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New OMS feature: Teams

You can now setup teams in the OMS. The teams function is optional and can be used to market property listings under multiple agents on selected portals. Portals currently enabled for teams are: Property24 Private Property We are working to enable teams on Flex websites and other portals (where supported). How to setup teams for your office: Log in to the OMS and go to Setup / My Office / Office Members; Click on the new 'teams' tab; Click on 'new team'; Enter a team name e.g. 'John and Sandy' and press save. Note the team name won't appear on any external websites, it is for internal OMS use only; Now add the team members; How to link teams on listings; Open up a property listing with the mandate view selected; Under the listing/rental/auction agent you will notice a new 'Listing Team' field; Simply select the team you want to link to this listing and press save; The listing will update to external portals, with