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#OMSQuickTips: quickly search for contacts or properties in the OMS

The OMS quicksearch is a powerful search tool that allows you to quickly locate current or historic property listings or contacts. Simply enter your search criteria (you can enter partial information of at least 3 characters) and hit either properties or contacts . Results are displayed almost instantly. You can search on: Property reference numbers Loan account numbers Street names Complex names Erf numbers First names Last names Email addresses Mobile numbers Home numbers Office numbers And when you are on the road, you can always use to quickly find contacts or properties. We've also loaded a small update on the search - the help popup blocked the search on very small screens.

OMS Photo uploader update for Chrome browsers

Google recently depreciated Java Plugin support for the latest Chrome browsers . If you are using Chrome as browser (recommend browser for the OMS), you will now only see one photo uploader option when you upload photos to property listings. The uploader does not require any installation (works using the latest HTML5 technology): If you are using other browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) you will still see the original 2 uploader options.

New property audit trail

A new property audit trail report is now available for all property listings. Simply open a property and click on reports, you will see a new ‘property audit trail’ link: This will open up an audit trail for the property, indicating the action, date and the user who performed the action. The system will record mandate price and status changes from today onwards and will be expanded with time to record more critical user actions on listings. You will also find a consolidated view of user actions in the general audit trail report (available under reports / audit trail): The property audit trail is similar to the contact audit trail we’ve introduced some time ago: If you have any suggestions on what other user actions you’d like to record, please post your suggestion here . .

#OMS_QuickTips: How to print and use a QR barcode for a property

Barcodes are dead? Barcodes are everywhere ! Just think of how you can use Snapscan and Zapper today to make effortless mobile payments. Since 2011 you can also generate QR (Quick Response) barcodes for property listings through the OMS. How do you print one for a specific property? 1) Open the property listing in the OMS; 2) Navigate to reports and click on QR code; 3) A unique QR code is generated for that property, you can download it and print/place it anywhere; 4) People scanning the QR code will now be able to open the listing on your website.Yes, it also works on the latest generation Flex real estate websites ;   How will people use this? 1) The open their barcode scanning app, and scan your property QR barcode. This can be placed on a for sale board, window ad, newspaper ad, brochure or anywhere else you want people to get quick access to a property listing: 2) The barcode is scanned and a link pops up: 3) They click on the link and open the property listing f

#OMS_QuickTips: list your on show days and get more exposure

It’s the weekend, hope you captured your on show dates in the OMS, because you can get better exposure for these listings on MyProperty’s OnShow property section , search results as well as your own website and selected partner portals. Open the listing in the OMS, click on on show , and capture the on show details. Easy as that. Wait +- 10 min for on show property info to appear on your own website and MyProperty. EXTRA TIP: Mark the property location (make map location & address available) in the OMS property location screen like this…. … and people will be able to get driving directions to your property on MyProperty:

#OMS_QuickTips: How to create a custom PDF stock report based on area, price, status etc in 3 easy steps

1) Go to advanced search , and select your area, status, type, price range etc. On the residential tab select the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc if you want: 2) Hit search : 3) On the select to export select a PDF report and voila! … your PDF report is ready:

Property24 interface update: photos

We’ve increased the number of photos sent from the OMS to partner portal Property24, from 16 to 20.   All new listings loaded in the OMS will cater for this increased count. The OMS interfaces your property listings to all the leading property portals in Southern Africa .