below has 19 photos.   New area filters for multi-office sites For multi-offices with a Flex website the office search facility now has a property portfolio sidebar where properties are grouped by town and suburb, including counts.           SEO Improvements Various SEO improvements have been made to aid your website in ranking higher in search engines. Now the specific details on what we do is a closely g

Transparent system status updates on all our products & services

Nobody likes downtime or having to struggle with system problems - it impacts your valuable productive time. At Entegral we are taking the lead in our industry to provide transparent live status updates on all our products and services. Users can visit to get live status updates and even subscribe to receive email alerts. Knowing when there is a problem makes life easier for everyone, including our hard working Helpdesk team! :) We will refine the status update system over time to provide real time & accurate updates as best we can. We are proud of the industry best uptime that we provide to our clients, being transparent on the status of our systems proves just how serious we take our, and your business. We hope you like it. Head over to our Facebook page and give us a like to stay informed of more industry and Entegral real estate news.  

Stock report update & levy on brochure

The stock reports have been modified to sort the ‘group by’ you select (agent, suburb, town, etc) alphabetically. In the example below we’ve chosen the 1-liner stock report, selected suburb grouping and sorting by property reference: The A4 Standard Residential 4 photo brochure has been updated to eliminate a comma appearing before the levy when the rates and taxes are not entered/available: