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uPrice portal discontinued

We have received notice from that the portal will be discontinued on 30 November 2015: This notice is to inform you that we have taken the decision to discontinue our price comparison business ( ) in order to focus on our core eCommerce business at will be switched off on Monday, 30 November 2015. The listing interface in the OMS for uPrice has been de-activated. Please keep an eye on our blog for new portal partner announcements.

Flex updates: property banners and custom property features

PROPERTY BANNER UPDATES Banners on Flex real estate websites have been tweaked to better align with photos. It will now show Sold, Pending Sale and On Show banners in search results and display more prominently on property details.   CUSTOM PROPERTY FEATURES The OMS allows you to define additional property features , that displays as checkboxes on your listing capture form. You can have distinct features defined for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Simply add them (comma separated) under your office settings:    It will then be available on your listing capture form: When you select these features, it will now pull through to your Flex powered real estate website. Here are some examples:   These features are also hyperlinks , so visitors can click on them and view all your listings tagged with those features. You can now get creative on your website, we can include a menu link for you to filter for specific listings tagged with features or cre

OMS Property24 interface – larger photos

The OMS now supports larger format photos to the portal. New property photos uploaded will be sent through in a large (1024x768px) format. (Old listings captured before today will be kept as is).