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Add additional features to your property listing, availability dates on rental properties now showing.

Set your own additional features for property listings. We often get requests from clients wanting to add more listed information on a property listing, other than the info that is already available on the OMS . You can add additional features to your listings in the OMS by setting these features in your parameters such as irrigation systems on farms and small holdings, ocean views for sea front properties or additional parking options for commercial property. These additional features will display on your Flex Website , developed by Entegral Technologies.  If you already own your own Flex Website you can follow these steps to add any additional feature to your listing: Log on the the OMS > click on setup > My Office > General Settings > Choose the parameters tab. Select the type of property (residential, commercial or agricultural) to which you want to add the additional feature. Add your features by separating them with a comma only.  

Flex Google Street view & mapping enhancements on property listings

We have tweaked and enhanced the Google Street view feature on Flex websites by moving the Streetview to a separate tab on the property listing view. Street View will automatically show for listings that are geocoded in the OMS and where the 'show on map' feature is selected. Google Street View is not available everywhere, but we do a check for availability. The view is split into a Street View on the left and map on the right. Panning left or right in the Street View will also adjust the directional marker on the map, to show where your view currently is: In the search results, a 'mapped' market will further indicate mapped properties for visitors:

Reaching your target audience

If your online marketing strategy does not contain Google AdWords as a component, now is the time you should take advantage! If you are not familiar with Google AdWords, it is essentially a pay-per-click marketing service which allows carefully created advertisements to reach the right audience, directing them to your website. Here are a few reasons why you should be using AdWords for your real estate website: Measurable and Flexible: With traditional advertising such as print, you cannot measure the impact as precisely as you can with AdWords - with our Search Engine Marketing we set up keywords, daily budgets, cost per click and other important settings to deliver maximum results for you. We also send you a monthly report detailing your advertisement performance and do tweaks to increase the click-through-rate and leads conversion. Brand Awareness:  Due to the tailored nature of AdWords, even when visitors do not click on your advertisement you are doing valuable brand bui

#OMS_QuickTips: Manually adding a featured property to your website

Did you just sign the property listing of the year or is there a particularly stunning property you would like to showcase as a featured property on your website? If so, then this quick guide on how to add a property as a featured property on your responsive Flex website is a must. Your website will automatically showcase all your latest listings, but as we know new listings can come in quickly and sometimes there is a certain property that just needs to be in the limelight a little longer due to its fantastic price, prime location or unique design. Follow these easy steps to quickly add it as a featured property: In the OMS go to My Office / General Settings; Click on parameters and choose 'featured properties' ; Manually enter a list of properties you want to feature on the home page: Enter the property reference numbers and separate with a comma as per sample below; Press save - you will need to allow for a few minutes for your page to update before the new featu