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OMS Mobile: property quick search

The 1st update is already available on the newly launched OMS Mobile . You can access the new OMS Mobile from using your current OMS account. You can now access your own, office our group property listings through various filters through the property search page (available under the property menu). Click on the listing number to open the listing for viewing.   You can also access the new OMS Listing Dashboard in OMS Mobile through the property menu: Look out for frequent updates on the OMS Mobile system, and if you have any suggestions or find any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk .

New OMS listing dashboard

You are now able to access the new OMS listing dashboard – it provides a quick status overview of all your active listings. Access this from the property / listing dashboard menu in the OMS and get a report of all your active office listings, or listings for a particular agent. The listing dashboard aims to quickly identify and report on problem property listings. On the listing dashboard, you can get the current status of the listing to external portal. Problem listings are highlighted with a red warning triangle. Simply click on the listing # to open the listing to investigate. Where possible, we show the reported error on the listing online marketing page.  You can also quickly get an overview of the number of photos and days on and left on the market here and sort by any of the columns by simply clicking on it. We refresh this listing status data every 10 min.

Just launched: OMS Mobile

We are proud to announce the official launch of OMS Mobile – the OMS for agents on the move!. If you are an Entegral OMS user, simply go to in your phone browser and enter your to existing OMS username to use the mobile friendly service. . What is OMS mobile? It is a mobile and tablet friendly version of the OMS that works on any screen size device, allowing quick access to OMS data, It allows you to access your properties and contacts for viewing through a quick search function that instantly provides results. It provides a unique timeline view function, showcasing what is happening in your office, and allows users to post updates to the timeline. It provides access to your OMS inbox, allowing you to view and action alerts like mandate expiry warnings and website leads. It provides access to your OMS calendar, including an agenda, monthly, weekly and daily view of events. It allows you to quickly phone contacts by clicking on a phone link, or get instant driv

Game Farms now interfaces from the OMS to Private Property

Game farms are now correctly pushed through to the Private Property portal. Simply load your listing as a game farm/lodge and it will show up correctly on the Private Property website as per sample below. About the OMS listing syndication: The OMS interfaces your listings to all the top property portals in South Africa and Namibia. Load once, capture everywhere.