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OMS online marketing property link to own website

On the property online marketing page, the reference number to ‘own website’ now links out to your website (if hosted by Entegral).

OMS Property mandate, commission tweaks

We’ve tweaked the commission % and amount fields on the property mandate, to save higher precision values.You can enter the commission amount to the nearest cent, and the commission % will be calculated and stored correctly for future reference.

The Private Property interface now supports offices for sale

The interface from the OMS to the Private Property portal now supports offices for sale.(note that Private Property does not accept offices to rent).

Capture new property listings as inactive from start

Sometimes you don't want to show a newly captured listing on the web immediately. Rather than capturing a listing and changing the status to inactive, we have simplified it by adding an inactive status on the start of the capture process.

You are now able to select an ‘inactive’ listing status when you capture a new property listing:

You will be unable to change the status on the property mandate screen on the initial capture process, but will be able to change the status (to for sale, rent etc) at a later stage.
Listings captures as inactive are not pushed through to external portals.

Property24 interface: Price reduced correction

We resolved an issue on the price reduced function to Property24. When the property price is reduced on a mandate, the OMS will automatically mark the property with a ‘reduced’ banner on Property24 as per the example below:Note: The OMS also records price changes on mandates, this can be viewed in the general audit trail or on the property audit trail.

Improved password request

We’ve improved the password request function on the OMS including the email format and process.Once you request a password reset, the system will send a link for the request and guide you in choosing a new password. The link is only valid for 30 minutes and is logged by the system audit trail.

Update property listings quicker with the OMS

With the new Property24 and Private Property interfaces in place (and other to follow soon) your listings will now appear faster on these websites.

New Property24 interface launched in the OMS

A brand new Property24 was launched this morning in the OMS, following hot on the heels of the new Private Property interface launched in August.  Quicker and smootherThe new interface was designed from the ground up to provide quicker and smoother updates to Property24. Users can expect listings to update in under 5min. As before links are provided to both Property24 and SA Hometraders once the listing is live, with a status indicator showing any problems. The success indicator now also indicates the last updated date & time on the portal:New fieldsThe OMS bedroom and bathroom features fields are now included and sent through to Property24. New listings or listing updates will send these details through:Other minor improvements to the user interface were also made including better formatted messages: You can still get a centralised view of the status of all your listing on all the portals with the OMS Listing Dashboard. Watch out for further improvements and new interface partner…