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Improving your Property Ranking on MyProperty

Click here to see the ranking at work in Sandton
Developed and fine-tuned by our hard working developers, the MyProperty Property Ranking algorithm, aims to ensure high-quality listings are ranked higher.

The algorithm uses over 20 factors to determine where the property appears in the search results and to ensure that no agent or agency can manipulate the algorithm, we have locked the exact dynamics away where only our developers can find it and continually improve on it.

If you are wondering what determines a high-quality listing consider these factors when you are uploading a new listing:
Fill in as much information as possible - such as bedrooms, bathrooms, garages etcEnsure that your listing description is informative and well writtenAlthough not every listing calls for a professional photographer, it will be advantageous to include good quality photographs.Geocode your listings where possibleIf you have a show day coming up, schedule it from your OMS dashboard

Click here to find …

Improved OMS Listing Dashboard

The OMS property listing dashboard now features several improvements including:

All portals are now displayed with their individual statuses;If a property status is 'error' you can hover your mouse over the error text to get the error message without having to open the listing;Portals where you don't interface to are hidden;New green (active) and orange (processing) indicators;New 'Show Days' column indicating the number of show days (historic + future) for the particular property;

All portals now selectable in OMS online marketing section

All portals are now selectable in the OMS Property Online Marketing section, allowing you to select where properties are exported to for each portal. Previously MyProperty, ImmoAfrica, PriceCheck, PropertyJunction and BidOrBuy was not selectable and exported by default. You can now select/deselect any of the portals.

Note that depending on your office settings, you may not be able to deselect certain portals if your office administrator has disabled this. The ability to default certain portals to selected and enable selection for users can be set by the office for that whole office.

Register your, .capetown, .durban & .joburg domain at a discounted rate.

Entegral clients can take liberty of this one day only domain sale special by registering any available, .capetown, .joburg or .durban domain at a discounted rate of only R99 excl VAT. 
Secure your domain or any / before your competitors do! 

Here are 5 good reason why you should register .joburg, .capetown, .durban (or, .com, .net) domains through Entegral:

1) Entegral is an accredited registrar:
2) Your domain is hosted on our state of the art cloud-based worldwide anycast DNS network. It ensures the fastest access times to your website from anywhere in the world with multiple DNS failover points. It also automatically scales with large traffic volumes. If your domain is unreachable, your website is unreachable. The cost for this premium service is included in your yearly domain fees.
3) You are listed as the registered owner of the domain (many service providers re…

#OMS_QuickTips: Share your knowledge with news and advice

Having your own Entegral powered real estate website is more than just about ensuring that your latest listings are uploaded - it also offers you the opportunity to share your real estate knowledge and information about the areas you operate in.

Not only will the original content on your website help with your SEO, it will also add to the overall user experience for visitors.

Not sure where to start? We suggest writing neighbourhood profiles - you can find tips on how to do this from this article on our Company Blog

It is really easy to load your news onto the OMS - Here is the help file you can use that explains the process in a few easy steps: Add news to your website

OMS Stock reports update: filter by date option

The OMS Hotsheet and Expired Stock reports now features a custom date filter. This allows you to filter for listings where the mandate date starts or expires between 2 custom dates.

We've also corrected some logic on the hotsheet report to work on the mandate start date and not the date the mandate was modified (which could be different if the user chooses a historic of future mandate start date).

Knowledge is Power with Property Intelligence Reports

As real estate agents having an edge in a competitive industry makes a huge difference and while excellent networking, branding and an online presence do factor into this, knowledge remains the one true advantage for any real estate agent.

For potential property buyers, knowing that they are investing money in a property that will increase their portfolios is essential - and the only way an agent can be assured of whether or not a certain property is a right choice for a particular buyer is by using in-depth property intelligence reports.

Regularly a Property Report will offer comprehensive information about the sale activity of a property and the surrounding area. This type of report will allow the agent to see the history of the particular property regarding the sales activity, details from the Deeds office, owner details, municipal valuation details as well aerial/ satellite images and recent comparable sales.

And while this type of report shows crucial information about a property…

Custom brochures in the OMS

The OMS provides a range of standard property brochures and stock reports. These PDF brochures can be generated at the click of a button. We furthermore provide custom brochure design, starting at R1999 ex VAT. Here is a sample of one we've done. These are then added to your OMS account and can be accessed like the standard brochures.

Updated photo descriptions for the OMS & Flex for better SEO

We've made a couple of tweaks to the photos section on property details in the OMS.
There are larger photo thumbnails and the description of the photo now appears below the photo instead of hovering your mouse over the photo.

We've also updated Flex real estate websites, it will now reflect the photo description on the bottom left over the photo. Various SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tweaks were also implemented that should benefit you if you can provide good photo descriptions.

You can edit existing property photo descriptions by clicking on the edit icon below the photo, allow +- 15min to reflect on your Flex real estate website.
The OMS online property management system allows you to add an unlimited number of high resolution photos for every listing.

New IOL Property ref numbers with direct links

If your OMS properties export to IOL Property, you will now notice the IOL Property reference number on the online marketing section of properties. Click on the link will open up a direct link of the property on IOL Property.

IOL Property forms part of the Entegral property syndication network. It is a free portal except for the large metro areas where charges are applicable. Enquiry with IOL Property for the exact costs.

How secure is your online real estate management system?

You'd be surprised in how unsecure most online real estate management systems are...we've done some checks on the top online systems used in South Africa and also looked at logins to franchise billing and other systems. Unlike Entegral's OMS, most don't provide a secure login by default, which is quite alarming.

To check if your management system provides a secure, encrypted connection between your PC and your service provider's systems, go to your system's login page. The URL should start with 'HTTPS...' and should display a lock icon. If you click on this lock icon it should display something similar to the following screenshot where it states that the connection is private. This indicates a secure system where all data from the browser is encrypted:

If it doesn't display that, bad luck! Your system is not as secure as you think and clicking on the icon will reveal something like this:

This secure, encrypted connection is provided through an SSL c…

Partner portals: bump up your Gumtree listings

Bump-it! There are various additional features available on our brand new Gumtree interface - including bump-ups. It allows you to AUTOMATICALLY bump all your property listings to the top of search results every 24 hours, 2nd or 3rd day for an additional fee. This gives you more exposure. We simply add a bump-up package to your account and the rest is automated.

Fore more information visit: