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Integrate video tours into your listings for free

More and more agents are using the video and OMS internal virtual tours on property listings. Both are free and offer a way to enhance your listing over most of the 'stock standard' property listings you see. The OMS furthermore allows you to integrate other external virtual tours that will display on your Flex powered real estate websites. Here is a quick overview of what you can do:

Adding Youtube video tours
It is as simple as copying-and-pasting the Youtube link on the links section on the property listing.
Click here for full instructions.

step 1: copy the Youtube video link in

step 2: after a few minutes the video will appear on your listing

Adding external virtual tours
Simply insert the link to the externally hosting virtual tour and make sure you insert the words 'Virtual Tour' into the description of the link. It will then display a virtual tour button in a tab on your listings:


OMS internal virtual tours Create free 360 degree virtual tours for all your properti…

Direct links to Property Junction

The OMS online marketing section allows you to list once and advertise on all the major property portals.

Direct links to property listings on portals are provided where we can, and we've now added a direct link to listings published on Property Junction.

The property reference will show as 'external' simply because we cannot retrieve the Property Junction reference number (at this stage), but clicking on this will open your property listing.

Notes on property listings now open to everyone in the office

In many cases agents other than the listing agent in an office would work on a property or would want to capture a quick note so that everyone can see it.
Until now, only users with admin rights or the listing agent alone could do this. We've now opened up the property notes so that standard users can add notes on any property listing within the office (except for users with read only access). 

Only the listing agent, or users with admin rights would however be able to delete notes.

OMS Document library larger thumbnail previews

We've increased the image thumbnail preview mode in the document library. This allows better previewing of uploaded images.

The OMS document library is split into 3 sections:

1) Personal: only the logged in user has access to their own personal file library.
2) Office: the whole office has access to this library, only users with administrative access can upload or delete files.
3) Group: all offices and users within a group can access this library, only head office administrators can upload or delete files.

Share files
There is a lot more to the document library, including the ability to assign fax numbers (allows faxes to be sent straight to your OMS document library) and file sharing:
Users can simply select files they want to share:

...and select for how long they want to share these files. The unique links will only be available for download for the specified period. These links are furthermore secured by HTTPS, useful and important if you want to share sensitive information!

IOL Property update - optional updates enabled

A improved interface to partner property portal, IOL Property, is now live.  Users are now also able to select or deselect the updates of property listings to IOL Property.

Simply open a property listing in the OMS, and select / deselect the option to export the listing to IOL Property.  IOL Property updates listings once a day so allow up to 24 hours for the listing to appear.

We will perform a bulk update of listings via the new interface to IOL Property over the next 24 hours. Listings updated within the last 6 months will automatically be selected for export, while you have the option to manually select older listings to IOL Property.

New partner portal, Mitula

We are pleased to announce our first new property partner portal for 2016, Mitula. The South African website, is part of the Mitula Group: a leading ‘vertical search’ website operator, with a current portfolio of more than 140 websites in 40+ countries and in 15 languages. Read more about Mitula here:

You will now find a 'Mitula' option under online marketing on property listings in the OMS:

The Mitula portal will be selected by default and you have the option to select or de-select the portal at any time.

We will perform an automatic bulk update of listings to Mitula over the next 24 hours. Listings you've updated in the OMS in the past 6 months will automatically be exported. For older listings, you will still have the option to open the listing, and manually select to update to Mitula.  Listings are updated to Mitula once a day.

Game farm & lodges correction on property details

We've corrected an issue in the OMS with the capture of Game Farm / Lodges property types. You are now able to enter the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc when this property type is selected.

OMS & Flex Virtual tours update

OMS Virtual tour system update

Under the OMS Virtual Tours we removed the previous Java virtual tour uploader (which became problematic with the latest browser updates) and replaced it with a similar interface to the standard photo uploader.

The OMS virtual tour functionality allows you to upload an unlimited number of panoramic photos to your property listings at no additional cost:

These are then converted and displayed as 360 virtual tours on your Entegral powered website. Visitors can view these tours on any device (including tablets) and pick between different scenes/rooms with the dropdown list:

OMS External Virtual tours

You can also add external virtual tours and videos to your listings. To add a video simply enter the Youtube share url, set the description to 'Virtual Tour' and click on 'make public':

On your Entegral Flex powered website, any Youtube videos will be inserted on a Virtual Tour tab as per sample below. Note you need to name the description 'v…

Flex alerts update & OMS property description requirements

Flex Property Alerts

If you run a Flex real estate website and have the property alerts option enabled, subscribers will get new property listings from your office either ASAP, daily or weekly.
We've enabled a filter to only publish listings to the property alerts where photos are available on the listing. This creates a more professional looking email and more value for subscribers.

OMS Property Description
The property description is now a minimum requirement on the OMS for property listings to appear on external property portals. Most portals already have this minimum requirement in place.